PRTM 4450 multiple choice

Which of the following organizations offer a program through which professionals can achieve the designation Certification in Meetings Management (CMM)?
Meetings Professionals International
In the conventions and meetings industry, all of the following are categorized as nonprofit organizations except:
Association delegates spend approximately $322 per day at national conventions. Over 50 percent of this is spent on:
Hotel restaurants
“Sales” and “Marketing” do not mean the same thing. Marketing is:
includes sales but is more than sales
Which of the following statements about marketing is true?
Marketing focuses on creating new products, markets, and strategies for future growth
When conducting a property analyses, hospitality managers should ask themselves certain questions if they want to attract meeting and convention business. All of the following are those kinds of questions except:
Would a meeting planner think our company’s organization chart is simple enough?
Which of the following statements about implementing a marketing plan is false?
While non-sales departments should be familiar with the property’s marketing plan, the role they play in the success of the property’s sales efforts is insignificant
Which of the following steps in the cycle of marketing planning involves the property, competition, and marketplace analysis?
Conducting market research
A hotels director of marketing sends the chief engineer a copy of the newly created marketing plan. The chief engineer should
get familiar with the plans goals, determine engineering’s role in meeting those goals, and make an action plan for engineering
The third step in preparing a hotel’s marketing plan is
Establishing objective and action plans
Which of the following is not a criterion for function rooms in new construction or renovation?
All of the above should be considered
Which of the following is not an important factor you should analyze about your property when considering going after the meetings business
All of the above are important considerations
The business status and trends summaries are part of the _________ analysis
Which of the following statements about independent hotel representatives is false?
An independent hotel representative can act as a human resources consultant and help hire the sales staff
All of the following are considerations a director of sales should keep in mind when assigning individual accounts to sales people expect:
Salespeople like to service each others’ accounts on occasion to get to know some of the meeting planners that visit the property
Harold, a new salesman at a hotel, is learning what goes on in sales meetings. Sales people typically hold sales meetings for all of the following reasons except:
To give input to managers of other departments on how to supervise their personnel
At which of the following sales meetings would it be most appropriate to discuss prospects, bookings, and service procedures?
Weekly staff meetings
Computer technology has had the greatest impact on which of the following components of yield management?
Predicting or forecasting demand
An effective sales effort begins with standardized guidelines for each step of the sales and servicing process. That is why ____ is so important.
A standard operating procedures manual
It is currently February. A meeting planner tells a hotel sales representative that no meeting plans for the coming year will be finalized until May. The sales representative wants to remind herself to contact this meeting planner on April 1st. She should place a record in the __________ for April 1st.
Account File
Some properties are cautious about tentative bookings; they do not want to lose out on other business while protecting a tentative account that may not “go definite.” That is why it is important to limit the length of a hold by designating:
An option date
The ________ is the standard file folder that serves as the summary for the sales effort. It contains all of the group’s information including tentative and definite booking information.
Master Card
Which of the following types of hotels benefit most from the Saturday night stay-over requirements of many of the airlines?
Which of the following individuals is generally not involved in the site selection decision of association meetings?
Passenger traffic manager
Which of the following is not true of national association conventions?
33% of these conventions are held in conjunction with a trade show
Which of the following best describes the national association convention?
Average duration is 3-5 days
National association conventions generally begin on _______ and run through.
None of the above
Which of the following statements about price and duration of association meetings is true?
Most conventions with exhibitions meet for no fewer than three days
Of the following who probably has the most influence on the site selection decision for association meetings?
Association executive director
Which of the following statements about association meeting planners is false?
Most are new to the meetings industry and recently graduated from college
Which of the statements about what association meeting planners look for in a convention site is true?
Nearly all associations meeting planners prefer to have all attendees staying at the same property if possible
Which of the following types of association meetings is typically smaller than a conference and often focuses on training and continuing education?
A seminar or workshop
Which of the following does not correctly characterize a corporate meeting?
Minimal cancellation risk
Which of the following statements about attendance policy and the multi-booking potential of corporate meetings is true?
Attendance at corporate meetings is voluntary, so corporate meeting planners must work hard to choose attractive meeting sites
Which of the following job titles/positions in a corporation would be involved in meeting planning?
All of the above
Which of the following associations is an organization of corporate travel managers?
Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)
Which of the following types of meetings sites has the best change of getting business from a corporate meeting planner who is looking for an informal atmosphere, a variety of shopping opportunities, and plenty of free parking?
A suburban hotel
Which of the following types of corporate meeting is meeting is most likely to receive press coverage and provide an opportunity to “show off” the hotel?
New product introduction/dealer meetings
An important characteristic of this type of corporate meeting is that each attendee is a potential customer for meetings within his or her own division or company.
Management meetings
The number of attendees at the type of corporate meeting is often smaller, than the others, but there are more planned each year
Training meetings
Companies sometimes find it necessary to hold _____________ meetings for non-employees.
Which of the following publications is probably least effective in reaching corporate meeting planners because of its broad approach and readership
Wall Street Journal
Which of the statements about corporate meetings is false
Online booking for small corporate meetings is decreasing in popularity
Which of the following statements about the corporate meetings market is false?
With corporations there is a strong likelihood that meeting rooms will have to be changed at the last minute due to larger than anticipated attendance
Which of the following is true of third-party meeting planners:
All of the above are true
When a corporation has centralized meeting planning, a hotel salesperson should expect to deal with:
A professional meeting planner
Hotel salespeople are encouraged to try to speak with the president or another high-ranking corporate executive when soliciting meetings business because:
All of the above
Once a property’s sales team has determines which nonprofit groups it can best serve, the team should
Start soliciting local chapters of national groups
The Invitation For Bid (IFB) and Request For Proposal (RFP) procedures are most commonly associated with the following group:
The following statement describes ___________ types of meetings. “Programs usually consist of a short business meeting, a memorial service, and a Saturday night banquet.
Military Reunion
Average expenditure per delegate per stay is highest in which of the following types of conventions?
A hotel marketing director is designing a meeting services package for governmental groups in the area. It is to include meeting services, food, beverages, and lodging. Which of the following types of information would give him the most helpful information about how he should design it?
Current per diem guidelines for the area
Which of the following best describes nonprofit organizations?
They are usually staffed with permanent employees and volunteers and are overseen by a board of directors.
Juanita is an experienced hotel sales director who knows the SMERF meetings market well. Which of the following would most likely surprise her, considering the types of groups these organizations represent?
An educational meeting that lasts 2 week
The Jubilato Hotel is a beachfront resort property in Florida that has limited meeting space but the latest in audiovisual equipment in its meeting rooms. As is typical of resort hotels, the Jubilato has a number of recreational facilities on site and several others within easy walking distance. The marketing director and the director of sales are discussing the strengths of their property and the market segments they should target. Which of the following groups is least likely to be put off by the lack of meeting space?
Incentive Travelers
The following four characteristics most clearly describe:
• High spouse attendance
• High per-person expenditures
• A number of social functions
• Several sponsored functions, providing good food and beverage revenue
Labor Unions
A bridge statement is often used in the opening of a personal sales call. The purpose of a bridge statement is to:
Lead into the main body of the presentation
In which of the following steps of a personal sales cal is it important to ask open-ended questions?
Getting prospect involvement
Which of the following types of events focuses on contracting potential clients in a concentrated area over a brief period of time (usually three days)?
A sales blitz
A prospective client wants to get a closer look at the Meadows Hotel so she can better decide wherether she should book a meeting there. The group she represents is small and is scatered throughout the country. Since the prospect seems serious about considering the hotel the salesperson handling her account should plan:
A site inspection
The three areas that should be researched in the pre-call planning step of personal sales calls are:
Property, competition, prospects
Which of the following is generally the most effective way to help salespeople learn details about the property’s facilities and services?
A tour of the facility
Telephone selling is increasing as personal sales calls become more expensive to make. Which of the following statements best summarizes the role telephone selling should have in a hospitality property’s overall sales effort?
Telephone selling should be used to screen prospects and increase customer contact
Convention and visitors bureaus (CVBs) work to promote a city and to coordinate citywide events. Which of the following would be an usual situation for a convention and visitors bureau?
A CVB that is completely funded by local income taxes
Electronic convention brochures can be correctly described as:
C and D only (Having the ability to show season attractions & An excellent resource for selling to the meeting planner)
A hospitality property’s advertising strategy should be based most directly on which of the following?
The property’s marketing plan and budget
The Spree Resort Hotel has made an arrangement with a local newspaper, The Courier, in which the newspaper will print an ad for the hotel on a weekly basis and the hotel will give the newspaper’s VIPs a free dinner once a week. This arrangement would be best described as an example of which of the following?
Exchange trade advertising
A hotel’s director of sales wants all the hotels advertisements to be easily distinguishable from those of other hotels. The directors concern has to do with the ____________ of the property’s advertisements.
What is it about positive publicity that lends a property credibility in the eyes of the public?
The fact that the source of the publicity appears to be an impartial third party
Many times the hotel sales representative or the meeting planner signing the contract will not be with their representative organization at the time of the meeting, this makes a contract clause especially important
Warranty of authority
“No food or beverages of any kind will be permitted to be brought into the hotel from the outside without the written permission of the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to assess a service charge for any food or beverages brought into the facility in violation of this policy. The hotels license requires the hotel to (1) request proper identification (proper I.D.)…”

The above statement would typically be found in which of the following sections of a letter of agreement or contract between a hotel property and a meeting planner?

the section on liquor
Which of the occupancy periods is also known as the “value season”?
A(n) ______________ clause allows the hotel to levy a penalty if the actual sleeping rooms used are significantly less than the sleeping room block
Hotels may collect damages if the actual sleeping rooms used are significantly fewer than the number of sleeping rooms originally reserved for the meeting. Guestrooms that are used are known as ____________; unused rooms are known as _______________.
Pickup, slippage
Which of the following statements about contrast standardization is true?
Standardized contract are criticized by some meeting planners who feel that evey event is unique.
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