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Sports Essays – Football Players

Sports Essays – Football Players

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  • Published: August 31, 2017
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Beginnings of emphasis in elect football participants.


In this piece we shall look at emphasis, its definition, and its possible happening in the universe of the professional football participant. We will analyze the possible beginnings and utilize current literature beginnings to back up our averments.

Having done that we shall analyze in item the instance of Mr Vasey, a child who embarked on a professional football calling but did non do it onto the elect circuit. We shall analyze his personal history for grounds to back up or rebut our appraisal.

If you read some of the yellow journalism newspapers, you could be forgiven for believing that an elect footballer’s life is little more than immense sums of money, fast autos, a sequence of pretty adult females and eternal adulation fr


om mindlessly adoring fans when executing on the football pitch. Some of the more disreputable documents may besides brood on a somewhat different ( but by and large every bit false ) facet of their life, the drink, drugs, sordid sex runawaies in hotel suites and chancing.

The truth of the affair, in the huge bulk of instances, is that the elect football player is a finely honed jock at the extremum of his preparation. He is required to execute daily in developing modus operandis and in the gym, less often on the pitch, and put himself at hazard of calling endangering hurts on a regular footing. All this is done in the full cognition that he has worked his manner up a professional ladder to a relatively short window of elect public presentation and that there are ever many more aspirants who are mounting up behind him either

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waiting to force him off or to watch him as he falls.

You may see the debut as instead melodramatic, but it is intended to exemplify the really different perceptual experiences that are normally held about the life styles of the elect football player. In this piece we are traveling to reexamine the emphasiss and force per unit areas that are normally experienced by this elect group and besides how they ( by and large ) manage to get by with them.

We besides intend to exemplify the theoretical jobs faced by the elect football player with a existent instance survey of a immature adult male, Mr Peter Vasey who has gone a long manner to going one of the elect group and so, for assorted grounds, which we shall discourse, decided non to prosecute it further.

Stress and Stress direction

We all think that we know what emphasis is and that we can easy recognize it. It really proves to be a really difficult point to specify as foremost, it is of import to separate between physical ( biological ) emphasis and psychological emphasis. The two are clearly related but basically different. Second, emphasis is a battalion of different responses to a battalion of different possible causes.

In this piece we are traveling to see the assorted causes of psychological emphasis on elect football players. In this context we can look for a definition of emphasis in a peculiarly enlightening article by Crampton et Al. ( 1995 ) . She reviews the assorted definitions of emphasis.

“Hans Selye ( 1956 ) , a innovator in emphasis research, has defined stress as `` the non-specific response of the organic structure to

any demands made upon it '' ( Kreitner & A ; Kinicki, 1992, p. 597 ) . It is considered to be an internal province or reaction to anything we consciously or unconsciously perceive as a menace, either existent or imagined ( Clarke, 1988 ) . Stress can arouse feelings of defeat, fright, struggle, force per unit area, injury, choler, unhappiness, insufficiency, guilt, solitariness, or confusion ( Cavanagh, 1988 ) . Persons feel stressed when they are fired or lose a loved one ( negative emphasis ) every bit good as when they are promoted or travel on a holiday ( positive emphasis ) . While many persons believe they must avoid emphasis to populate longer, Freese ( 1976 ) argues that it is the salt and spice of life and that to hold no emphasis we would hold to be dead.”

Selve defines the basic “biological” reading of emphasis while the Kreitner definition starts to integrate the possible psychological elements that generate the biological responses. Clarke adds to our apprehension by sing the psychological responses that can be produced by assorted emphasiss and Cavanagh modifies the definition farther by presenting the construct of positive and negative emphasis. Freese makes the really perceptive remark that emphasis is an built-in and inevitable characteristic of life itself. This peculiar penetration can be taken instead farther in so far as there are some persons who find stress difficult to get by with ( non-copers ) and others who appear to positively thrive in nerve-racking state of affairss ( copers )

In footings of our football players under consideration, we must accept that emphasis can, and does affect public presentation as

we shall discourse ( see on ) . Basic psychological theory shows us that persons who are less than optimally stressed may non do adequate attempt to accomplish their designated end whereas those who are overstressed may non be able to concentrate on the undertaking in manus and perform to their maximal capacity. In either contingency it is clear that optimum public presentation is impaired. Equally it follows that there is an optimum sum of emphasis to accomplish optimal public presentation. In practical footings, that “optimal amount” is merely truly possible to quantify in retrospect, and that is why many would depict the work of the squad director, manager and trainer as an art instead than a scientific discipline.

Haspels ( 2004 ) looked specifically at the degrees of emphasis in pre- and post-match football players. Unsurprisingly, he found that the highest degrees of emphasis were found pre-match in an International game. One of the standard steps of emphasis in the resting topic is the cortisol degree. Unfortunately physical activity besides puts up cortisol degrees so one of the major forecasters of emphasis was rendered useless in this survey. Haspels besides found that the participants performed best when their emphasis degrees were controlled before the game

Work by Anshel ( 2001 ) looked at the causes of acute emphasis on the playing field and came to the instead surprising decision that the major causes of emphasis in that peculiar state of affairs was systematically found to be having what was perceived to be a bad call from the referee and doing a major physical mistake ( missed boot etc. ) When these contingencies occurred, the jocks concerned

tended to do negative cognitive assessments followed by an turning away get bying scheme. The same survey besides found that attack header was most normally seen after positive assessments. These observations clearly support the transactional header theoretical account. The usage of assessments and get bying scheme was straight dependent on the sensed nature of the nerve-racking event.

Stress is an built-in portion of football. It may, in portion, be added to by the unrealistic outlooks of the managers, directors and the fans. Every squad in the conference is told that “this twelvemonth the cup will be ours” at the beginning of the season and all the preparation, playing and motive will be directed towards winning it. The world, of class, is that merely one squad will win it.

Continued emphasis has been cited as the chief ground for many of the younger participants ( including our survey topic ) for their deficiency of enjoyment and later go forthing the game. It is interesting to observe that many beginnings cite youth as one of the causes of acute emphasis on the evidences that the child may non yet have developed the physical athleticss accomplishments and get bying schemes that the older, more experient participants have. We will non see this component farther as our concern in this piece is chiefly the elect football player who, by definition, has already mastered his game.

In wide footings, harmonizing to Lazarus ( 1999 ) , get bying with emphasis consists of a person’s witting effort at pull offing the demands and strength of events perceived as stressful or bettering one 's personal resources ( e.g. , positive affect, assurance, self-denial ) in

trying to cut down or pull off one 's sensed emphasis strength. He besides observes that one of the critical factors in an athlete’s acceptance of a peculiar header scheme is their cognitive assessment of the nerve-racking event or state of affairs. Lazarus sums up his grasp of the get bying response as an athlete’s ability to accurately measure the state of affairs and the subsequent usage of an appropriate header scheme as the critical factor in explicating an athlete’s physiological and psychological version to emphasize in athletics.


Our method of probe falls into two parts. In footings of the emphasiss faced by elect football players and their header mechanisms, we have consulted, appraised and quoted important literature on the topic. In footings of the existent jobs faced by Mr. Vasey, we have interviewed him and the consequences of the interview are appended to this piece as appendix I

Beginnings of possible emphasis

Clearly there are a great many beginnings of possible emphasis that our conjectural elect football player may confront. Broadly talking they can be categorised into: -

Sport related emphasis.
- Performance anxiousness
- Alpha male jobs in a squad game
- Age
- Competition emphasis
- Constant motive
- Exercise dependance
- Constant degrees of fittingness
- Injury concerns
- Dietary concerns
- Drug monitoring concerns
- Premature retirement

- Populating up to a perceived life style
- Transient nature of income
- Income dependant on continued public presentation

Promotion related
- Medium attending
- Family invasion
- Privacy invasion

Direct stress-related jobs
- Drink
- Drug
- Relationship jobs
- Cognitive operation

Let us see each one of these possible emphasiss in bend

Sports related emphasiss

Performance anxiousness

In a well written and comprehensive article, Poczwardowski and Conroy ( 2002 ) discourse the emphasiss and get bying mechanisms of elect performing artists.

They categorise the assorted get bying mechanisms into 36 sub-categories on the footing of direct interviews. The standard classifications of problem-focused, emotion-focused, appraisal-focused, and avoidance-focused etc. were amplified and extended to cover a greater rang of detected schemes. For illustration `` greater motivational alterations after failure '' was reported by one jock as a stimulation to develop harder so as non to neglect a 2nd clip.

Stress can impact different sportswomans in different ways. Some appear to boom and execute good, others find that it is a saloon to optimal public presentation. Those elect football players in the first class do non necessitate any intercession every bit far as their public presentation in the game is concerned but an interesting survey by Solberg et Al. ( 2000 ) looked at the usage of different relaxation techniques pre- and post public presentation in elect jocks. They found that jocks who practised meditation-related relaxation techniques had their blood lactate degrees returning to normal quicker than their non-relaxed opposite numbers. Contrary to expectation nevertheless, they found no important difference in their degrees of pre-exercise anxiousness.

Alpha-male jobs in a squad game

This is an anecdotally reported phenomenon which does non look to hold been investigated from a scientific position. The typical alpha-male personality type is over represented in the elect football player community. Aggression, velocity, soundness of determination devising, independency and rapid responses are all prized properties of the elect football player. These are rarely properties that are seen in the personality types that are happy playing as an built-in portion of a squad. Football, by its really nature, is played by a squad of 11 on the pitch and off

the pitch, a really much larger squad is involved. Prima Donna behavior, typical of the alpha-male, can non be easy accommodated in such fortunes. It may be tolerated every bit long as the participant concerned is presenting the consequences, but it can be an tremendous cause of emphasis when the consequences stop being delivered.


Football players get older. In footings of their professional usage, they age possibly faster than professionals in other Fieldss. There is a really narrow “window of opportunity” for them to be at the top of their chosen field. To play at elect degree for more than a decennary is considered to be rather unusual. Part of the ground for this is the natural ripening procedure which is present in every other single, but besides there is the ever-present job of both calling endangering hurt and besides the immense wear and rupture on the articulations ( see on ) which can give rise to important wellness damage in ulterior life.

Turner et Al. ( 2000 ) examined this job in some item and their consequences make impressive reading. Their cohort were all professional football players. 32 % of whom reported holding surgery on at least one juncture. Of those, over half had knee surgery and a one-fourth of those had complete joint replacings. 15 % reported
holding hip surgery with another 9 % expecting surgery.

Others in the group were holding non-invasive interventions. About half had physiotherapy in one signifier or another for hurts sustained during their calling and over a one-fourth were holding some signifier of analgesia or anti-inflammatory drugs for hurting associated with football hurts.

Osteoarthritis ( OA ) was diagnosed in at least one

site in about half of the respondents and the huge bulk of those were hips and articulatio genuss. Significantly about 10 % were registered as handicapped due to OA and, really significantly, 72 % of all respondents agreed with the statement `` I am concerned with how OA may impact my organic structure in the hereafter '' , clearly a major beginning of possible emphasis. ( Barlow et al. 2000 )

Although joint jobs were, predictably, seen as the most common pathology, other morbidity was found. Neuropsychological jobs were non uncommon, presumptively related to episodes of concussion or repeated injuries such as heading the football. 10 of the group reported jobs such as memory ailments, giddiness and concerns.

Sport related jobs included early retirement, enforced decrease in working hours or even a alteration to a sedentary business. Not merely can all of this be viewed as a major beginning of emphasis to those who are enduring because of it, but besides it must be nerve-racking for the still-active participant who may cognize what may be in shop for him.

Competition emphasis

This is an country that has been extensively studied. Competition emphasis can be an foil for some participants but every bit it can be an inhibitor for others. There is a differentiation to be made between the trait of anxiousness and the province of anxiousness which is rather important and, to a big extent, is a contemplation of the ability of the person to get by with and manage the emphasis degrees.

Sanderson and Reilly ( 1983 ) did the classic survey in this field. Their mark group were elect jocks. They found that the group of jocks who

had the anxiousness trait correlated extremely with those who had high pre-race anxiousness provinces and this correlated extremely with the existent race public presentation. Very significantly, the greatest decrease in post-race anxiousness degrees was seen in those smugglers who performed good in their races.

Changeless motive

In order to keep elect football player position a participant must happen a beginning of changeless motive. Initially, in his adolescent preparation yearss, the motive may be personal glorification and the end orientated thrust that comes with wishing to accomplish professional position.

Having achieved that end nevertheless, the participant must so happen other motivational thrusts to keep his advancement. For some, it drive comes from considerations of position and wealth, for others it could be the demand for adulation and celebrity, others may hold personal ends of accomplishing the pinnacle of their chosen profession, these are the achievement-junkies that are seen in any professional walk of life. Whatever the motive, success invariable comes at a cost. Decisions, and hence normally forfeits, have to be made along the path of attainment and accomplishment.

In this piece we are sing specifically the elect football player who, by definition, has managed to accomplish the extremum of his calling. We should possibly besides consider the other jocks who by virtuousness of circumstance, state of affairs, deficiency of motive or possibly even random differences in pre-natal myelination forms, do non really accomplish the top of their profession. We shall discourse one such instance in the case-study at the terminal of this piece. For every elite football player, there are many who do non do the top echelon of participants. There are arguably even more stress factors in this

group who what to accomplish but for one ground or another, can non.

Equally far as motive is concerned, this is a major concern of every manager and director in the state for grounds that we have set out above. Most prime squads will hold psychologists who are motivational specializers. Motivational theory is germinating at a rapid rate and reversal theory is the current “idea of the moment” . A peculiarly good book on the topic is edited by Apter ( 2001 ) . It deals with non merely the current thought on the topic but besides the existent development of the reversal theory from its construct in the 70’s through to the applications of the present twenty-four hours. Significantly it besides deals with the specific topic of emphasis engendered by the motivational procedure. It is a extremely proficient book and therefore we do non suggest to come in into item about its contents, but it highlights the psychological issues of burn-out, apathy and depression that are normally seen in invariably ( and unsuitably ) motivated participants.

In the context of elect football players, there is a absorbing and short article by McNair ( 1996 ) which looked at the consequence of verbal encouragement on maximum attempt end product. The game of football is anecdotally renowned for the aggressive verbal maltreatment beloved by many trainers, managers and directors. One may reason that it is merely a manifestation of their ain defeats and emphasiss that causes them to act in this manner and it is surely a cause of emphasis to the participants ( clearly it is intended to be ) . McNair’s paper produces a cast-iron principle

for this “encouragement” as he found, by agencies of a really merely designed survey, that verbal encouragement does increase the maximum end product of skeletal musculus. Interestingly, while mensurating the existent power end product, he besides measured the EMG tracings of the afferent nervousnesss providing the relevant musculuss and found that verbal encouragement did non alter the EMG readings, so the existent cause of the betterment was non ascertained but it was however existent.

Changeless degrees of fittingness

Changeless degrees of fittingness are clearly a pre-requisite for an elect football player. There may good be periods of hurt where the fittingness degrees autumn, but they must be rapidly re-established in order to accomplish optimal public presentation degrees. Fitness, in general footings equates with gaining power and occupation security for a elect football player, so the overruling end must be to accomplish extremum fittingness at all times. This, in certain fortunes, can go an compulsion ( See on – exercising dependance )

Exercise dependance

Many surveies have shown the exercising can give rise to demonstrable wellness benefits – both chronic and acute. There are some people for whom exercise really becomes an compulsion ( Hurst et al. 2000 ) . This is a existent disease entity ensuing in behavior forms that compel an person to exert despite the presence of obstructions. It besides can bring forth both psychological and physical symptoms of backdown, if exercising can non be taken ( Pierce, 1994 ) ( Veale, 1995 ) ( Thaxton 1982 ) . These forms are commoner in adult females and frequently associated with eating upsets but they are besides seen in male jocks. Bamber et Al. ( 2000 ) has

authored a paper which produced a qualitative analysis of the whole issue. She found that elements of an eating upset were ever present to a greater or lesser grade, but that this was difficult to quantify as many jocks will prosecute closely monitored dietetic governments in any event.

This syndrome is commonest in adult females, but does happen in work forces, peculiarly it seems in those who have low self-pride or a hapless self-image. It may be thought that such traits are unusual in the context of elect football players but perceived organic structure image does non ever reflect the true build. Any experient health care professional will state you about the anorectic or musculus dysmorphic who perceives something rather different when they look in the mirror. It is normally believed that such conditions are a consequence of compensation syndromes. Peoples may hold a demand to seek to stand out in one country if they feel that they are in some manner neglecting in another. ( Bamber 2003 )

Injury concerns

Injury is the footballer’s changeless fright. Football is a fast and on occasion violent game with frequent organic structure contact being an intrinsic portion of the game program. Injury can change from fiddling to catastrophic or even dangerous. Most hurts will hold an impact on the elect football player either at the clip of the hurt or, as we have seen above, at a ulterior phase in his life. We have referred earlier to the relatively short gaining window of the elect football player and clearly there will be considerable emphasiss involved if that window is cut short for any ground.

Because of the immense investing that the

mean elect football player represents to any nine, a immense sum of energy and resources are employed to acquire an injured participant back onto the field of drama. It has to be said that the huge bulk of professional nines act responsibly in leting hurts to mend decently before returning the participant to preparation, but there will be the inevitable force per unit area on the less-than-scrupulous manager to acquire the participant back on the field before full recovery has taken topographic point. This has costs to the participant in footings of impaired public presentation and besides in footings of long term jobs originating from an incompletely cured hurt.

Ekstrand et Al. ( 2004 ) looked at the job as a consequence of the 2002 World Cup. They cite one of the major grounds for hurt as being the frequence of the lucifers in a jammed calendar for the top participants. Injuries which would usually be regarded as relatively minor did non acquire the usual opportunity to mend wholly before the following game was due to be played. This resulted in a lifting accumulative sum of hurts above what might otherwise be expected over a relatively short period.

The survey found that, over the 10 months of the World Cup games the mean participant played 36 lucifers. The top participants form each squad played, on norm, 46 lucifers over the same period. The study showed that the participants who played in the World Cup lucifers sustained 29 % more hurts than participants from the same squads who did non play. 32 % underperformed when compared to their normal criterion. These participants had played statistically more lucifers than

those who were felt to hold played better than expected. One major determination was that 60 % of the participants who had played more than one lucifer in the hebdomad before a World Cup lucifer were either injured or underperformed during the World Cup game. The clear illation from this survey is that fatigue and physical burnout affects public presentation in elect football players. At the highest degrees, participants, nines and managers should be cognizant that this is a existent phenomenon. And, at the really least, is a considerable cause of emphasis to the participants.

Orchard and Seward ( 2002 ) Take this construct a phase further and looked at the hurts sustained by the full Australian Football League over seasons from 1997-2000. Their findings are a major beginning of concern to the elect football player universe.

In a season each squad of 40 participants would anticipate to have 39 separate hurts. Clearly some participants would be injured more than one time ( The major predisposing factor for hurt is a preexistent hurt ) . The hurt prevalence of participants losing through hurt in a hebdomad was 16 % with a return rate of 17 % . They found that the commonest hurt was to the hamstrings, followed by ACL strains and so groin hurts. For an elect football player who depends upon his ability to play for his income, these figures represent a great cause of possible emphasis.

Before go forthing this country, we should see one other country of hurt which we touched upon earlier, and that is the sequelae of concussion. Bloom et Al ( 2004 )

looked at this peculiar job in great item with

peculiar mention to the psychological alterations that were observed to happen after the hurt. After enduring a concussive hurt, the elect football player was found to endure from a greater incidence of symptoms of isolation, hurting,anxiousness,and break of day-to-day life as a consequence of the hurt. The research workers found that a beginning of added emphasis was, out of the blue, from other squad members who appeared to be giving support but were subliminally seting force per unit area on the injured jock to return to play. The research workers found a distressing figure of unexpected psychological symptoms including choler, denial, depression, hurt, bargaining, and daze. Clearly this needs to be both recognized and addressed if the impact of the hurt is non to be a farther beginning of emphasis to the injured football player

Dietary concerns

The elect football player must ever be at peak fittingness and as a consequence his diet must ever be under examination. Fitness by and large needs a BMI in the part of 20-23. Significant weight additions beyond this scope non merely cut down public presentation degrees but besides increase the wear and rupture on the articulations. We have already discussed the extent to which the articulatio genus articulation is stressed during football preparation and playing. Adding weight to this articulation is clearly merely traveling to add to the degenerative alterations that occur.

An elect football player demands to be able to speed up his organic structure mass quickly in a given way. It follows that the greater the organic structure weight, the greater attempt is needed. He will cognize this both at a intellectual degree and besides at an natural degree.

He will cognize that if his weight goes up significantly so it becomes harder for him to run as fast and to turn every bit expeditiously. The mean elect football player is hence really careful with respect to his diet. The mean adult male in the population can afford to travel out for an occasional excessive repast or the uneven eventide or two at the saloon without worrying excessively much about the effects. The effects for the elect football player are that, in making such things he would hold to cut down his Calorie consumption over the following few yearss in order to keep the position quo. This once more can go a major beginning of emphasis for many.

As the old ages go by, the mean male tends to go slower and to set on weight as a natural procedure. This insidious decrease in the body’s efficiency is evidently a concern to a football player who will frequently seek to battle this tendency with of all time more aggressive preparation programmes and dietetic governments – once more another beginning of emphasis.

Drug monitoring concerns

A figure of elect football players have hit the headlines recently as a consequence of random drug trials, either through weakness or losing them. Doping and drug-enhanced preparation is a fact of professional football life in the current clime. It follows that the regulative powers have to be ruthless in their pursuit for a drug-free athletics. The fact that some participants do chance against the odds and take public presentation heightening medicines and drugs is a contemplation of the emphasis and force per unit area that they feel under to invariably execute. It

every bit follows that they must experience that their public presentation is non good plenty if they need to fall back to such steps.

The jobs do non halt at public presentation heightening drugs. Stress and other factors may allure a participant to utilize drugs of a different kind. Recreational drugs are common in elect football player circles. In support of this statement we would see the paper by Turner ( 2003 ) In which he states that a late retired elect football player claimed that 80 % of elect football players in Australia had either been offered or used recreational drugs. This statement was extensively reported in the Press and other beginnings quoted the figure as being close 30 % . The truth of the affair will clearly ne'er be known but it can be contrasted with the figure from the UK which shows that over 18 % of all the positive drugs testing trials done on jocks are presently for recreational drugs. This can be put in position against the 35 % positive findings for stimulations and 25 % for anabolic agents

Premature retirement

Retirement is a fact of life for all workers. As we have discussed earlier, retirement from active playing – and hence from a high earning capacity - tends to come at a much earlier age for a football player. It is hence a major inducement to maintain playing at a high degree for every bit long as possible.

Retirement through the natural ripening procedure is something that the elect football player evidently has to come to footings with. It is relatively unusual for a top rank football player to be playing into his

mid-fortiess. He may hold the experience to play good, but he is ever judged on his consequences, and the fact of the affair is that there will ever be younger participants who will by and large be faster and filled with natural enthusiasm ready to leap into any vacant slot at the top. The elect football player therefore knows that his playing yearss are ever numbered.

We have discussed earlier the jobs faced by the elect football player in regard of the ever-present danger of hurt. Clearly a career-ending hurt can come at any clip. It can be career-ending because of a dramatic incident such as a major break of a major bone or it can be a more elusive procedure, a bad tackle gives rise to an ankle hurt which, in bend gives rise to an unstable mortise joint that does non let the swiveling action necessary for efficient drama. It becomes obvious that the participant is non executing every bit good as another participant in the squad and therefore he is replaced with greater frequence and so he becomes listless and finally dropped from the squad. The terminal procedure is merely the same in either contingency – surcease of an active playing calling and the coincident loss of high gaining capacity.

The consequence can be lay waste toing for a adult male who, in order to accomplish elect football player position, may good hold devoted a significant proportion of his stripling and grownup life to bettering and honing his football accomplishments. He finds himself efficaciously out of a occupation at an age where most work forces are still looking frontward to at least twenty more

old ages of productive work. The immediate gaps for him are limited to preparation, training or managing, all of which are extremely competitory as they have been filled by his footballing predecessors and by and large, they are non every bit good paid as his old calling. The emphasiss and psychological injury are all excessively easy to see if the elite football player has non been peculiarly healthy in his attack to the profession.

The improbable organic structure of Windsor Insurance Brokers Ltd. published a survey of an probe into the career-ending incidents of professional football players in the UK ( 1997 ) which makes interesting reading. They did non analyze the existent degrees of emphasis that we are concerned about in this piece, but their findings make sobering reading to the current coevals of elect football players. It would look that few elect football players really reach retirement age without a important hurt. That hurt is responsible ( either straight or indirectly ) for the eventual determination to retire in over 80 % of instances.

Roos ( 1998 ) looked at the same job but besides considered the psychological sequelae every bit good as the physical jobs that led to eventual retirement. Both documents are good written and supply a great trade of information on the topic.


Populating up to a perceived life style

Fiscal causes of emphasis are hard to either quantify or generalise as every elite football player will see them to a greater or lesser grade. On the one manus there are emphasiss involved with the comparatively hapless wage and conditions of the participant as he climbs up the ladder of experience and position. At

the elect football player degree, where wage is evidently at a much higher rate there are the emphasiss that accompany high incomes to postulate with. Many elect football players will be given to populate up to their income degrees and, as we have discussed earlier, these degrees tend to be transeunt and can drop dramatically as the consequence of a opportunity hurt. For many participants, high income degrees will frequently be matched by high degrees of outgo on position related points. Expensive houses and autos have to be paid for and the upkeep costs have to be met after the high incomes that allowed for them have evaporated. Clearly this will stand for a major cause of emphasis to the injudicious or unprepared participant.

The media invariably bombard us with images of the really elect few of the super-rich participants. Their emphasiss will, presumptively be untypical when compared to the bulk of the elite participants and hence, to a big extent, will non concern us as their peculiar emphasiss are curious to their state of affairs.

Transeunt nature of income

The transeunt nature of the elect footballer income has been discussed in other countries of this piece. Few participants manage to keep elect degrees of wage significantly beyond their mid-thirtiess. The other component of this statement is, of class, the figure of aspirants who are invariably working their manner up the ladder to seek to obtain this degree of income but who will ne'er achieve it. There are no dependable figures for the figure of trainee participants who are lost to the system through natural wastage or the early realization that they merely will non do the class.

For these participants, the emphasiss must be arguably greater. The hope of achieving the end of elect degrees of salary must, necessarily, be a major motivational factor in the aspiring player’s life. To hold one time achieved it and so lost it is clearly a beginning of emphasis. One could reason that to seek for it and so non accomplish it may be a greater beginning of emphasis still.

Income dependant on continued public presentation

This is the natural patterned advance of the last statement. It is an frequently quoted anecdote that a participant is merely every bit good as his last end. Fame, income and success are finally dependent on public presentation on the football field. Personal success, and by illation the success of the nine that pays you, is wholly dependent on your ability to play better than anyone else who the squad could potentially acquire to replace you. All the possible emphasiss that we have examined so far are all as a consequence of the demand to constantly perform at an elect degree. The changeless degrees of fittingness, the motive, the changeless demand to execute are all contemplations of the fact that an elect football players income is dependent on his public presentation on each and every visual aspect. Clearly this is a great beginning of emphasis.

Promotion related

Media attending

Family invasion
Privacy invasion

The countries of promotion are all related and mutualist. Many energetic participants will actively tribunal promotion in order to increase their profile and thereby increase their entreaty to a high profile nine. The downside to this attack is clearly that when they have achieved their coveted aim, the media have an overpowering duty to

sell their newspapers and will frequently work and injudiciousness or misdemeanor on the portion of the participant in a scandalmongering manner. This can be highly nerve-racking both on a personal degree and besides on a household degree as, about necessarily the player’s household will be affected every bit good.

The top-flight of elect football players will hold the extra job that they are likely to be shadowed by the paparazzi and cameras will be indicating in their way whenever they go out in public. Occasionally the cameras will besides be at that place when they are in private as good and this can be highly nerve-racking. Surely more than one famous person matrimony has ended because of injudiciousnesss caught on camera.

A simple illustration of this point shows that a web hunt of today’s Sun newspaper under the search term “football scandal” reveals 18 articles in one paper entirely.

Direct stress-related jobs


Overindulgence in intoxicant has ever been a traditional manner for the stressed individual to relieve some of the more obvious symptoms of emphasis. Quite apart from the obvious troubles of excess of intoxicant there are besides some sport-specific jobs as good. Whyte et Al. ( 2004 ) reported a instance of unprecipitated atrial fibrillation as a direct consequence of intoxicant surplus and Cascarni et Al. ( 2004 ) besides reported the effects of postural hypotension after strenuous exercising as a direct consequence of intoxicants take several hours before exercising.


We have examined the jobs associating to drugs in athletics under the header of drug monitoring concerns. There is an interesting article by Clisby ( 2004 ) provokingly entitled “Dying to win” in which the whole issue of drug

pickings in athletics is examined in some item. It is unknown merely how many of the elect footballer’s in the athletics today take drugs, every bit it is a affair of speculation merely how many take drugs as a alleviant to emphasize. What is beyond uncertainty is that both factors are issues in the life of some of today’s elect football players.

Relationship jobs

Relationship jobs appear to be endemic in our society today and it is sensible to reason that the elect football players of today are no exclusion. One of the major factors in relationship break-ups is frequently cited as deficiency of clip together. The demands on the clip of an elect football player in today’s society are immense. Although many football players doubtless manage to command these demands satisfactorily, there are every bit some who can non. Datas on this issue is difficult to come by in any important format, so we will hold to go forth it as a affair of speculation.

Cognitive operation

Earlier on in this piece we discussed the effects of concussive hurts on the overall cognitive operation of the person. To set the right balance on the treatment we would wish to show a counter statement. This is summed up in a survey by Young ( 1979 ) . He looked at the consequence of changeless exercising on the cognitive maps. The paper is complex so it will non be discussed in item other than to detect that one of the major findings was that exercising reduces emphasis degrees. In the visible radiation of the fact that all the elements that we have discussed so far have been about factors that

cause emphasis, we should bear in head that the elect football player besides hence has a figure of positive factors which mitigate against emphasis.


We will now see the instance of Mr Peter Vasey who had made it his end in life to fall in the ranks of the elect football players. He has been interviewed ( Appendices I & A ; II ) . The background to his narrative is that he is now 22yrs. old. At the age of 9 he joined Your City Football Club finally finishing a full YTS class at that place. By the age of 16yrs. he was being hailed by the media as a major energetic endowment in the nine and played a full season with the York City militias where he gained a great trade of experience by playing against some of the game’s elite. He was one time picked to be a modesty for the first squad and travelled with the squad all the manner to Plymouth. This proved to be a traumatic experience for him as he recalls that the staff didn’t speak to him at all that twenty-four hours and hence he had no thought of his existent function or position and he felt positively excluded by the first squad participants. He was released from the YTS at the age of 19 year. He later went on to make a university class in Sports Science at the age of 20 year. and hopes to subsequently make a PGCE class prior to a calling in instruction.

The mechanism of the interviews was that they were conducted in the researcher’s flat within three yearss of each other, each

interview enduring about two hours. The ambiance was every bit relaxed as practical, with refreshments and relaxation interruptions available on petition. Mr Vasey was cognizant that he did non hold to reply any inquiry that he did non experience comfy with. The interviews were recorded on tape and canned verbatim. The transcripts of the full interviews are attached as Appendices I & A ; II.

Discussion of the interviews

First Interview

The first feeling that can be drawn from Mr Vasey’s interview is the apparently changeless mentions to emphasize in one signifier or another. He volunteers nerve-racking experiences on about every answer. Uses term such as “really nervous” , “constantly stressed out” with a grade of frequence. Although he clearly tries to give an overall feeling of get bying and competency, there is doubtless an implicit in tendency of diffidence and deficiency of self-belief. This is belied by his mentions to his feelings of losing out at school and his mentions to holding more downs than ups. There are more elusive mentions to these feeling in his observations that “they were ever playing caput games” , a possible mention to the fact that he is non unafraid in his ain assurance. He appears to frequently be analyzing his ain motives, abilities, and at times, even his desire to go on. This surely becomes more evident as the interview progresses.

The emphasiss that he explicitly identifies are amongst those that we have identified above. Clearly top of his list is the emphasis of uncertainness of employment. The uncertainness of being picked for the squad, the uncertainness of whether he was considered to hold been working hard plenty as a adolescent,

the uncertainness of being taken on as a YTS and so the obvious concerns about the security of term of office of his YTS position as his coevalss are asked to go forth.

In regard to his wellness he instead glosses over his troubles with his kidney. It would look that he does non wish to state us a great trade about it. It was clearly a potentially serious job as he refers to a cicatrix, so presumptively there was an operation. We could surmise that his evident bluster over a perchance calling endangering unwellness may really be a contemplation of his concern that if he makes excessively much of it them he will non be picked for publicity because the directors may hold concerns about his fittingness.

Other emphasiss that we have identified above besides appear to hold affected Mr Vasey. He refers to his girlfriend of two old ages as doing him nervous when he was playing and being “stressed out” when her household would come and watch him play. He volunteers that he regarded football as more of import to him than she was. It would look that she was non a beginning of support at this clip and he perceives her as something of a hinderance to his calling chances.

We have besides identified trouble in keeping motive as a potent cause of emphasis. Mr Vasey identifies this himself rather explicitly – “as I got older, the motive got less and less” . He equates this with the realization that he didn’t have what it took to do it as a professional participant. It is hard to measure whether this is a true considered

opinion or whether it was a subjective determination and a contemplation of his general deficiency of assurance in this way.

There are besides more elusive emphasiss. His relating of the episode of holding to clean up the bowl and be responsible for the first team’s kit, has an air of resigned stolidity about it. It is presented about as a “rite of passage” that childs have to digest without ailment, in order to stand a opportunity of being allowed to “emerge” into the position of a squad participant. He comments that it was tough holding to be responsible for the kit at the age of 16 – which it no uncertainty was.

Mr Vasey was evidently a gifted football player. He was picked out of the crowd at 9 yrs. , playing for York as a immature adolescent and signed up as a YTS trainee at 16. Clearly, his destiny was much the same as a figure of draw a bead oning aspirant. Even at this age he likely knew ( or should hold known ) that the pyramid of publicity to the professional game is really steep and the competition for topographic points is tough.

Although it is accepted that the interviews are chiefly structured to arouse information about Mr Vasey’s footballing life, it may be important that there is virtually no reference of any other facet of his life. We hear of a miss friend in a strictly peripheral capacity ( as person used in a derogative comment ) . This may, of class, be seen as a contemplation of single-mindedness about his chase of the game. It is besides possible that his life outside football

was so badly curtailed by this activity which, for a development adolescent, must be a considerable beginning of emphasis. It is interesting the Mr Vasey relates a response to a friend who asks if he had any declinations about non traveling out while at York City, and he replies:

“No… . I would ever hold been inquiring if I had have looked after myself decently would I have been made a Pro? ”

In equity to Mr Vasey, in his ain appraisal, he does look to hold been individual minded about his attack to the game. There are frequent mentions to adversities and self-denial in order to remain fit and focused although, paradoxically he makes several mentions – about his latter experiences – to the fact that he appreciates that

“It was non meant to be a football player because I haven’t got the caput to manage it, I get excessively stressed out”

In the interviews there are a figure of “Tells” or explicit comments which belie implicit in emotions and feelings. Mr Vasey systematically underplays his abilities and justifies his remarks by stating that he was cognizant ( and disliked ) haughtiness in some participants and this decidedly was non “his style” . In an unguarded remark he informs us that “he was so motivated to go a footballer” . In his early old ages at school he recalls stating his equals that all he wanted to be was a professional football player. So it is reasonably clear from these remarks – an his actions – that Mr Vasey was peculiarly individual minded approximately seeking to accomplish his end even though his outward remarks may be interpreted as

being unduly influenced either by modestness or deficiency of assurance. We are non truly in a place to do a opinion as to which of the two character traits was operative. Mr Vasey is clearly an externally modest adult male but one has to detect that there are plentifulness of other incidences in the interview responses where a deficiency of assurance is evident. He admits – in response to a direct inquiry – that he questioned his ain ability “all the time” .

In another incident where he is associating the episode at the terminal of his 2nd twelvemonth YTS he was out of the blue invited into the Manager’s office. His initial natural reaction was

“Oh no, what have we done incorrect like now? I thought that we were in trouble….I retrieve believing Oh no, that’s it for me I suppose……I thought here we go I’ve got no chance”

It is an interesting remark on Mr Vasey’s grasp of the hierarchy of the game that he perceives a duality in his feelings for other professional football participants. He speaks of them in some cases as his function theoretical accounts – for illustration his director at York – and he speaks in about respectful tones of other professional football participants who ever manage to “bounce back” after traveling through a bad enchantment. After being asked to compare himself to another professional football participant ( Mark Sattori ) he would postpone to his perceived high quality because he played for the first squad and therefore – about by definition – was to be considered better than he was.

On the other manus he speaks of their haughtiness, which is about

considered to be indispensable if you are traveling to do it as a professional football participant, and the humbling manner that he was treated by them when he was responsible for their kit and during his doomed trip to Plymouth.

If we consider this episode of the Plymouth trip, it really tells us a great trade about the state of affairs. Mr Vasey clearly considers it to be the specifying minute when he decided that he didn’t desire to be a professional football participant. On the face of it he appears to hold so been treated impolitely and severely, but one is forced to inquire merely to what extent had the determination been fermenting and organizing in his head beforehand? Throughout about all of the first interview Mr Vasey is stating us of his emphasis, his deficiency of assurance and his inauspicious experiences – state of affairss which he clearly was non basking but was prepared to digest because he perceived them as necessary to digest in order to accomplish his declared end. It is hence funny that he uses a state of affairs were his footballing accomplishments were non questioned or even required to be demonstrated to be the ground for his determination to discontinue the professional football trail. The alibi that he gives is “that throughout the whole trip I was waiting for person to speak to me. I had evidently done something right to be at that place, but all I needed was for the managerial staff to state me so. Doubtless a Psychotherapist would go through remark on the fact that this demand for blessing may stem from a old remark made

by his male parent who berated him for non seeking difficult plenty and if he didn’t attempt harder he was traveling to acquire released by the nine. There is merely non adequate information in the interviews to do such a opinion, so it will hold to be flagged up as an open-ended statement of possibility.

It would look from the information that we have that Mr Vasey had been oppugning his abilities ( both in footings of mental strength and physical ability ) for some clip. He seems to connote that he realised that he didn’t have the haughtiness and mental resiliency that he thought were necessary to do it to the top of his game some clip before this episode and it would look that he has used the unpleasant experiences of the Plymouth trip to catalyze the concluding determination.

It would look that he besides has come to footings with this province of personal businesss by warranting the state of affairs to himself by noticing that if he were asked to subscribe a two twelvemonth professional contract at the nine, he would state no, that he was in a better place now than if he had stayed at the nine and most significantly he concludes this subdivision with the words “because I know I’m non intend to be a football player, because I have non got the caput to manage it, I get excessively stressed out. We are left with the ideas that is this remark a true contemplation of the province of his ability or is it a contemplation of his deficiency of assurance or even his modestness?

Second Interview

The 2nd interview is perceptibly different

from the first both in footings of content and more significantly, manner. The content is clearly different because it deals with another episode in Mr Vasey’s life – his passage from neglecting football aspirant to successful and fulfilled university pupil. The alteration in manner reflects his alteration of perceptual experience and attitude. Nerve-racking episodes are perceptibly fewer in the 2nd interview and when they are related, they have an air of healthy challenge about them. Mr Vasey clearly is cognizant of the academic emphasiss that he faced but alternatively of a fearful mentality he refers to the emphasis of his psychological science class as difficult but “enjoyable”

In the 2nd interview he is able to mention to the episode at York in the past tense, looking back from a place of fulfillment and comparative security to a clip when he evidently felt that he had neither.

In contrast to his first interview where he appears to be at strivings to warrant his state of affairs at York, his 2nd interview is now more dismissive of the clip at that place. He uses phrases such as “I merely wanted out – I’d had enough to be honorable – I merely wanted to travel – I knew that I wasn’t traveling to be signed on – I wasn’t bothered about football in the slightest” . He has clearly come to footings that he is non traveling to do the class as a professional football player. He has supplanted that end in his head with the new end of acquiring a grade.

It is interesting that he feels embarrassed and awkward about stating his friends and equals about his go forthing

the nine, even though he is doing a measure that he should be proud of as it represents a great trade of difficult work on his portion. He perceived the passage as if “he had let everyone down” . All his coevalss were anticipating him to go a professional football player and he clearly found stating them that he was non traveling to be, rather hard.

His associating to football during the last six months at York is besides at odds with his presentation during the first interview. When he has made the existent determination ( although he appears non to hold really confronted it at the clip ) he so speaks of basking his football as the emphasis and force per unit area has been removed. The demand for changeless public presentation and inability to loosen up from the preparation agenda has gone and enjoyment so replaces emphasis.

In common with other people in his state of affairs, Mr Vasey besides articulates the fact that, at university he does non hold the continual emphasis of populating up to an image. His teenage friends all expected him to be a football player and he evidently felt force per unit area to carry through their outlooks. He remarks that, at university he became cognizant that people accepted him for who he was – instead than as a failed professional football player. He relates this to a decrease in emphasis degrees.

It is really important, and perchance a mark of his impending adulthood, that he looks back, in the 2nd interview at his clip at York as a acquisition curve. He says:

“It set me up for who I am now.

It made me a much stronger individual. Because it was rough and rigorous it made me a batch of what I am today” .

Very significantly he follows this up with the remark:

“It made me believe of all the positives now, as I used to look at all the negatives then”

He relates the cardinal differences between emphasis at York and emphasis at university as:

“At university I don’t have to affect anybody. You can merely allow yourself down at university, but when I was at York you got the possible to allow everybody down on the team” .

Another really important penetration comes subsequently on in the 2nd interview where he is associating the differences in his attitudes between playing in the semi-pro side at university and playing at York:

“For this squad ( the semi-pro side ) the win was the most of import thing and my public presentation was 2nd whereas it was the other manner around at York” .

Mr Vasey so tells us that he will be go oning to play football but he will be making it because:

“it is football that I enjoy as I don’t feel stressed while I am playing” .

The ground the we have laboured this point to a grade, is that the push of this piece is about the emphasiss of professional football. Mr Vasey clearly exemplifies the state of affairs where the emphasiss are mostly resolved when he plays football for enjoyment instead than a profession.

This 2nd interview catalogues the passage of Mr Vasey the defeated, stressed and finally thwarted professional football player, to Mr Vasey the fulfilled, less stressed and happy pupil on the threshold of a instruction calling



overall push of this piece is about the emphasiss that elite football players can see and an scrutiny of how one such draw a bead oning immature football player did really experience and header with the emphasiss that he found and faced.

The emphasiss that we have outlined and discussed are clearly non all relevant to all participants. As Mr Vasey suggests himself, one manner of mensurating success is by measuring merely how good you really pull off to get by with the emphasiss involved ( Lazarus 1999 ) . He even gives us a few intimations of his ain reading of a header mechanism. He tells us that he merely puts his caput down and gets on with the occupation in manus. He refers to arrogance of the bulk of successful participants. We suspect that he is besides sidelong mentioning to this haughtiness when he relates his perceptual experience of the manner that he was treated by the first squad participants on his doomed trip to Plymouth.

Mr Vasey is clearly non an chesty adult male. We can infer this non merely from his ain words but from his tone, his demeanor and his mentions to others ( Clarke 1998 ) . He seems content to do a considered opinion of other people and does non happen it necessary ( in the chief ) to constantly denigrate or refer to them in derogatory footings – which is one of the trademarks of haughtiness. ( Lazarus 1999 )

Equally, we might do the tax write-off that Mr Vasey finally did non do the passage to elite football player position chiefly because of his inability to raise get bying

mechanisms ( Freese 1976 ) . He refers to himself in victim position when he relates the episode of the Plymouth trip. In specific footings he uses phrases of passiveness and entry instead than laterality and aggression. ( Cavanagh 1998 ) The trip “killed my confidence” and “all I wanted was for person to speak to me” , “I was treated awfully” and “ they put me out of the manner on the top floor” have all the trademarks of phrases used by a individual who is oppugning their ego worth.

The chesty or positive “coping” type of football player would about surely have approached the whole episode with the attitude of “I shall speak to them if I choose to” and “ if they don’t like me so it’s my bad luck but it’s their problem” thereby altering the victim position for that of laterality and maintaining the venue of control with himself. ( Anshel et al 2001 )

This type of mechanism is seen throughout the interviews. It has really evolved to a phase farther by the clip that it gets to the 2nd interview and we are discoursing events subsequently on in life. Mr Vasey looks back and efforts to warrant the class of events as “it merely was non meant to be” and “ I realised that I didn’t have what it took” ( both remarks showing passiveness ) . In the first interview, when he is associating events before the catalytic Plymouth trip, he refers to outlook of wining and being prepared to endure indignity and adversity in order to accomplish his professed end ( still in the inactive manner but with

a different accent ) . ( Anshel et al 2001 )

We have refered to the changeless mentions to being stressed, particularly noticeable during the first interview. In a manner this is rather self-contradictory. True, he is associating to a clip when he was clearly stressed, but he is making so from a clip in his life when he professes to be much less stressed. Although he refers to these emphasiss in the past tense on most occasions, he on occasion slips back into the present tense about as if he is live overing an unpleasant experience. His frequent allusions to being “really nervous” and “constantly stressed out” are declarative of the feelings discussed by Crampton ( 1995 ) . There is barely a paragraph of an reply to a inquiry about his clip playing football where he does non mention to emphasize in one signifier or another. This should be contrasted to his clip at university where he continues to play football, but his tone and demeanor after the water parting of his go forthing York alterations rather dramatically – but we shall notice on this in more item a small later

Anshel ( et al.2001 ) , in his first-class article about get bying mechanisms in jocks, outlines the many beginnings of emphasis that Mr Vasey clearly identifies with. Apart from the concerns that we have already outlined, one of the overruling causes of his emphasis is basic insecurity. Insecurity about his term of office of the YTS strategy, insecurity about assorted facets of his life – was he working hard plenty? – was he traveling to turn out himself good plenty to go a

football player? – what was he traveling to make if he didn’t do it? All of these insecurities ( and many others ) are powerful causes of emphasis for him.

The major portion of successfully get bying with these emphasiss is right placing so foremost ( Lazarus 1999 ) . Stress becomes much easier to cover with on a clinical and a personal footing, if you are able to place the triggers. You can recognize it for what it is and, in many instances, you can cover with it yourself instinctively, or even be taught how to cover with it, if you have non already discovered some of the ways of making it.

This brings us to the following point. Did Mr Vasey manage the state of affairs in the most appropriate manner? If he had adopted other get bying mechanisms, other that credence and denial as he seems to hold done, would the result have been in any manner different? Clearly that is conjecture but we can do an educated conjecture.

First, we could take the position that, in his ain words he “realised that he didn’t have the natural talent” . We have no manner of measuring the truth of that remark. He clearly did hold considerable endowment which he boosted by difficult work and dedication. If he truly believed that he didn’t have the endowment, so it is questionable as to merely why he survived in such a competitory environment for so long. It cou

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