SEC110_ Chapter 10

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?Maintaining an accurate record of company-owned mobile devices
Asset tracking
?A small form factor storage media of a variety of different types and sizes.
Secure digital (SD)
The ability to rapidly enroll new mobile devices.?
The ability to remotely erase sensitive data stored on a mobile device
remote wiping
The tools and services responsible for distributing and controlling access to apps.?
Mobile Application management (MAM)
Adding or allowing geographical identification data in a mobile app?
Using a mobile device’s GPS to define geographical boundaries where an app can be used.?
The ability to quickly remove devices from the organization’s network?
A technology that prevents a mobile device from being used until the user enters the correct passcode.?
Lock screen
Services that can identify the location of a person carrying a mobile device or a specific store or restaurant.?
location services
Simply using a mobile device in a public area can be considered a risk.
The CardBus is a 64-bit bus in the PC card form factor
Mobile devices such as laptops are stolen on average once every 20 seconds.?
The Google Android mobile operating system is a proprietary system, for use on only approved devices.?
The PC Card and CardBus devices are being replaced by what technology?
What SD card family can be used to transmit pictures over a wireless network to a laptop hard drive or wireless printer??
Secure Digital Input Output (SDIO)
?A laptop may have multiple hardware ports. Which of the following is not a typical port included on a laptop?

?Universal Serial Bus (USB)

Select below the option that represents a wearable technology:?

?Google Chromebook
?Google Glass

?Google Glass
Mobile devices with global positioning system (GPS) abilities typically make use of:?

?Weak passwords
?Location services
?Open networks
?Anti-virus software

?Location services
??Select below the option that is not one of the SD format card families:

?High capacity (SDHC)
?Standard capacity (SDSC)
?Extreme Capacity (SDXC)
?Secure Digital Input Output (SDIO)

?Extreme Capacity (SDXC)
?What term below describes a hand-held mobile device that was intended to replace paper systems, and typically included an appointment calendar, an address book, a “to-do” list, a calculator, and the ability to record limited notes?
Personal digital assistant (PDA)
?Which of the following selections is not one of the features provided by a typical MDM?

?Rapidly deploy new mobile devices
?Discover devices accessing enterprise systems
?Track stolen devices
?Erase stolen devices

Track stolen devices
?What PIN is considered to be the most commonly used PIN?
??What can be enabled to prevent a mobile device from being used until a user enters the correct passcode, such as a pin or password?

?Enable a smart card
?Enable a lock screen
?Enable a sleep time setting
?Enable a challenge-response screen

Enable a lock screen
??How can an administrator manage applications on mobile devices using a technique called “app wrapping?”

?Mobile Application Management
?Extended Application Management
?Remote Application Management
?Cloud Application Management

Mobile Application Management
??What mobile operating system below requires all applications to be reviewed and approved before they can be made available on the public store front?

?Blackberry OS

?Select below the item that is not considered to be a basic characteristic of mobile devices:

?Small form factor
?Mobile operating system
?Removable media storage
?Data synchronization capabilities

?Removable media storage
?An ultrabook is an example of what type of a portable computer?
What PC Card type is typicalWhat PC Card type is typically used for memory??

?Type II
?Type IV
?Type III
?Type I

Type 1
?Select below the type of computing device that uses a limited version of the Linux operating system and uses a web browser with an integrated media player:


??What term is used to describe the operation of stockrooms where mobile devices are stored prior to their dispersal to employees?

?Asset tracking
?Inventory control
?Device monitoring
?Access filtering

?Inventory control
??Mobile Device Management systems that allow users to store usernames and passwords within a device are said to be using:

?App wrapping
?Password containers
?Credential management
?Identity control

?Credential management
What type of management system below can help facilitate asset tracking?

?Wireless Device Management (WDM)
?Mobile Device Management (MDM)
?Total Device Management (TDM)
?Extended Device Management (EDM)

?Mobile Device Management (MDM)
A QR code can’t contain which of the following items directly?

?A phone number
?An e-mail address
?A video

A video

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