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Who was the sport executive who recognized a need for managers with academic backgrounds in the business and management of sport (and thus led to the beginning of sport administration as an academic major)?
Walter O’Malley, Brooklyn Dodgers
Which university established what is recognized as the first sport administration academic program?
Ohio University
Which one of the authors of the textbook has a direct tie to BGSU?
Janet Parks
According to Plunkett’s Research what is the estimated size of the sport industry in the U.S.? (2011-2013)
$470 Billion
why sport is unique?
Managers cannot control the outcome of the game

Sport is consumed as it is produced

Managers cannot guaranty customer satisfaction

Which of the following accurately describes the field of sport management?
Students must be willing to put forth a great deal of effort to best position themselves for jobs in the field.
An undergraduate sport management education prepares students for:
Entry level positions
Attending sport management classes generally constitutes a field experience.
False, You need much more
Reading trade journals, reading academic journals, and keeping up with current events are essential to a student’s academic preparation in sport management.
true, it is essential.
what shows a strong work ethic?
contributing ideas
preparing for meetings
following through on commitments
the following is provided by the National Labor Relations Act
the right to bargain collectively through agents of one’s own choosing

the right to engage in concerted activities for employees’ mutual aid or protection

the right to self-organization, to form, join, or assist labor organizations

In professional sports, what system is used to distribute new talent among all league members?
the player draft
the following are a primary source of revenue for professional sports teams
licensing and merchandising
gate receipts
Because professional sports teams need to compete and cooperate simultaneously, it is very important for them to have independence
false. league think
The Cincinnati Red Stockings were the first professional baseball team.
what was the first intercollegiate athletic conference in the United States?
The big ten conference
How many NCAA divisions exist?
What US president hosted a White House conference on football in 1905?
Theodore Roosevelt
Athletics directors at all NCAA member institutions perform the same tasks.
false. they can perform multiple tasks.
this first-line administrator is most likely to need a
comprehensive understanding of trademark licensing?
marketing and promotions director
what has the most participants, sports teams, and athletics programs?
interscholastic athletics
what is a central premise of the value of interscholastic athletics programs?
Athletics support the academic mission of schools.
When compared to the general student population, student-athletes tend to fall short of the students who do not compete in interscholastic athletics in areas such as GPA, attendance, and discipline.
False. they are held more accountable for their grades.
Private schools and schools in smaller districts often have a decentralized organization structure in terms of interscholastic athletics.
false. most have centralized organization structure.
what is the primary revenue stream for interscholastic athletics departments at public schools?
property tax assessments
what are the benefits of sport participation?
family life.
sense of community/social capital
quality of life
what is a psychological benefit of sport participation?
increased self-esteem
what sport is most popular based on participation numbers in the United States?
From a management perspective, public parks and recreation facilities operate much like private clubs.
There is increasing pressure to make community sport organizations more professional rather than relying so heavily on volunteers.
true. in order to make the model more effectively constructed.

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