Sport Management

What are the 5 reasons why sport is a big business?
Media attention, fan affiliation, health boom, cultural, growth in global markets
What is the definition of sport?
Sport is intertwined with every aspect of the economy from the media and apparel to food and advertising… sport is everywhere accompanied by the sound of the cash register
What is critical thinking?
Getting perspectives from other people before making a decision and keeping an open mind
What are the 3 sport segments?
Sport promotion, sport performance, sport production
What is sport promotion?
Deals with media and endorsements (spectators and business)
What is sport production?
Deals with equipment, merchandise, and services (participants and spectators)
What is sport performance?
Deals with athletes (spectators and participants)
What are the 3 consumers of sports?
Spectators, participants, and business
What is sponsorship?
Teams/events gets a sponsor
What is endorsement?
Athletes asked to promote products
What is target market (demographics)?
Core group of people that tend to buy your product (gender, age, race/ethnicity, household income, and interests)
What is disposable income?
Money left over necessities
What are economics?
Making choices about money
What are the purchase power of participants?
Need to achieve and they get money/prizes for participating
What are the purchase power of spectators?
Need to belong and they buy something at the game
What are the purchase power of business/sponsors?
Need to earn profit and they have a brand they need to stay alive
What 7 things make sport a product?
Sporting event, athletes, arena, sporting goods, licensed merchandise, fitness centers, and sport information
How does sporting events make sport a product?
Exciting thing that we capture for each spectator like a rivalry game
How do athletes make sport a product?
Endorse sport related products and non-relating products
How does an arena make sport a product?
One thing we need to see and experience the sport facility
How does sporting goods make sport a product?
Traditional setting with retail area
How does licensed merchandise make sport a product?
A company that produces apparel can sell products for more since it is an official product
How do fitness centers make sport a product?
Sells sport as a product
How does sport information make sport a product?
Gathers people to subscribe to magazines or following of an athlete
What is a tangible product?
Something that can be physically touched, worn, or used
What is an intangible product?
Something you are unable to touch or an experience with an emotional attachment
What are some examples of intangible products?
Memories by going to an event/game
What is sport management?
Any combination of skills relating to planning, organizing, directing, controlling, budgeting, leading, and evaluating within the context of an organization of department whose primary product or service is related to sport and/or physical activity
What does NCAA stand for?
National Collegiate Athletic Association
What does a governing body deal with?
Scheduling, recruiting, information on coaching a particular team
What do institutions do?
Sets the GPA that athletes need to play a sport
What is a clearing house?
Sets requirements for divisions I and II athletes (SAT’s, GPA, and the courses they need to take)
What job opportunities are offered in sport management?
Athletic director, associate athletic director, sports information, ticket sales, compliance, academic support, event/facility manager, and equipment manager
Athletic director
Oversees department alone with fundraising, facility development, and spring sports
Associate athletic director
Assistant to athletic director, fall sports, coach development, and sports information
Sports information
Update website and media guides
Ticket sales
Accounting, create tickets, and promotions
Makes sure the institution is abiding by the rules, that every student is certified full time, and ineligible players are not playing
Academic Support
Event/facility manager
Creates events within the even like gathering outside groups to perform or midnight madness
Equipment manager
Negotiates sponsor deals, washes and folds laundry, and travels with team
What does NAIA stand for?
National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics
Who was the first coach for men’s baseball, cross country, and basketball?
Larry Hiser
What does AAHPERD mean?
American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
What journal does the AAHPERD print?
Journal of Physical Education, recreation, and dance (JOPERD)
What does NASSM mean?
North American Society for Sport Management
What journal does the NASSM print?
Journal of Sport Management
What does COSMA stand for?
Commission of Sport Management Accreditation
What does COSMA do?
New accreditation for all colleges and universities
What does NASPE stand for?
National Association of Sport and Physical Education
What are some examples of communication sectors?
Sports journalist (sport communication), broadcast journalism, sport information (stats or play-by-plays)
What are some forms of communication in the sports industry?
Public relations, publicity, press releases
What does public relations control?
Controls the story
Why could publicity be negative?
We don’t know what people are going to say about us
What is positive about press releases?
Controls the information
What is sport marketing?
The specific application of marketing principles and processes to sport products and to the marketing of non-sports products through the association with sports
What are product endorsements?
The use of an athlete or an athlete’s likeness to assist in the sale of sport and non-sport related products
What does there need to be between an athlete product and the target market?
Needs to be a link
What do consultants do?
Give advice to clients or companies as it relates to their business operations
What 4 things go into making a business operate?
Organization, target market (demographics), product, and environmental factors
What are environmental factors?
Things we can and can not control
What are internal factors??
Things we can control
What are some examples of internal factors?
Price, equipment, how a facility is laid out, hours of operation, who we want in there (gender, age)
What are external factors?
Things we can not control
What does SEPTC mean?
Social, Economics, Political, Technology, Competition
Why can we not control social factors?
Because they are attitudes, emotions, and behaviors of our target market
Why can we not control economic factors?
Can not control what is happening financially in the market place (disposable income goes down)
Why can we not control political factors?
They are rules, regulations, and laws that impact the industry
What can we anticipate for technology factors?
That technology will constantly change with social media and we need to be better at them than any other company
What can we anticipate for competition factors?
Every company should be nervous and always be watching out for their competition
What do sport agents do?
They negotiate contracts, manage in finances with athletes, maximize the appeal of athletes, and represent athletes in endorsement deals
What is sport sponsorship?
investing in a sports entity (athlete, league, team, or event) to support overall organizational objectives and promotional strategies
What are benefits of sport sponsorship?
Image building, product exposure, sales, competition, and hospitality
What does SWOT mean?
Strengths/advantages Weaknesses/limits/disadvantages Opportunities/ external chances to improve the company Threats/ any external environmental factors
What is SWOT used for?
Assisting with market positioning
What are the 5 theories of sport management?
Classical approach, behavioral approach, systems approach, management science approach, and contingency approach
What is the classical approach?
Focus’ on getting the product out to the market and doesn’t care about the people or how boring it is (assembly line)
What is the behavioral approach?
People oriented realizing that all people are different and they rely on people to help produce to the highest productivity (Hawthorne Study)
What is the systems approach?
Interrelationships; no matter how big or small the job is everybody are equally important
What is the management science approach?
Completes the task using minimal resources (NO WASTE) even if that means cutting back on jobs to save money
What is contingency approach?
Depending on the situation depends on what method you use
What does SYNERGY mean?
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

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