Public Transportation

Christopher Ramirez
Engl- A 9333
21 October, 2013
Compare and Contrast: Public Transportation
There are many modes of public transportation that people use every day, all of them have similarities and differences that may set them apart from one another. Three main forms of public transportation that are used include public buses, subways or metros and taxis. Many people use them to get from home to work or school or to run their daily errands, some may be more efficient than others, but will be more expensive and some may not have as much elbow room or privacy.
When in need of a ride somewhere and there’s no one available to help with a ride one can always turn to public transportation such as the bus. The bus can be very reliable seeing as how some pass by every 15 to 30 minutes. One set back about the bus is that it makes many stops to let people off and to allow others to board it, not only that but it does have to do the speed limit like all other vehicles making it a bit slower. The metro and subways are similar to the bus seeing as how they pass by every so often and make stops to let people off and on, but a difference is that they avoid most roads and travel a lot faster than the bus so it will get to a person’s point of interest a lot faster if it is on the route that the train takes as they do not do many turns meaning that the person may have to walk for a while or catch a bus to complete the trip. Of course calling a cab can always be a good choice as well seeing as how they will come to where ever the person is to pick them up and get them to where they need to be just the same way that any other car would.
All three forms of transportation have different speeds as well as different prices. The bus allows people to pay the basic fee if they are just using one bus route, a transfer if they are using two routes or passes that differ in price and how long they last. A bus pass can last from one day, to a week, or even up to a month if…