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What about Bob? Reaction Paper The movie, What About Bob, was about a man who suffered from several psychological issues, in which he sought therapy from a psychiatrist. Bob, the main characters name, had many phobias as well as anxiety and social disorders. This caused Bob to seek constant attention from his psychiatrist, including lying to the operator saying that he was a detective to obtain his psychiatrist’s address. Toward the end of the film Bob had a break through while his life was threatened. He realized that his mind was metaphorically tied in knots.

While he was untying the physical knots he was in turn untying the knots in his mind. With this break through Bob was able to go back to school to become a psychiatrist. In my analysis of the film “What about Bob”, the main character exhibited several psychological issues. The main three that I will be discussing will be bob’s fear of disease, general anxiety disorder, and his separation anxiety. These are just a few of his disorders that will be discussed if further detail. To start off with, Bob clearly had a fear of disease. This is evident of his constant use of tissues to open doors, push elevator buttons, etc. uring one particular scene, when Bob was tring to get in the elevator he showed signs of panic including cold sweats, in fact, he chose to avoid the elevator altogether and take the stairs. This leads me to the conclusion that bob has a Fear of disease, pathophobia, has several symptoms, such as feeling of panic, terror, and dread along with rapid heartbeat and extreme avoidance measures, just to name a few. In the movie bob showed several if not all of the above listed symptoms. Next on the list was bob’s constant worrying about the possibility of his heart stopping and his bladder exploding.

He was constantly was showing signs of being anxious and tense. These symptoms leads me to believe that bob was suffering from generalized anxiety disorder. When diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, people exhibit signs of being anxious and tense where as the person may get flustered in certain situations. Finally we come to Bob’s inability of being away from his psychiatrist along with the psychiatrist’s family. Bob would go out of his way to be near or even with them. Bob showed signs that if he was not near his psychiatrist that something very bad would happen to him.

This is one of the major signs of adult separation anxiety. There was a clear meaning to this film, which showed the audience that anyone can overcome disorders. The film also allowed me to see how a person might feel inside at certain times in their life. One of the best points that I feel was portrayed in this film was toward the end of the film. Here Bob was tied up with knots and 20 pounds of black powder around his neck. This illustrated that Bob was tied up in knots inside and if he could not get untied he would explode. If a person keeps things inside them, they might release their issues in a negative manner.

I feel that this was the most important point in this film. I believe that the meaning of this film is that if a person keeps things to themselves, without expressing their feelings, may inadvertently inherit psychological issues. I feel this was a good film for me to watch, as it allowed me to see several symptoms and daily issues faced by numerous individuals. However, I did not like how Bob had destroyed his physician’s life in which he had not showed any remorse. On the other hand I felt that the meaning of the film was very influential.

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