Analysis of the case Lisa Benton Essay Example
Analysis of the case Lisa Benton Essay Example

Analysis of the case Lisa Benton Essay Example

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  • Published: August 3, 2017
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This passage describes the challenges that Lisa Benton faced in her job at Houseworld. It also emphasizes certain aspects of human behavior, such as possessiveness, fear of losing position, and concerns about future progress and the obstacles associated with it. Benton felt frustrated and dissatisfied with her job at Houseworld due to a lack of responsibility and poor relationships with her supervisor.

Linton is feeling frustrated at work due to her co-worker Scoville's negative performance evaluation being revealed too late. As a result, she believes that her team does not accept her and that she lacks enough responsibility and opportunities to succeed in the company. Additionally, Linton did not receive the sales training that initially attracted her to this company. Benton is concerned about Linton's career and is considering contacting her previous supervisor, Kingston, from Right-Away Stores.

Whom she had previously rejected,


Benton's current fortunes were shaped by three significant relationships: Linton, Scoville, and Vernon.

If Benton had conducted trade with them in various methods, it could have resulted in different outcomes. Due to the policy of the Home Care Division, the recruitment strategy prioritized hiring MBAs from prestigious schools for entry-level sales positions. This decision posed a challenge for Linton and Scoville, as they believed their lack of an MBA degree could hinder their chances of promotion. Consequently, this situation contributed to their negative perception of MBAs.

Unfortunately, Benton's troubles in doing good feeling on Linton have arisen. Unlike the old friendly and enthusiastic welcome during her interview, Benton received opposite responses that did not meet her emotional demands, and these responses reduced her motivation in her section. This was due to Linton's disfavor towards Benton.

Linton disregarded Benton'

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ability and did not assign challenging tasks to her. He ultimately failed her by assuming her task maturity was low and hindered her development of expertise. However, Benton excelled in her full-time internship at Right-Away and had the necessary job skills to grow her expertise. Unfortunately, she was unable to do so because of her difficult interactions with Linton and Scoville. The issue with Lisa is that she does not contribute enough due to some obstacles created by her colleagues.

Despite Lisa's decision to stay quiet when given the chance to speak, it is vital for her to assert herself and communicate her thoughts with others. This will help them comprehend her eagerness for participation. The ability to contribute is crucial, as it ultimately hinges on teamwork and being a part of a squad.

Linton's approach to both individual and group decisions employs conventional supervisory techniques that hinder Lisa. It is inappropriate for Lisa to utilize Linton's legitimate and cooperative power base.

Linton hindered Lisa's development of her adept power by refusing to promptly answer her inquiries. In contrast, Scoville took advantage of his position to assign menial tasks to Lisa without considering her busy schedule.

Despite Lisa's background, Scoville's negative attitude and personality made him unpopular with his colleagues. However, due to Lisa's pleasant personality, she was able to cultivate strong relationships and enhance her information power.

However, Lisa did not transfer the knowledge and authority she had gained from her peers to her relationship with Vernon. Vernon, on the other hand, believed that Lisa had the necessary skills and experience after seeing her do an excellent job on an important memo. He recognized Lisa's abilities.

He disagreed with

the idea of Lisa being a secretary as she was initially hired as an adjunct merchandise director. Unlike Linton and Scoville, he was supportive of promoting Lisa to further enhance her skills within the organization. She should honestly inform Vernon about her true job experience.

As Vernon is a top director, he may not be able to understand every aspect of the organization. However, these aspects could be the reason for decreased productivity. Therefore, he needs to have access to this information.


Because Lisa has strong information power and a good relationship with other coworkers, instead of restricting her information power, Vernon opened a communication channel with Lisa.

However, Lisa did not take advantage of this opportunity, which she should have. She needs to address the issues with Scoville & Linton, as they were the main cause of her dissatisfaction with the company. Lisa should also work on highlighting her importance in this organization and reducing her dependency on it.

Besides, Lisa believed she was engaged in a scholarly process but did not voice her opinions during the meetings. As a result, her supervisor, Linton, was displeased with her behavior.

It is believed that Lisa lacked confidence and did not believe that she truly possessed strong occupational skills. It is suggested that Lisa should have expressed her insightful opinions. By doing so, even though Linton hindered her progress, Lisa could have gradually improved her expertise in dealing with Linton. However, on the other hand,

Lisa should nurture her positive relationships with her colleagues and leverage them for her benefit. Unlike Scoville, who struggled to get along with others in the organization and seldom received support, Lisa could act as a mediator

between Scoville and her other colleagues. By encouraging others to extend assistance to him, Lisa could bridge the divide between Scoville and his peers.

Scoville acknowledges that Lisa possesses a capacity to influence wages, providing him with certain advantages. If Lisa reflects on her employment, she can aid Vernon in addressing the issue of morale and also resolve her own problems.

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