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JOMC 101 Ch 6 MC – Flashcards
16 Sep 2020 Flashcards

Who transmitted the first electronic TV picture? A) John Grierson B) Philo Farnsworth C) Vladimir Zworykin D) Thomas Edison E) None of the above options is correct. B In the TV freeze of 1948-1952, ______. A) the FCC halted technological experiments in order to decide on a workable model for American color television B) a […]

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US Health Care Systems – Flashcards
14 Sep 2020 Flashcards

The development that contributed most significantly to the decline of the social mission of voluntary hospitals was the Enactment of private and public insurance reimbursement for hospital care The Medicaid program has a history of very low reimbursement as compared with Medicare reimbursement; critics site low Medicaid reimbursement as a major reason that primary care […]

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AP World History Vocab Chapter 10 – Flashcards
14 Sep 2020 Flashcards

Byzantine Empire (330-1453) The eastern half of the Roman Empire, which survived after the fall of the Western Empire at the end of the 5th century C.E. Its capital was Constantinople, named after the Emperor Constantine. Constantinople A large and wealthy city that was the imperial capital of the Byzantine empire and later the Ottoman […]

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A History of Western Music Glossary – Flashcards
09 Sep 2020 Flashcards

question Abgesang answer see “bar form” question Accidental answer sign that calls for altering the pitch of a note; raising it by a sharp, lowering it by a flat, or canceling a previous sign by a “natural” question Ad libitum answer (Lat. “at pleasure”) Details of execution left to the discretion of the performer question […]

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Jarvis Chapter 21: Peripheral Vascular and Lymphatic System – Flashcards
07 Sep 2020 Flashcards

question Describe the structure and function of arteries and veins. answer The heart pumps freshly oxygenated blood through the arteries to all body tissues. Artery walls are strong, tough, and tense to withstand pressure demands; contain elastic fibres, which allow their walls to stretch with systole and recoil with diastole. Veins are parallel that of […]

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World History Assessment – Flashcards
03 Sep 2020 Flashcards

question Core concepts 1.3 Primary Source answer Information that comes directly from the person who experienced the event. Example: Ann Frank’s diary would be a example of a primary source for World War 2. question Secondary Source answer Information about an event that does not come from a person who experienced the event Book, Movies, […]

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AP World History Chapter 27 and 28 test – Flashcards
30 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Mongol Yuan Dynasty answer (1279-1368) nomadic Mongol warriors; ignored chinese political and cultural traditions and displaced chinese bureaucrats in favor of turkish, persian, and other foreign administrators. question Ming Dynasty answer restored native rule to china; hongwu drove mongols out and rebuilt state; followed yuan dynasty (1368-1644); pirates and smugglers dominated east coast of […]

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Human Sexuality Final Part 4 – Flashcards
30 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question One of the primary difficulties in obtaining accurate statistics on the number of rapes and rape survivors in the United States is ________. answer the reluctance of many people to report being assaulted question In the United States, the age of consent ranges from ________ to ________. answer 14:18 question A woman may be […]

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History of Phlebotomy – Flashcards
29 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Egyptians (1400BC) answer used blood baths as means of resuscitation and recuperation from illness. question Barbers/Surgeons (1200BC) answer were forbidden by law to perform any surgery except bloodletting, wound surgery, cupping, leeching, shaving, extraction of teeth and administrating of enemas. question Hippocrates (460-377 BC) answer 1.Father of medicine. 2. disease was the result of […]

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Ancient World History Exam Study Guide – Flashcards
27 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Cultural Diffusion answer inventions or ideas that are exchanged from one society to another which helps push civilization forward question Cuneiform answer early form of Mesopotamian writing done with a stylus on clay tablets question Cataract answer term used for rapids located in upper Nile that marked the boundary of the old kingdom question […]

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American History Chapter 17 Study Guide – Flashcards
26 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question progressive movement answer aimed to restore economic opportunities and correct injustices- gave people control in goverment question Florence Kelley answer advocate for improving the lives of women & children question Prohibition answer banning of alcoholic beverages question muckrakers answer journalist who wrote about corruption in business and public life question scientific management answer scientific […]

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US History: Unit 2 TEST 3(Lessons 4-6) (STND9-11) – Flashcards
23 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question • John D. Rockefeller • ‘Robber Barons’ • Andrew Carnegie • The Rise of the Corporation These items are most associated with which of these eras? answer Gilded Age question Which of these changes during the Industrial Revolution led to greater efficiency? answer Animal & human power were generally replaced with steam power. question […]

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chapter 11 margin Q’s – Flashcards
20 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question 1. In what ways did the early history of Islam reflect its Arabian origins? answer It reflected its arabian origins because Arabia was on important east-west trade routes, it was on the edge of the byzantine and sassanid empires, judaism christianity and zoroastrianism had spread among arabs (most settled arabs achgowledged supreme god), islam […]

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Government Chapter 5 Assessment – Flashcards
20 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Multiparty answer A system in which three or more political parties have the capacity to gain control of government separately or in coalition. question Pluralistic Society answer a society in which two or more ethnic groups or nationalities are politically organized into one territorial state but maintain their cultural differences question Party in Power […]

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AP World History Chapter 9- Vocabulary Terms – Flashcards
17 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Charlemagne answer (742-814) King of the Franks (r. 768-814); emperor (r. 800-814). Through a series of military conquests he established the Carolingian Empire, which encompassed all of Gaul and parts of Germany and Italy. Though illiterate himself, he sponsored a brief intellectual revival question Medieval answer Literally “middle age,” a term that historians of […]

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Rome Foundations Study – Flashcards
16 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question What does S.O.A.P.S stand for? answer Source – who wrote it Occasion- what is it (letter, speech) Audience- who is it to Purpose – why is it important Summary question What do Romans speak? answer Latin question Who was labeled dictator for life? answer Julius Caesar question Who were the common citizens of Rome? […]

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AP World Chapter 5 Margin Questions – Flashcards
14 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question what different answers to the problem of disorder arose in classical China? answer legalism-laws/crime and punishment Confucianism-moral example of superiors daoism-withdrawal into the world of nature question why has Confucianism been defined as a “humanistic philosophy” rather than a supernatural religion? answer it is practical, concerned with human relationships, effective gov’t, and social harmony […]

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Medical Terminology Ch. 1-3 – Flashcards
12 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Select the abbreviation that would NOT appear in a history and physical examination report. a) ROS b) CC c) HIPAA d) HPI answer c) HIPAA question Anesthesia is defined as: answer condition of being without feeling/sensation question With bradycardia, there is a: answer condition of a slow heart question Which suffix means the process […]

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History 1301 Exam 1 Ch 1-4 – Flashcards
06 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Correspondence Theory: answer Truth is that which corresponds to reality. question Historicity: answer The measure of truthfulness in an historical account. question American Exeptionalism: answer The belief that the United States is an exception to the general course of world history. question The United States is not really a democracy: answer It is a […]

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EMT Chapter22 – Flashcards
05 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question A 38-year-old male with a history of schizophrenia is reported by neighbors to be screaming and throwing things in his house. You are familiar with the patient and have cared for him in the past for unrelated problems. Law enforcement officers escort you into the residence when you arrive. The patient tells you that […]

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History 1301 (1st Exam) – Flashcards
03 Aug 2020 Flashcards

question Native American Population in 1492 answer 70 Million Native Americans question Texas Indians answer Cadoo, Comache, Kiowa question European Foods ( Not known by Indians) answer Wheat, Oats and Barley question Indian Foods (Not known by Europeans) answer Corn, Squash and Beans question Chrisitan world in 1942 answer Protestants and Catholics question Christopher Columbus […]

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AMSCO AP World History Chapter 1 Key Terms – Flashcards
30 Jul 2020 Flashcards

question overfarming answer taking too much from the farmed land question overgrazing answer grazing the land so heavily that the vegetation is damaged and the ground becomes liable to erosion question artifacts answer an object made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest question Homo sapiens sapiens answer humans question […]

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