Roots of Filipino Character Essay Example
Roots of Filipino Character Essay Example

Roots of Filipino Character Essay Example

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1.Pakikisama – It is the act of conforming to the majority's will in order to get along with everyone and avoid conflicts.
2.Bahala na Attitude – It is the belief that things should be left as they are because nature will take its course.
3.Bayanihan or Team Spirit – This Filipino value promotes camaraderie and helping one another in times of need.
4.Utang na Loob or Reciprocity/ Debt of Gratitude – It reflects our true character through our concern and response to others, especially in our sense of humanity and connection with others.
5.Bukas-loob na Pagtanggap or Hospitality – It is a welcoming attitude, a distinct Filipino trait, where we open our hearts and homes to strangers and guests, offering them the best.
6.Gulong ng Palad – Life's ups and downs.
7.Tsamba –


An undeserved success brought about by luck.
8.Tadhana – A fate determined by destiny.
9.Swerte or Buenas – Good fortune.

1.Family Orientation – This is shown in the strong reliance on family for economic support, emotional satisfaction, communal sharing among members, and social cohesion that bind society together.
2.Hard work and Industry – These traits can be observed in the resourcefulness and productive capabilities of Filipinos in dealing with their economic needs.
3.Pakikipagkapwa-tao – This is translated as a profound concern for one's dignity and respect.The Filipinos have a propensity for finding joy and humor in life's ups and downs. They have a fun-loving approach and are known for their faith and religiosity, believing deeply in God.

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