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LWC1 – Fundamentals of Business Law ; Ethics

question legal positivism theory of jurisprudence answer a citizen must obey the law, and the law is whatever the sovereign says it is. question Utilitarian approach answer the ethical concept that moral behaviors produce the greatest good for the greatest number question True or False. An appellate court does not conduct a new trial but […]

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chapter 6 Issues and Crisis Management

question Effective Issues management may enable managers to engage in more effective _____ _____ answer Crisis Management question Effective Issues management is a vital component of post – _____ _____ answer Crisis Management question What are the two approaches to Issues Management? answer Conventional (narrow focus) Strategic Management (Broadly Inclusive) question Conventional Approach in Issues […]

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World Of Business Chapter 4
21 Sep 2020 Database

question 190. A ___________ is a form of business that is owned, and usually managed, by one person. A. closed corporation B. subchapter S corporation C. sole proprietorship D. limited partnership answer C question 191. ____________ comprise about 20% of all businesses but account for about 81% of U.S. business receipts. A. Corporations B. Partnerships […]

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US HISTORY II Ch. 27 review

question Dr. Jonas Salk’s effective vaccine answer Polio question Nationwide highway network answer interstate question Regulator of broadcast communications (abbr) answer fcc question Opposite of segregation answer integration question Unprecedented population explosion (two words) answer baby boom question Large corporation together with smaller companies answer conglomerate question Bill designed to help veterans “readjust” (two words) […]

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Understanding Business Chapter 12

question The ___________ guaranteed union members the right to nominate candidates for union office and participate in union meetings. answer Landrum-Griffin Act question Which of the following statements about sexual harassment is most accurate? answer In evaluating charges of sexual harassment, the courts place a great deal of emphasis on whether the behavior was unwelcomed. […]

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Texas Politics chp. 3, 12, 13, 14
15 Sep 2020 Database

question ability-to-pay theory of taxation answer An approach to government finance that holds that taxes should be based on an individual’s financial resources. question Adversary proceeding answer A legal procedure in which each side presents evidence and arguments to bolster its position while rebutting evidence that might support the other side. question Aggravated offenses answer […]

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13 Sep 2020 Database

question A(n) _____ is a formal way of representing how a business system interacts with its environment. a. use case b. physical model c. relationship d. system boundary e. trigger answer Ans: a Response: See page 158 question 6. A scenario is the same as a(n) _____. a. use case b. relationship c. path through […]

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Speech Final test Flashcards

question Who bears the responsibility for communication actually taking place? answer both the speaker and the listener question Radio and television are examples of answer Channels question An oversimplified mental picture is known as a answer Stereotype question In the opening words of a speech, you should answer grab the attention and interest of your […]

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SEC110_ Chapter 10
08 Sep 2020 Uncategorized

question ?Maintaining an accurate record of company-owned mobile devices answer Asset tracking question ?A small form factor storage media of a variety of different types and sizes. answer Secure digital (SD) question The ability to rapidly enroll new mobile devices.? answer On-boarding question The ability to remotely erase sensitive data stored on a mobile device […]

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Quiz 26

question True answer Concussion severity should be based more on recovery from symptoms, neuropsychological tests and postural tests as opposed to grading scales question Periodontitis answer Which dental condition is characterized by loosening of the teeth, recession of the gingiva and infection? question Cementum answer The thin bony substance that covers the root of the […]

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Principles of financial management

question Finance answer It addresses how money is raised and used by individuals, businesses, and governments. question Corporation answer This state-created entity is authorized to conduct business and offer it’s owner an investment with an unlimited life. question Treasurer answer This position and title is held by the individual responsible for planning and managing how […]

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Pharmacology Final Review-3

question Pts need to be questioned about all pain sites because answer pts tend to report the most severe or most important in their perception question Xi is a 54 y/o female, has a hx of migraine that does not respond well to OTC migraine med. she is asking to try Maxalt because it works […]

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Operations chapter 8

question Nearness to raw materials would be most important to a A. grocery store B. tax preparation service C. manufacturing company D. post office E. hospital answer C. manufacturing company question A one-hour photo processing machine in a Wal-Mart store is an example of a ___. A. micro-factory B. downsize strategy C. diversified strategy D. […]

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Multinational Business Exam 1

question International Business answer performance of trade and investment activities by firms across national borders. Also refered to as Cross-Border Business question who conducts international business answer primarily carried out by individual firms, governments and international agencies also engage in international business transactions question Globalization of Markets answer ongoing economic integration and growing interdependency of […]

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MKT 337 Chapter 13

question Negotiation is defined as “working to reach an agreement that is satisfactory to either the buyer or the seller.” answer False question The foundation for win-win negotiations is a relationship with the customer built on trust and rapport. answer True question Direct denial may be appropriate when a customer’s objection is based on misinformation. […]

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MIS 7+8

question Which of the following types of information can be found in a database? answer All of these question Which of the following database structures stores information in a treelike structure that allows repeating information using parent/child relationships, in such a way that it cannot have too many relationships? answer Hierarchal database question Which of […]

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Micro Econ

question Economic cost can best be defined as: A. any contractual obligation that results in a flow of money expenditures from an enterprise to resource suppliers. B. any contractual obligation to labor or material suppliers. C. a payment that must be made to obtain and retain the services of a resource. D. all costs exclusive […]

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MGMT Practice Exam 2

question The planning process begins with which of these? answer the development of a mission statement question The ____ is the basis for the strategic level of goals and plans which in turn shapes the ____ and ____ level. answer mission, tactical, operational question Which of the following is not a step in the organizational […]

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MGMT 320 Ch 6

question Which strategy explains how an organizations mission is to be accomplished? a. Operational strategy b. grand strategy c. tactical strategy d. exit strategy e. implementation strategy answer b. grand strategy question Which of the following elements are in a SMART goal? a. Results oriented b. adaptable c. target dates d. strategic e. measurable answer […]

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Marketing Exam 14-21
14 Aug 2020 Database

question A _____ is a business structure of interdependent organizations that reaches from the point of production to the consumer and facilitates the downstream physical movement of goods through the supply chain.? a. ?market grouping b. common trade alliance c. ?retailer monopoly d. ?marketing channel answer marketing channel question _____ negotiate with one another, buy […]

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Management quiz 2

question The extent to which trade and investments, information, social and cultural ideas, and political cooperation flow between countries is called… answer C. Globalization question ____________ is a concept that proposes that corporations can alleviate poverty and other social ills by selling to the world’s poorest people. answer C. Bottom of the pyramid question Companies […]

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MAN3025 Exam 4 (Ch 10)

question Which of the following is an effective way to deal with change and innovation? A. Insist on success B. Increase work rules and hierarchy C. Copy others’ successes D. Have the courage to follow your ideas E. Jump right into it answer D. Have the courage to follow your ideas question Which of the […]

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