Rudolph Diesel Essay Example
Rudolph Diesel Essay Example

Rudolph Diesel Essay Example

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  • Published: November 29, 2018
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Rudolf Diesel is the man I chose for my hi-fi because I like cars and car engines. Rudolf diesel invented the diesel engine. I also chose Rudolf Diesel because when I went to look for a person for my hi-fi he was a man who I thought that no one else would chose. I thought that Rudolf diesel would also be a man who would be interesting. I like mechanical things and not people who discovered some place or some boring invention. I want to be a mechanical engineer so Rudolf Diesel fits right in with what I want to be. That is why I chose Rudolf Diesel for my hi-fi.

Some of the things that I would like to learn about Rudolf Diesel is how he came up with the idea of makin


g a diesel engine. I would also like to know where he was from and how old he was when he first thought up the design of the engine. I would like to know about his life like if he was married or not. I would also like to know what his life was like, if he was rich or if he was poor. If he had children, how many and if they were also inventors. I would also like to know how many improvements people have made on his original design and if they still use his basic design in modern times. I don’t know much about him at all but that he invented the diesel engine and his name. I also know that he was born in 1858 and died in 1913, he was German, a mechanical engineer, and tha

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he patented the Diesel engine. That is what I think that I know and want to know about Rudolf Diesel.

Some of the things that I would like to find out would be what kind of training he had, did he invent any other things, and what school did he go to in Europe. I would also like to know who he worked with on the engine or did he do it by himself. I would also like to know why he invented the diesel engine when they already had the gasoline engine. I would also like to know what the first diesel engine looked like and how big was it. That is what I would like to know about Rudolf Diesel.

The person that I interviewed was my dad. When I interviewed him he told me that Rudolf Diesel was German and that he built cars with his engines in them and then other people started using the engines and his name for his engine became famous. Rudolf Diesel was one of the more important inventors during the industrial revolution. He told me a lot about the way that the engine works. The diesel engine has no spark plugs, the engine just squirts some fuel in the cylinder and the air pressure causes the piston to go down and that in turn makes the pistons go up and down. One of the unique things about a diesel engine is that you can use low grade fuel and the engine will run the same. The diesel engine actually runs cleaner than a regular gasoline engine. The engine will not rev up very fast but when it gets

revved up it will run all day with no problem. The engine is very heavy compared to the power it produces but when it gets running it runs smooth and can run almost forever. The engines are more expensive at the start then a regular gas engine but when you see how long the engine will run and that it gets good running time to how much fuel it uses then it makes up the money in the long run. One of the reasons that the engine is used in big trucks is that it has a lot of torque but not very high top end speed. The diesel engine uses its own kind of fuel and is some times cheaper then regular gasoline. The reason that it is sometimes cheaper is because you don’t have to have it as clean and refined as regular gas. That is what I got out of the interview about Rudolf Diesel and how the diesel engine works.


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