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Systems Analysis ; Design Exam 1

question A) describe how the project team will go about developing the proposed system answer The project plan is the document that is used to _____. A) describe how the project team will go about developing the proposed system B) outline the tasks to be addressed in developing the proposed system and develop a time […]

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ECON;202 Homework #4
25 Sep 2020 Uncategorized

question Built-in stability is exemplified by the fact that with a progressive tax system, net tax revenues decrease when GDP decreases. answer True. question Which of the following fiscal policy changes would be the most contractionary? answer A $10 billion increase in taxes and a $30 billion cut in government spending question Refer to the […]

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Business Ch 7 & 8

question Management answer The process used to accomplish organizational goals through planning, organizing, leading and controlling people and other organizational resources PLANNING, ORGANIZING, LEADING, CONTROLLING question Today’s managers answer ~Use organizational resources workers, financial resources, information, and equipment ~Managers must guide, train, support, motivate, and coach employees rather than telling them what to do ~Emphasize […]

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WGU C214 Finance (Ch 1-15)

question Duration answer Compares the impact of interest rate changes on a bond. How many percentage points the price of a bond will go up/down if interest rates go down/up. Multiply decimal interest x percentage. question Inverse Price Relationship answer When interest rates drop, bond rates go up. When interest rates rise, bond rates go […]

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unit 5
18 Sep 2020 Database

question A subgroup of people seeking to advance their ideas are: answer a faction. question Which term refers to the part of the population that can vote? answer The electorate. question A linkage institution helps people ____ answer interact with their government. question The two-party system in the United States is now defined by the […]

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Topic 2

question B2C Business Models answer E-tailer (online retailer, sales) Community Provider (social networks) Content Provider (News, music, video, text) Portal (Search plus an integrated package of content and services) Transaction Broker (transaction fees) Market creator (where buyers and sellers can meet and transact- ebay, uber) Service Provider (ex Google- Gmail, Gmaps) question 8 key elements […]

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Test #1 Microeconomics (ch. 3 only)

question Substitution in production is a determinant of ____. answer supply question A price _____ is the maximum legal price a seller may charge for a product or service. answer ceiling question Consumer experience ____ marginal utility the more they consumer of a particular good or service. answer diminishing question From an economic perspective, what […]

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Strategy Ch6

question Once a company has decided to employ one of the five basic competitive strategies, then it must also consider such additional strategic choices as A. whether and when to go on the offensive and initiate aggressive strategic moves to improve the company’s market position. B. whether to outsource certain value chain activities or perform […]

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Small Business Management: Launching and Growing Entrepreneurial Ventures CHAPTER 13

question harvesting (exiting) answer the process used by entrepreneurs and investors to reap the value of a business when they leave it question business broker answer a professional who assists in the buying and selling of a business question leveraged buyout (LBO) answer a purchase heavily financed with debt, where the future cash flows of […]

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Review Questions – Ch. 1-3
07 Sep 2020 Database

question A developer acquires a tract of land that he divides into 25 homesites. Before marketing the homesites, the developer must submit the subdivision plat to the answer Local governmental planning agency. question The term follow-up refers to answer what a sales associate does for buyers and sellers after the sale. question Even though certain […]

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PRTM 445 Midterm MC

question Which of the following meeting delegates’ profiles is correct? answer d. Attendees at conventions always travel on an expense account, and hence spend much more than an average leisure traveler. question The meetings of nonprofit organizations are most like those of and should be sold and serviced just like them. answer b. associations question […]

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practice 10

question Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a set of activities and techniques firms employ to efficiently and effectively manage the flow of merchandise from the vendors to the retailer’s customers. answer F question An advance shipping notice (ASN) is a document that tells the DC what specifically is being shipped and when it will be […]

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Our Town Quotes

question Banker Cartwright answer Who is the richest citizen? question The Sentinel answer What is the town newspaper? question Howie answer Who delivers the milk? question The Cartwrights answer Who owns the factory? question Mrs. Webb answer As for me, I’d rather have my children healthy than bright. 15 question Civil War battlefields answer Where […]

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Nutrition Ch 20

question When mouth tissues become inflamed, initial nutritional recommendations include: answer high-protein, high-kilocalorie liquids. question The medical term for difficulty in swallowing is: answer dysphagia. question For a client who has achalasia, the diet of choice is: answer nutrient-dense liquids and semisolid foods. question The term pyrosis means: answer heartburn. question A good meal for […]

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MMA 103: Chapter 10

question Letterhead answer Formal business stationery on which the doctor’s name and address are printed at the top question No. 10 answer Envelope size most commonly used for correspondence; “business” envelope question Transparent window envelopes answer Type of envelope used for invoices and statements question Tan Kraft envelope answer Another name for clasp envelopes. question […]

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MIS Exam 3- T/F UTSA

question E-commerce refers to the use of any networking technologies to transact business. answer FALSE question Retail consumer e-commerce is growing at single-digit rates. answer FALSE question The Internet shrinks information asymmetry. answer TRUE question Rich media advertisements are a sales-oriented marketing format. answer FALSE question All previous mass media in modern history, including the […]

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MIS 12

question Which of the following statements best describes the business value of improved decision making? A) Improved decision making creates better products. B) Improved decision making results in a large monetary value for the firm as numerous small daily decisions affecting efficiency, production, costs, and more add up to large annual values. C) Improved decision […]

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question According to a study by McKinsey (a leading management consulting company) which of the following is not true of the effectiveness of change management in an organization? answer The best observed results from change management processes occur when they are driven on a top-down basis. question Which of the following is not a key […]

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MGMT 4303 – Chapter 5

question The product life cycle enables a marketing manager to examine the marketing mix of a particular product or group of products in terms of its position in its life cycle answer true question Which of the following statements is true concerning clusters answer all of the above question Capabilities refer to a corporation’s ability […]

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Mech 501 Midterm Quiz Questions

question In today’s market, which of the following industries appears to have a need for project management? A. Aerospace & defense B. Construction C. Information Systems D. All industries answer D. All industries question What are the 5 PMBOK process groups? answer Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing question What is the flow […]

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Mar3023 exam 2

question people will buy one product over another because they perceive it have a better value answer true question The greater the difference between consumer’s unsatisfied need and desired state, the greater the need recognition answer true question Satisfied customers spread positive word of mouth answer true question Situational factors override psychological and social factors […]

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Management Ch 13

question The Civil Rights Act, Title VII prohibits discrimination of employees who are above 40 years of age answer False question The first phase of the human resource management process involves ________. answer human resource planning, In which of the following traditional training methods are employees made to work at different jobs in a particular […]

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