quiz- social media

__________ consists of connecting directly with carefully targeted consumers, often on a one-to-one, interactive basis.
direct marketing
Which of the following is most likely true about the digital age with regards to marketing?
Digital networks allow marketers many ways to build customer relationships
Amazon.com and Expedia.com are best described as ________ that sell products and services directly to final buyers via the Internet.
Which of the following is a form of online advertising?
search related ad
Every time a search is made using keywords related to construction, search engines display text-based advertisements and links to Regan Builders, a construction firm. The marketing tool used by Regan Builders is best referred to as a ________
contextual advertising
Clenzo is a company that provides house cleaning services in major urban and suburban areas. Marketers at Clenzo developed a short, humorous video promoting the company’s services and hope that customers who see the video will be so entertained that they will pass the video on to their friends and colleagues. The marketers at Clenzo are using techniques to facilitate ________.
viral marketing
Which aspect of niche online social networks makes the medium most appealing to marketers?
They cater to the needs of small communities of like-minded people.
Which of the following would most likely provide on-the-go product information, instant access to price comparisons and customer reviews, and instant digital coupons?
mobile marketing
All of the following are reasons companies are reluctant to use social media EXCEPT _______.
social media is not lucrative enough
In the seven step framework for Social Media Marketing advanced by Kumar and Mirchandani, who should marketers identify?
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