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Senior Exit Exam: Recreation & Attraction

question The Magic Kingdom has seven lands for guests to explore, which of the following is not one of those seven lands? answer Animal Kingdom question The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 was a response to answer Congress feeling they might lose control over tribal gaming question Six Flags has a licensing agreement with […]

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Discovering Business Statistics – Nottingham & Hawkes

question population answer the set of all subjects or elements about which we are interested in making inferences question frame answer a list containing all members of the population question population parameters answer facts about the population. Descriptions of the population… question sample answer a subset of the population which is used to gain insight […]

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Auditing & assurance services ch 6
22 Sep 2020 Database

question 1. Independent auditors of financial statements and fraud examiners approach their work differently. answer T question 2. It is always good control to have the bookkeeper prepare a list of cash receipts and then have the bookkeeper record it immediately in the accounts. answer F question 3. Fidelity bonds are used to prevent embezzlement. […]

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Week 5: Chapters 10 and 11

question What is the name of the high point of economic activity called? answer A peak question What is the name of the low point of economic activity called? answer A trough question What is the name of the period between the high point of economic activity and the following low point called? answer A […]

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Unit 4 AP gov review

question To be elected president one must receive more answer electoral votes. question If the electoral college fails to give any presidential candidate a majority, the election of the president is determined by answer the House of Representatives. question A constitutional amendment to clarify the way votes are cast in the electoral college was necessary […]

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THS Business Math Chapter 9 Vocab

question sticker price answer includes three charges question base price answer the price of the engine, chassis, and any other standard equipment for a particular model question options answer Extra equipment for convenience, safety, or appearance question destination charge answer cost for shipping question dealer’s cost answer price the dealer actually pays for a vehicle. […]

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TERP 10 Unit 2: SAP ERP Basics and Navigation

question System wide concepts in SAP ERP are _______. (3 Correct Answers) A. Organizational Levels B. Master Data C. Enterprise Solutions D. Entity Management E. Transactions answer A, B, E question Which of the following are not organizational levels in SAP ERP? (2 Correct Answers) A. Client B. Company Code C. Sales Region D. Division […]

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Strategic Management Chapter 7: International Strategy

question Globalization answer has two meanings: 1) is the increase in international exchange, including trade in goods and services as well as exchange of money, ideas, and information. 2) is the growing similarity of laws, rules , norms, values, and ideas across countries. question Diamond of National Advantage answer a framework for explaining why countries […]

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question Who was the sport executive who recognized a need for managers with academic backgrounds in the business and management of sport (and thus led to the beginning of sport administration as an academic major)? answer Walter O’Malley, Brooklyn Dodgers question Which university established what is recognized as the first sport administration academic program? answer […]

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Remote Management

question Which of the following protocols or services would you associate with Windows Remote Desktop Services network traffic? answer RDP. question You are an administrator for a large company. You are setting up a computer at a worker’s house so he can telecommute while he recovers from surgery. You want to connect to the UNIX […]

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Project Management Final (BCONLINE)

question It is important for project managers to focus on indirect costs because they can be easily controlled. answer False question A project’s stakeholders includes its customers, users, and suppliers. answer True question An activity is an element of work that has an expected duration, cost, and resource requirements. answer False, Task question Project scope […]

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POLS 1100 Chapter 15
02 Sep 2020 Database

question mass media answer the entire array of organizations through which information is collected and disseminated to the general public question news media answer media providing the public with new information about subjects of public interest question yellow journalism answer a form of newspaper publishing in vogue in the late nineteenth century that featured pictures, […]

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Org Comm exam 1

question Classical Theorists (name 3) answer Fayol, Weber, and Taylor question Human Relations/Human Resources Theorists (name 4) answer Maslow, McGregor, Blake and Mouton, Likert question The two theories that are Prescriptive are… answer Classical, and Human Relations/Human Resources question Systems Theorists (name 3) answer Wiener, Weick, Contractor question Cultural Theorists (name 3) answer Peters and […]

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NOS110 – Chapter

question The enhanced Print Management Console release in Windows Server 2003 R2 allows for . (Choose all that apply.) answer a. remote installation of network printers b. ability to view general printer information c. remotely diagnose a printer problem question Windows 2000 was a significant rewrite of the Windows 98 kernel. answer False question A […]

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27 Aug 2020 Database

question Target Market answer a group of people or organizations for which an organization designs, implements, and maintains a marketing mix intended to meet the need of that group, resulting in mutually satisfying exchanges. The uncontrollable elements in the center of the environment continually evolve and create changes in the target market. In contrast, managers […]

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MIS Chapters 1-4

question Who is responsible for ensuring the security of IT systems and developing strategies and IT safeguards against attacks from hackers and viruses? answer CSO question What is the ease with which people perform transactions and/or find information? answer Usability question What is a competitive advantage? answer A product or service that an organization’s customers […]

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Milady Part 6 Business Skills – Chapters 30-31-32

question Deductive Reasoning answer The process of reaching logical conclusions by employing logical reasoning. question Employment Portfolio answer A collection, usually bound, of photos and documents that reflect your skills, accomplishments, and abilities in your chosen career field. question Resume answer Written summary of a person’s education and work experience. question Stem answer The basic […]

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MGT 3315 Final

question Diversity Ch 17 answer describes race, gender, age, and other individual differences question Inclusivity Ch 17 answer is how open the organization is to anyone who can perform a job question Multicultural Organization Ch 17 answer is based on pluralism and operates with inclusivity and respect for diversity question Organizational Subcultures Ch 17 answer […]

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MGMT 3850 Ch.12

question Solid cash management enables a business owner to: answer A) adequately meet the cash demands of the business. B) avoid retaining unnecessarily large cash balances. C) stretch the profit-generating power of each dollar the business owns. question ________ is the most important, yet least productive, asset that a small business owns. answer cash question […]

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MBA 560 Ch 6
15 Aug 2020 Database

question 1) Human resource management involves training, motivating, and retaining competent employees. answer True question 2) Human resource management activities such as hiring and firing are the sole responsibility of the human resource department. answer False question 3) Human resource management is about hiring and firing only. answer False question 4) The most important environmental […]

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MAN Exam 1

question management answer planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of human and other resources to achieve organizational goals question high performance answer what is the goal of management? question efficiency answer managers minimize the amount of input resources needed to produce goods/services question effectiveness answer managers choose appropriate goals and achieve them question first line manager […]

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Management 331 Chapter 2

question The ability of an organization to produce services that, by utilizing the consumers’ five senses, have some uniqueness in their characteristics is _______ answer experience differention question Which of the following international operations strategies allows a firm to pursue all three operations strategies? answer Transnational strategy question Which of the following statements concerning the […]

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