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How I make scrambled eggs Every morning I wake up excited and hungry for some eggs. I am always very hungry when I wake up so eggs are one of the best foods to satisfy my huge hunger. Eggs are a good source of protein and have many sources of vitamins. I love working out so eggs are one of the best foods for me to eat every morning. There are many ways to make eggs you can scramble them, fry them, boil them, and I have even heard of people microwaving them. People use eggs for very different things like cakes, pies, bread, and all kinds of different types of foods.

People can put cheese on eggs, salsa on eggs, pepper and salt on eggs and all sorts of things on eggs. People even eat green eggs! Eggs are also a very quick breakfast to make. I am a college student so I am always in a hurry to eat and eggs do not take very long to cook so they are a perfect breakfast food when you are in a hurry. Eggs are one of the most popular types of breakfast foods. Scrambled eggs are my favorite type of eggs. Although easy to make if you mess one thing up while making scrambled eggs you can ruin them.

You must know how to find the right eggs, how to cook eggs the correct way, how to eat them, and how to clean up everything once you are finished. Every time I go to the grocery store eggs are the last type of food I get. I carefully inspect each egg to make sure that each egg contains no cracks or flaws. I also carfully inspect the expiration date to confirm that my eggs are still good. Eating a bad egg can cause salmonella, which is a horrible disease you get from spoiled food mostly poultry.

After making sure that, the eggs are flaw free and the expiration date has been confirmed I proceed to the checkout isle and buy my eggs. I carefully take them home because eggs are so fragile I must take certain precautions in order to keep my eggs from cracking. Some precautions are, not dropping the eggs, or putting them under heavy groceries. After I buy my eggs, I immediately place them inside the refrigerator in order to keep them from spoiling. The next morning, I first get out of bed and open my fridge. I pick up two eggs with my hands and set them on a plate.

I get a medium sized skillet and put it on the stovetop. I set the stove top to a medium heat and wait around five minutes for it to get warm. I take one egg at a time and hit it softly in the middle of the egg until it cracks on the side of the skillet. Once it splits in half I will take each piece and pour the whole egg into the skillet. I make sure no shell of the egg accidently broke off into the skillet after cracking my egg. After you crack your first egg, take the next one and do the exact same thing. After I am done cracking my eggs I get a spatula.

I place the end of the spatula, turn the eggs in a circle motion, and mix both the eggs together. I turn it in a fast motion to mix it together then once the eggs are mixed I slowly start turning the spatula. I turn the spatula until the eggs start to appear harder. I make sure I chop the eggs up once they start getting harder into the skillet. Once there is no more liquid left in the pan, the eggs are done. After I finish cooking my eggs, I immediately turn the stove off. I use the spatula to scoop them out of the pan and place them on a plate.

I sprinkle a dash of salt and pepper on my eggs to give them a little extra flavoring. Then while the eggs are still hot, I sprinkle some shredded cheese over the top of the eggs. I also add a tablespoon full of plicate salsa on top of my eggs to give them a little extra spice. Then I use a fork to consume my delicious tasting eggs. When done eating I take my pan and make sure no eggs are reaming in the skillet. If so I eat them and if not I put the skillet in the sink and run hot water into it. I let it sit for around a minute and scrub the egg remains off it.

If I got any liquid part of the egg, I immediately clean it for it can cause bacteria to grow wash off my dishes and fork I use as well. Eggs are not only a very good food for me it is a quick food to make. People can make many different things with eggs and eat eggs in many different ways. Eggs can be a great food as long as I realize what kind of eggs to buy how to correctly cook my eggs, how to make my eggs good to eat, and how to properly clean up after I consume my eggs. Eggs are one of my favorite foods to eat and I will continue to make my eggs every morning for my nutritional and stomach filling breakfast.

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