Research Methods (Ch. 2)

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Which approach to sociological research starts with empirical observations and then works to form a theory?
To establish that something is the cause of something else.
Which of the following is more difficult to do in social science research?
Survey Research
_________ is probably the best method available to the social scientist interested in collecting original data and for describing a population too large to observe directly.
People with higher levels of income tend to enjoy better overall health
Which of the following is an example of a correlation?
College undergraduates are not typical of the public at large
Because they are an accessible population, sociologists sometimes use undergraduate students in their research. In relation to the concept of generalizability in science, this tendency could represent a potential defect in research because:
Charles is a sociologist studying a population of gay fathers in the US. He interviews 200 men in his data collection. These 200 men constitute what researchers call a:
The extent to which a researcher can claim that his or her findings explain a larger population that was studied is known as:
As nicotine consumption decreases, life expectancy increases.
Which of the following is an example of a negative relationship between individual behavior and health?
A panel study
A type of longitudinal study in which the same sample of respondents is tracked over a long period of time known as:
Interpretive sociologists examine meanings attached to behaviors. This leads them to use which of the following measures most commonly?
Reverse Casualty
In establishing causation, it helps to know which variable precedes the other in time. If not, it is easy to make a mistake involving:
Rely on people’s honesty and willingness to cooperate.
A potential shortcoming of survey research is that surveys:
A proposed relationship between 2 or more variables
In social research, a hypothesis is:
Critically assessing how our role as researchers may affect the people we study.
Ethnographer Mitchell Duneier spent 5 years hanging out with booksellers on the streets on Manhattan. His role as both researcher and participant provides a great example of the importance of:
Correlation, ruling out alternative explanations, and time order
The 3 factors needed to establish causality are:
A repeated cross-sectional survey
The General Social Survey (GSS) is replicated yearly with a new sample of 2,000 respondents. This is an example of:
The likelihood that a researcher will obtain the same result using the same measures the next time he or she tests a hypothesis is:
Quantitative Research
The research method that uses information that can be converted to numerical form is:
Public Sociology
Social research aimed at influencing public policy and society as a whole is referred to as:
Qualitative Research
What type of research describes people’s behavior in rich detail and focuses on the meanings people give to their actions?

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