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RECOMMENDATION FOR LOCAL CATERERS Finding a perfect caterer is an essential part of any event , be it a simple party, wedding , family gatherings or corporate events. Unfortunately there is no standardized grading system for caterers and anybody can choose any, which will provide exactly the customers’ needs and demands. Here are some local caterers that are affordable, good and well suited for such recommendations. 1. JANIKKA This restaurant and catering service is located along main road of Buhaynasapa, San Juan , Batangas. Their signboard is very visible for passersby which is one way of advertising their place.

Good recommendations from patrons reflect the service they offered from tasty and affordable foods, the staff and the cleanliness .. Janikka provides everything from small to large details of every customer’s requirements. Their service best accords all occasions to be done locally here in nearby town of Batangas. If the client wants an overall service, from food to catering equipments and utensils, as well as decorating and full party package, they are very willing also to accommodate. For the price, their quotations best suit every individual needs and is budget wise.

Quality service and good food is what they offer, and if a client wants a free taste, everyone is welcome to visit their restaurant alongside of the main road. If you want a satisfactory service in a professional manner and staff who are attentive to your needs, from excellent food and quality work then Janikka is a place your looking for. We recommend this restaurant and catering service because they truly care for their customers and is affordable. 2. LILOY’ RESTAURANT This is situated in the main highway of Poblacion, San Juan, Batangas. The place is visible to all passersby in town proper.

This restaurant offers not only good food all throughout the day but they also offer a catering service for smaller intimate events and even just for a delivery of catered foods. They are known for affordable tasty local foods and native cuisine. Their mix and match galore is very appetizing to all customers. Over all they have the “ lutong bahay” at its finest. If you are thinking where to order traditional cuisine then Liloy’s restaurant is the best place . We recommend them for cooking affordable and delicious foods that best suits every occasion and their uniquely Batangueno taste that your guests will certainly enjoy.

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