Quarantine During Spring Break Essay Example
Quarantine During Spring Break Essay Example

Quarantine During Spring Break Essay Example

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  • Published: June 28, 2022
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The COVID-19 outbreak has affected the whole world by infecting and killing thousands of people and by destroying economies of many nations. This virus started spreading exponentially around the world, leaving many people dead and the rest infected. In the United States, this virus started from the state of Washington when an infected US citizen returned from a trip to Asia. Since then, its number of infected cases have risen exponentially throughout the country and it has been declared a global pandemic (“COVID-19 - Events as They Happen”). To defeat this virus outbreak, the Trump administration, along with state governors has taken serious actions and has proposed many new restrictions to stop the spread of this virus.

President Trump first issued a national emergency to make people aware that this virus is spreading fast and people who are old


and have diseases or health issues are more prone to it. National emergency also created a panic situation in the country where people started buying food and cleaning supplies in bulk in order to prepare for their survival. As the number of cases kept rising, the federal government has advised everyone to maintain social distancing. Social distancing practices includes avoiding large public gatherings and staying in isolation if infected to decrease the spread of the virus. During the spring break in March, the government improvised complete lockdown in every single state and made mandatory for everyone to take shelter in their homes by advising public to go out for essential goods only. This resulted in the closure of many businesses, schools and colleges.

Because of this nationwide lockdown, many people lost their jobs and the unemployment rate reache

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its peak (Thorson). To stop the spread of the virus in the country, the federal government imposed many travel restrictions on several countries of the world, as international travel became one of the main reasons for the global spread of this virus. To help healthcare systems and its workers with medical equipment and supplies, the Trump adminitration invoked the Defense Production Act, which resulted in the massive production of medical equipment and supplies to help the healthcare industry. To help families financially, President Trump signed a 2 trillion-dollar stimulus bill package, which is the highest amount ever in the history of the United States. This stimulus package provided families in need with funds up to $1,200 per adult, so that they can take care of themselves and their families during this ongoing crisis (Thorson).

When the nation’s death toll reached its highest in the world by the month of April, the government advised everyone to start wearing masks to prevent people from getting infected and issued stay-at-home orders further extending the period of lockdown, which resulted in many protests around the country in different states. Many state governors are now implementing a plan to reopen their states and get people back to their normal lives (Habibzadeh and Lang). The federal government has taken many steps to fight and control this epidemic situation, but the number of infected people keeps increasing in the US making it the highest in the world. In order to completely control this situation, the government must reconsider before lifting stay-at-home orders and reopening businesses and should speed up the process for the creation of vaccine as soon as possible before this outbreak

reaches a point where it cannot be controlled.

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