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“Describe the qualities needed by a Christian counsellor and reflect on why these qualities are of import. In your paper you need to interact with the course of study literature and other relevant literature. ”

“ The manner of a sap is right in his ain eyes, But a wise adult male is he who listens to advocate ” – Proverbs 12:15A


A proper guidance can be life salvaging in many juncture. Many times societal and economic depression have been the ground of self-destruction and other important jobs. For assorted such ground, people seek Christian guidance for assorted jobs. The demand of pastoral attention is throughout life and on a short term footing during immediate jobs ( Clinebell 1984 ) . Benner ( 1998 ) have defined psyche attention as the attention of individual in entire where particular accent is given to inner lives. Hence the demand of Christian guidance is of significance. In order to be an effectual, Christian counsellor should be equipped with certain qualities to cover with assorted state of affairss related to their undertaking of Christian guidance.

The essay will concentrate on certain qualities needed by a Christian counsellor and their importance.


The universe have witnessed great rise in demand of Christian guidance.

The term guidance can be used in really wide context, reding can be needed from a gestation till decease of an person and every incident in between. European Association for reding defines it as, ” Counselingis an synergistic client good relationship set up to near a clients issues. These issues can be societal, cultural and or emotional and the Counselor will near them in a holistic manner. A client can be a individual, or a household group or even an establishment. ” Oxford dictionaries define reding as, “ The proviso of professional aid and counsel in deciding personal or psychological jobs. These are understanding from secular point of position.

But for our intent we need to understand about Christian guidance which is based on the God who is Omni-capable.

Christian guidance and Christian counsellor:It is an method of reding which is centered around Christ, based on bible and filled with Spirit. And a counsellor who does reding sing above mentioned facts and who have a definite Jesus and bible centered attack is known as Christian counsellor. Newman have defined Christian guidance as an Jesus centered attack and which takes Bible as sole and ultimate authorization by which all the ground, techniques and experience are derived and considered to be the truth, valid in consideration to psychological science and guidance. Truman Scott have justly asserted Christian guidance is an act of learning to believe, experience and move like Christ.

Qualities needed by Christian counsellor:Bing a Christian counsellor is a great duty. As the counsellor occupation involves personal interaction and communicating so it is really of import that a counsellor demand to be equipped with certain necessary qualities. Importantly, Christian guidance besides brings duty as being a portion of Christian life. The basic qualities can be inherited from life and instructions of Christ. Qualities refers to trait which a counsellor demand to posses which enables him/her to execute the undertaking at manus with efficiency and duty. There are considerable figure of qualities a counsellor needs to hold but due to certain restrictions merely few are explained below.

1.Deep and echt love for people: It is non possible to advocate other you are non motivated by the love you have for aid searcher. It is instead terrorizing to even conceive of person make-believe to care for psyche of others without feeling of love ( Benner 1998 ) . Such instance will amount to selfish professionalism or faking of attention. So counsellor should be the 1 who gets felicity in assisting ordinary people irrespective of their intelligence or involvement ( Benner 1998 ) . Any individual who carry our undertaking of taking attention are ought to be in relation of love with the following individual. Peoples are in desperation and seek for love. During the procedure of psyche attention both will be in relationship of love ( Benner 1998 ) .

Peoples are non comfy to speak about their jobs with everyone. I am comfy to portion my uncomfortablenesss with people who care for my well being. There is no point seeking aid from those who are selfish and disregard your feeling and dainty you as a merchandise or patient. It is non possible to mensurate or look into the deepness or world of love, it has to be felt by the counselee. The counsellor demand to demo how truly he/she loves the individual seeking aid. The counsellor demand to place itself with the job.

2.Be trusty and able to swear others: Soul attention is a duologue and grows in a clime of trust ( Benner 208 ) .Christian guidance Begins and terminal in an communicative processs and in order to pass on our inner secret and agony, the environment must guarantee trust. The Christian counsellor are seen as people who are to be trusted and the counsellor should be inclined to swear God. Counseling is non limited to assist besides both counsellor and counselee need to swear in God ( Truman 2011 ) .

Reding bases on trust, counsellor trust counselee and frailty versa and both trust on God. Trust is a common yarn that binds all the parties involved. Without trust counselee may non portion the job and the whole guidance procedure is disrupted. Climate of trust is critical for sharing of ego, sharing is indispensable for psyche attention ( Benner 1998 ) .

Seeking aid is opening your secrets about physical or psychological jobs. One is non comfy to pass on if the counsellor have repute of being untrusty. While assisting other it is besides about esteeming the trust and screening the exposures of the individual who shared with trust.

3.Deep experiential cognition of God ‘s grace: Grace plays a cardinal function in Christianity, it makes us free from all of our bondage. An apprehension of grace in Christianity provides hope for freedom ( Benner 1998 ) . Hence, the counsellor demand to hold experienced God ‘s grace in his/her life. When one passes under the grace, the feeling of gratitude to God is huge. He/she ne’er takes God for granted. During the reding procedure such experiential cognition will assist to understand how he/she was forgiven. The counsellor is in a place where he/she can portion personal experience and by the grace of God all the wickednesss will be cleansed, counselee ‘s jobs will be redeemed. The loving God believes in giving 2nd opportunity. Such facts will actuate the aid searcher.

6.Should have deep religion that visible radiation will get the better of darkness:It is really utile quality to hold. As all Christian counsellors have faith on God which is helpful to supply confidence to others who are in darkness, that in contingency it is light who overcomes the darkness ( Benner 1998 ) . It means that the counsellor should believe that none the job are for infinity, all bad things will melt and come to an terminal. If the counsellor is non cognizant of these facts, he/she is non able to supply support to those who are in darkness, who seek to be lifted in visible radiation.

Christian counsellor have experienced their portion of enticements, frights and darkness and they have received their rescue from God, which have resulted them being strong and knowing that the religion in God will be sufficient for all the jobs.

God have made us so capable, with religion on Him we can make the impossible. God have created so sagely that no immorality, no hurting, no agony, non even life is of all time permanent. But at the terminal, if we choose sagely there is blessing, peace and redemption for ageless life. As the visible radiation will finally get the better of darkness, so does the job of our life will happen consolation in religion of Christ.


I ne’er had a personal brush with any kind of counsellor but there are friends and relations who have seek aid from them. I have known a Christian curate, who happens to be my friend, fellow pupil and defender. He has been married for over 25 old ages but could non hold a babe. He and his married woman had a painful times covering with those crisis, they struggled so much with the job and with each other. Many times they about gave up and discontinue but there life came to a sudden and positive alteration when they decided to travel to a Christian counsellor.

The counsellor as the curate described was the cat will all the specific qualities I had decided to depict. The curate and his married woman were so overwhelmed when the counsellor told them with so much empathy and compassion non holding a kid is non a lack instead it ‘s the manner of God to prove us, to do us better and to supply much higher call in our life. The counsellor shared his ain battle in life when they were childless but finally, God willing, they got one after 12 old ages of matrimony. Such sharing of personal things helped to make a environment of trust and the curate could portion his jobs openly to counselor without vacillation.

The counsellor was optimistic and unfastened about how he came out from darkness of depression to be a better individual and how he became a Christian counsellor to avoid others from enduring what he had. It was Christian counsellor ‘s religion which got him out of his problems. He was down however he was certain in faith God will draw him out. Such sharing helped the curate to understand his state of affairs.

Pastor felt so optimistic to understand how the God had granted him grace. No affair how painful we need to hold religion and maintain making our workss, it will finally take us to put what God deemed as particular for all of us.


The complexness of human life will increase the demand of Christian guidance in approaching yearss. More and more will seek aid and decline on God. So it is up to Christian counsellor to expect the rise of their demand and be prepared. In readying the counsellor have to develop certain qualities which will put them apart from merely a random professional counsellor. The counsellor should develop the feeling to love for other, affair of fact for everyone. They should develop their characters so people can swear on them.

A Christian counsellor should cognize what function does decorate play in Christians life, and should project the fact that through God ‘s grace all jobs are overcome.

Counselor needs to be optimistic and hopeful. There is no darkness that can linger everlastingly. Counselor should believe every immorality will stop, and peace will predominate.


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