World History Assessment

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Core concepts 1.3

Primary Source

Information that comes directly from the person who experienced the event. Example: Ann Frank’s diary would be a example of a primary source for World War 2.
Secondary Source
Information about an event that does not come from a person who experienced the event Book, Movies, etc. Example: The book \”Number the Stars\”.
A line is marked off with series of events and dates.
In a order in which the events occurred in.
The length of time singled out for that event ( era).
Unfair preference or dislike of something.
The scientific study of ancient culture through examination of artifacts and other evidence.
They are often buried or hidden.
Oral Tradition
Is a community’s cultural and historical background that is passed down in stories or songs. Clues from the past can come from oral traditions.
Core concepts 1.4
Absolute Location
The use of longitude and latitude.
Relative Location
The location of a place relative to another place.
A location.
A district or area.
How people get from one place to another.
Human- Environment Interaction
It considers how people affect their environment.
The study of human and nonhuman features of life.
5 Themes Of Geography
Location, Place, Region, Movement,Human-Environment Interaction.
Core Concepts 1.5
Locator Map
Compass Rose
Scale Bar
Locator Map
A big view of a map, the whole picture (zoomed out).
Explains symbols and shading.
Compass Rose
It is the Compass it shows direction.
Scale Bar
Space showing a distance.
Physical Map
Elevation, heat, and humidity (landscape).
Road Map
Roads highways and direction.
Historical Map
Events/place over period of time.
Lesson 2.1
They are created to keep order in a society and provide for the people’s common needs. A governments powers are either limited or unlimited. There are many different types of governments.
Government part 2:
The jobs are to keep to order, provide services, and protect the common good or well- being. Example: Building roads,schools, and taxes.
Government part 3:
A group of people who have power to make and enforce laws for a country or area.
Government first appeared:
In South West Asia, more than 5,000 years ago. Villages were growing. Cities were born and they needed rules.
A system of basic rules and principals by which the government is organized. It also identifies if the laws are limited or unlimited.
Most constitutions are called for a limited government.
It is a government structure in which government actions are limited by law.
Work to protect common goods and peoples needs.
The US is limited.
A government in which there are no effective limits on government actions.
Example: China
This power can lead to tyranny.
Often does not protect people.
Lesson 2.2
A region that shares a common government
And independent state consisting of a city and its surrounding territory.
A state containing several countries.
Most common today, a state that is independent of other states. This is the US! We often use the general words nation or country. *have specific territory with clearly defined borders.
Forms of government:
A form of government where citizens hold political power, citizens are the ultimate source of government power.
Direct Democracy
Citizens come together to pass laws and select leaders.
Representative Democracy
Citizens elect representatives to make government decisions.
A form of government in which the state is ruled by a monarch (usually a king or queen), power is inherited by female members.
Absolute Monarchs
(Saudi Arabia) have unlimited powers.
Constitutional Monarchy
(United Kingdom) these monarchs are limited by law and share power with other branches of government. *It can be Limited or Unlimited
Authoritarian Government
In which all power is held by a single person or small group, may control all aspects of life. Example: Hitler tried to rule everything.
(North Korea) a political and economic system in which government owns all property and makes economic decisions. *Unlimited Government.

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