Sports Management

Perhaps no avenue within the sport industry holds more job opportunities, particularly at the entry level than
Sales in the sport industry places an emphasis on the importance of
Building long-term relationships with customers
Each year, Team Marketing Report (TMR) publishes its Fan Cost Index (FCI). The FCI measures
Cost of taking a family of four to a game (including tickets, parking, concessions, and souvenir costs).
Today’s sport sponsorship can be described as
a discipline involving serious research, large investments, and strategic planning
Is the attempt by a person or organization to benefit from media coverage.
Community relations activites are intended to
create a benevolent reputation of an organization in the eyes of the public
Albert G. Spalding gained credibility with consumers for his baseballs by obtaining what?
Official supplier status with the National League
Following World War 2, what was the immediate reaction by local governments in response to the recreation movement?
The creation of local parks and recreation departments.
Which of the following should you do when going on an informational interview?
Bring a copy of your resume
Wear business attire
Get business cards from people you meet
All of these are correct
What should a cover letter not do?
Restate your resume
Sales have shifted from?
A product-oriented approach to a consumer-oriented approach
1)The expected dollar-value return on the financial cost of an investment, usually stated as a percentage. 2) The achievement of specific marketing and sales objectives from a sport sponsorship.
What distinguishes sport sales from traditional sales?
Federal Trademark Act 1946
Trademarks are protected on the national level by the Federal Trademark Act of 1946, commonly referred to as the Lanham Act
#1 outdoor recreation activity people aged 16 and up?
Hunting, outdoor sport
Community based recreation is bound by what?
Recreational activities at the local level, such as those offered by community agencies and local parks and recreation departments.
What is a behavioral interview?
Behavior is the foundation of the interview process. The best predictor of future performance is past performance in a similar situation.
What question can’t you ask during an interview?
Marital status, sexual orientation, national origin or citizenship, age, disability, or arrest record.
What should you do to prepare for an interview?
knowledge of and interest in the employer and the specific job opening
What are the three phases of an interview?
Preparation, the interview itself, and follow-up

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