Sex, Drugs and HIV by Elizabeth Pisani Essay Example
Sex, Drugs and HIV by Elizabeth Pisani Essay Example

Sex, Drugs and HIV by Elizabeth Pisani Essay Example

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  • Published: January 19, 2022
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This speech, given by Elizabeth Pisani, combines persuasive and informative elements as it analyzes the issue of HIV/AIDS. The speech emphasizes the urgent need for careful and informed action in addressing this significant threat to society. Elizabeth backs up her statements with facts and statistics about the disease, highlighting the undeniable facts that require immediate attention. She employs a variety of literary and speech techniques to engage her audience, particularly using persuasive speech techniques that are examined in this study.

The speech, delivered in June 2010, aimed to capture global attention with a political focus, rather than being limited to just the few invited guests in attendance. While the research was conducted on Indonesia, the facts and statistics presented painted a broader global picture.

Exigency refers to a situation or thing that is not in the state it should be. It is the current


issue that requires critical analysis and explanation. The speech focused on providing a response to the question about the causes and factors of HIV/AIDS, specifically addressing the scientific and sociological challenges posed by this disease. Governments worldwide have prioritized this issue over the past two decades, causing concern among intellectual and political leaders. The speech aims to explore effective disease control measures for the global population and governments. The speaker's objective is to emphasize how seemingly simple actions by individuals can result in devastating consequences.

The speaker's aim was for individuals to disregard their own sexual behavior, which is often influenced by false bravado, as this can ultimately have consequences that even the most powerful governments cannot control. During the preparation of her speech, the speaker encountered difficulties such as persuading interviewees to

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share details about their sexual lives and obtaining their assistance. Furthermore, the speech was based on the speaker's personal experiences with her subjects in Indonesia, so she likely faced different challenges for each person to open up about their personal lives.

The speaker focused on different aspects of her study to convince the audience. She highlighted the idea that individuals participate in foolish actions, which contribute to the transmission of HIV. Throughout her speech, she used techniques like eye contact and body language to underline her points for the audience. Additionally, she consistently addressed the importance of this issue at a national level, specifically mentioning Margaret Thatcher's involvement in raising awareness about needle sharing.

Following the physically present audience's laughter, the speaker passionately addressed the immediate audience about the terrifying statistics from Africa. Through her fact-based statistics, she effectively and persuasively presented the dire situation in Africa. Her strong body gestures and language conveyed her passionate message even without any sound. The speaker's gestures and body language effectively communicate her ideas and can be utilized in the future. Adopting these techniques is as straightforward as they appear since the speaker genuinely connects with her topic.

One can easily identify and appreciate the persuasive techniques used by the writer because they are directly related to her field of study. As a result, these techniques can be applied universally by speakers from all backgrounds.

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