Sex society and movies

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In recent decades as society has moved on from a strict conservative medium to a more straight-forward form of art. The movie industry along with its increasing budget base has also long been a reflection of the looming tolerance of society towards its subjects (Aguilera, 2007). For instance, topics about sex or any matters relating to it have met raising eyebrows throughout the years as a result of years of conservatism as well as influence of religion. Sex depiction in films from the 70’s up until today has seen a dramatic attempt of the industry to portray the changing of values among its audiences.

That is, maturity towards the subject has reached the peak of openness to scenes depicting sex. Typically, sex scenes in films especially in the 70’s should not last more than 30 seconds (Hasek, 2006). But nowadays, the limits per scene could go in as much as a minute depending on the treatment to the scene. Our society for the past decades has matured in viewing films with sex scenes to a higher form of art. One perfect example is the movie The Piano in the early 90’s whereas the sex scenes were overshadowed by the overall theme of the film about love.

Issues also surround about the morality or immorality of the movies in a sense that sex is an act not intended for public viewing. Artists see this as a clear hypocrisy of society in limiting art in a certain conservative level so as to create a feel of censorship (Speedy, 2002). For a point there, minors should clearly not be allowed unless they are that mature for they may misinterpret some scenes and languages. Conservatives argue otherwise and suggest that sex scenes be omitted all in all.Likewise, films with these types of material along with other films often depict about love, adultery, rape, prostitution, etc.

to depict the exact realities of society within the period. The period between the 70’s until today are also the same period wherein audiences encounter the same realities in television as well as in literature. The thing is that audiences can actually relate to what was portrayed in movies and often most imagine that they are the ones in the films. This connection has also drastically helped, along with ever increasing liberalization of the morals, towards sex as a topic in movies.

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