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The Mrs. simpsons have been America’s phenomenal sketch Television series that has a chilling resemblance to the typical household. if it would be viewed in a different angle taking the temper and hyperboles. The tuneful gap vocal. Bart’s composing on the board. to the sofa fantastic merely gives that touch of spice to the anticipating viewing audiences. However. what normally catches the involvement of the people is Homer. His credulous and sometimes seamy character ironically gives justness to the battle of in-between category households and absolutely depicts the function and challenges of a male parent who is confronting the ordeals in the thick of a household crisis and his duty as a citizen in the society.

A expression goes that the male parent is the home’s foundation. If that foundation would be weak. the household will fall in and scatter on the land. He is the 1 that stands steadfast amongst hard hardships a household faces and would be the beginning of their hope. Homer Simpsons heavy stature and compulsion with Duff beer seems to except him from this description of this hardy foundation. In Season 1. episode 3. Homer lost his occupation in forepart of his boy in the Nuclear Plant. He became the common rotter. He would lie on the couch all twenty-four hours long. making nil and with a clean stare at the Television set. while Marge is working at a fast nutrient concatenation on roller skates. He came to thirst for beer. since he was sober for a piece due to miss of fundss. With temper he searched for any sort of beginning for income including Bart’s hoggish bank and traveling that low. which wasn’t even deserving it because it wasn’t even plenty for one beer. he so came to a realisation of what he has become.

He decided on taking his ain life by throwing himself in a watery grave. With a bowlder around his cervix he walked easy towards the river. This action exhibited man’s reaction in clip of failing and doomed of sight for 1s purpose in life. However. he still managed to oil the fencing upon traveling out. demoing his compulsivity of taking attention of his ain place. At the river. on the last minute he was approximately to throw away his life. his household came to the deliverance. However. it turned out that it was Homer who would deliver them in the center of the intersection from a hurrying vehicle. and that is with a bowlder hanging around his cervix. The inherent aptitude of a male parent protecting his household came in stronger than his human failing. Then. it dawned on him that the town needs person to uphold safety around the topographic point. He found his Ag liner among the dark clouds.

He went against even with his foreman. Mr. Burns. merely to be able to wholly eliminate the town of danger. Mr. Burns even blackmailed Homer of giving his occupation back if he would merely turn back on his ain words about the plant’s safety. Homer about gave in but his rules were every bit hardy as his love for his household and community. Although. like H2O looking for its manner back to the sea. Homer still got his occupation back and was still able to continue his rule. He became the plant’s safety adult male. The apparently nescient and weakling personality of Homer turned out to be really a shallow shroud that clothes his interior strength that brought hope and regard non merely from his household but from his community every bit good. He in secret became a beacon to their Black Marias. He merely needed that opportunity to convey it out of him.

Fathers have ever been the icon of supplying for his household. Since ancient times. these work forces are the 1s that bring place the slaughtered repast after a unsafe and boring Hunt. Nothing has changed of all time since except for the brutality. Nowadays. the caput of the households would still necessitate to “hunt” for their income in order to supply for their monetary demands. Homer Simpsons is the sort of employee that slack-off during work. taking unscheduled ring interruptions and apparently making his occupation but non really serious about it. A supplier. yes that he could be. but a good 1 is a doubtful fact. In the first episode for season 1. a Christmas special of The Simpsons. Homer established the reply to this inquiry. Mr. Burns gleefully announced to the intercom that there is an addition in the safety of the works but unluckily no Holiday fillip for the mid-level workers.

It saddened everyone. Homer on the other manus was still grateful because they had a “Christmas jar” that Marge has been maintaining. But. little did he cognize that it was all spent on Bart’s surgery to take the tattoo he merely got. Upon come ining the Simpsons place. he knew of the ordeal they are in. Marge had high hopes cognizing that he had a Christmas fillip and Homer didn’t have the bosom to interrupt the intelligence to his household. non with all those expressions that are on tenterhooks. Homer. like our sires. hunted for a manner to gain some excess income for his household. so that they won’t have to lose Christmas. He found one as a mall’s Santa Claus. He kept it a secret from his household in order to maintain his household from worrying and his self-respect every bit good. In a peculiar scene. it showed Homer traveling place from his Santa preparation exhausted and bad plenty his sisters-in-law made a visit. Homer ne’er did wish them but because of his love for Marge. he still tried to be gracious and said his hullo.

The gradualness. like any animal or adult male has. had been placed above the beast that he was. However. Bart discovered his clandestine by chance but they made a bond non to talk of it. When wage twenty-four hours came Homer merely got a measly $ 13. He got truly defeated but Barney asked him to seek his fortune on a Canis familiaris race and take the opportunity of duplicating his net incomes. Homer refused for he didn’t want Bart to grow-up with that sort of values. It was Bart who encouraged his pa to take the hazard because he believed that miracles go on to unfortunate childs particularly in Christmastime. Thus. male parent and boy embarked on the journey to seek their fortune.

But destiny made a turn on Bart’s small hope for miracle. The Canis familiaris they made a stake on lost and so did their measly hope for their Christmas gifts. Broken hearted they went place. However. with a turn of event. the Canis familiaris ironically named Santa’s small assistant. was booted out by its proprietor and as destiny smiled on both unfortunate psyches. they found safety in the weaponries of one another. Homer brought place the Canis familiaris and it turned out to be the best Yule they of all time had. Homer so provided but non with mere money but with the gift of love for his household.

A male parent is besides a beginning of wisdom and counsel. He is non merely the function theoretical account in a household but considered as his children’s hero. A father’s advice is treasured like nil else and he is remembered with it even until his following life. Homer’s awkwardness and nescient responses are attitudes wherein a individual won’t daring to inquire or even take an advice from. He would even sometimes strangle Bart whenever he catches him with his smart alecks. However. that is merely a portion of his amusing act for humour interest. On episode 2 and 5. Homer exhibited the support. love and counsel an ideal male parent gives in malice of his once-in-a while superficiality. He gave his kids a strong arm they can run to and a shoulder they can shout on. Homer handed down his advice every bit carefully as our sires handed down their gift of wisdom to the coevalss next to them.

Homer Simpsons is a amusing cogent evidence of what human existences are in an dry sense. Behind the temper and amusing jokes is the true male parent figure we have all known. He simply shows that there is ever two sides of the coin. it could either be our bad or our good side. Homer Simpsons merely teaches us that we should ne’er go through opinion to people by a mere expression or by the manner they talk. because their plants and most of all their household might certify to their illustriousness above all.


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