QM Quiz 2

The quality management requirements of the Medicare program are found in the
Conditions of Participation
When the additional cost of an expensive health service does not exceed the additional benefit it was expected to provide, the service is considered to be
Until the 1970s, healthcare quality activities were primarily based on the
pre-industrial revolution craft model
Factors unique to healthcare that inhibit adoption of certain industrial quality improvement techniques include
conditions and behaviors of patients
Which of the following individuals is considered the father of statistical quality control
Walter Shewhart
Which of the following is the quality program managed by the US department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology
Baldrige Performance Excellence Program
Which of the following terms describes actions performed in a healthcare organization to achieve compliance with minimum quality standards
quality assurance
Which of the following is a core value found in the Baldrige health care criteria for performance excellence?
Management by fact
A high-reliability organization is one in which
the number of accidents is fewer than expected
Which of the following organizations was the first to sponsor a program to improve the quality of care in US hospitals
American College of Surgeons
The three primary quality management activities are
Measurement, assessment, and improvement

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