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But honestly, to the point when we were actually enjoying making, mixing all the ingredients for our ice candies loud be great! Plus, selling them in person was challenging to me. 4. Who were the most significant persons you met In your community Immersion? Why were they significant? What values/attributes did these persons possess? One of them is the mother of Geraldine where she actually guided us out in making ice candies since she’s making it and selling it. We actually learned from her. The way how persistent she was and guiding us.

Same thing goes to Franz’ helpers. Their family’s helpers were also making and selling so they guided us, too on how to make ice candies faster. 5. Cite the problems/deliquesces you encountered In your community Immersion. The first problem/difficulty I encountered was on how to go to the venue which was at Grenadine’s place. Good thing, Franz volunteered to give us a ride to the place. Secondly, the insufficient ice candies. This was when we have to reach the target for the limit of our ice candies to sell. We Just contributed some funds for the ingredients.

Lastly, the most difficult part was when we’re about to

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sell the Ice candles since that was actually my first time selling Ice candy to people and personally coming over and talking to them. 6. How did you deal with the problem? -Luckily, some people, particularly the students, recommend us to their friends and turned out neatly. Same thing goes to the dorm personnel of Areola Pad. They helped us by suggesting our Ice candles to students buy our Ice candles since It’s for 7. Identify the six Benefited core values and state how these values were manifested in your community immersion activities?

What other learning have you gained out of the experience? -Faith. Having faith is something that’s so easy to declare yet hard to actually live by. But for me, it is simply Just a matter of sticking with what you know s right, what you know is true. Its a matter of holding steadfast to what you believe in. Its staying true to who you are especially when things get rough and you don’t know what to do next. Its seeing your dreams through. As much as I’ve already said, there’s no simpler way to put it. Just by believing that you can do it, then it will happen. -A Sense of Nationhood. This is the hardest value to nurture.

And I don’t even need to expound on why. Just by looking in our surroundings, we can tell that there isn’t something you’ve seen that makes you sick. If you do say that to me, it’s either o’er blind, you closed your eyes, or you checked out that stranger in weird clothes beside you. I was kidding. Then if you think about it, this is what we’ve been in all our lives. This is what we thrive on which is adversity. Our people have been through a lot the past hundred years and yet our civilization carries on. We’ve even been through how many cultures and look, we’ve still preserved a significant portion of our beliefs. Socially Responsible. This part is actually simple yet so many people tend to forget it. We always have to keep in mind that every choice we make, every decision e ponder, every action we are about to execute will always affect everything. Not just us, not Just our lives. Everything. Those little “To do or not to do? ” things we think about have their repercussions which is why this value is vital to our everyday existence and co-existence. The best way to take a conscious effort to become socially responsible is to always look at the bigger picture. Right, not Just think of ourselves.

Always consider how what we do will affect others. Always make the choices that will ensure you retain what benefits the common good. You do that, and in your own little way, you’ve been socially responsible and it will affect everyone, no matter how small you think of your deed. -Professional Competence. This one is pretty challenging. Why? Because it needs a lot of thinking and internalizing for it to make sense to you and only really understand it once you begin being a more mature person. To be honest, there’s no real step towards earning the knowledge of having this value. But if I were to make an analogy, I’d base it on sports.

I’d say playing your cards right, playing fair, and being a sport might Just as well sum it up. After all, that is how you act as a professional, right? And if life were a series of competitions, I’ll bet this is -Creativity. A sign that one thinks with a purpose. That’s what the common notion of creativity is. For me, creativity is more than that. Actually, a lot more simple than that. Being creative simply means wanting to make a difference, seeing something that others don’t. Sometimes, others view creativity as some sort of “outer realm” reserved for those who are in-touch with their innersole (yeah, whatever).

What people sometimes don’t understand is that everyone has a chance to be creative. You don’t have to force yourself to do it. It comes naturally. What do you do when it comes along? Basically, we Just have to go pass through it and go with the flow. This is where our creative minds work. -Appreciative of Individual Worth. Surprisingly, I find this the one most taken for granted. Why do I say that? Primarily because I believe that most of us are so caught up in social activities, trying so much to be part of something that we have forgotten about each one’s own abilities, each one’s own talents, and each one’s individual worth.

We are so absorbed in running around in a group with our peers that actually roger what we can do alone. I won’t come as clean as I sound because I’ve also been guilty of this. But once I grew to realize my own strengths, I knew what I could do and basically I could decide on my own. And in this world where as we grow old, trials and tribulations hunt us down one by one, knowing your own arsenal is half the battle. 8. How does the partner or beneficiary’s experience of poverty affect their human dignity? How does their plight affect you as a person? -This part for me is quite difficult.

Well, to make it simple, those struggling in poverty finds a way to improve heir quality of life. This simply lets me know that not Just by working hard but also working smart are both a must to achieve something that will better one’s lifestyle and continuously improve sooner or later. 9. In what way can you apply your learning in NEST to your life as a Benefited student? -Generally, I will keep in mind that teamwork, planning and organization in a group. It would be much easier if one is an open-minded person and is open to different opinions and ideas of others that would help create something out of it. 10.

In retrospect, how did the whole experience change you? It made me realize that everything needs to be worked on. I didn’t expect it to be fun working in a group. Creating and mixing ideas had made me think critically on a certain idea and on how to expand it. It also enhanced my self confidence which was actually uplifting. In a nutshell, teamwork in a group certainly has pros and cons which I don’t blame. Luckily, the outcome of selling those ice candies for charity enhanced our abilities to speak to different people and of course shared our ideas as got different schedules. Regardless, everything turned out neatly.

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