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The basic goal of integrated marketing communications is to
communicate the value proposition to the target market
As business grow, the advertising, promotion and person selling effort may not be coordinated or cohesive as the firms respond to targets of opportunity. The sooner the firm uses _____, the sooner the firm will have clarity, consistency and the maximum impact for its communications
in the IMC communication process, the ___ develops the marketing communication message
if you ever watched a television commercial and at the end of the message wondered what were they promoting you may have trouble ___ the IMC message
in the AIDA model
awareness leads to interest, which hopefully leads to desire and then action
___ refers to a potential customers ability to recall that the brans name is a particular type of retailer, product or service
brand awareness
the highest level of awareness when customers mention a specific brand name when asked about a product or service. Marketers call this__
top of mind awareness
if marketing communications are effective they will
result in purchases by consumers receiving the communications
one of the difficulties in measuring the effectiveness of IMC efforts is the ___ where consumers do not act immediately after receiving a market communication
lagged effect
josh stays connected to his world by his cell phone. he only reads newspapers or magazines occasionally. if you were a marketer with just the right product or josh, you’d probably try__
m commerce
the ___ stage of the advertising campaign planning process can be described by the question “who are we trying to talk to?”
identifying a target audience
all advertising objectives are designed to achieve certain objectives
to inform, persuade or remind custoemrs
an advertising plan is crucial to an ad campaign because it
will later be used to measure the success or failure of the campaign
the classic “were GE, we bring good things to life” ad campaign was a __ campaign
institutional advertising
because PSAs are a special class of advertising, FCC rules require
broadcasters to devote a specific amount of free time to them
the ____ communicated by advertising needs to be unique to the brand meaningful to the customer, sustainable overtime, and supportive of repletion
unique selling proposition
___ help customers make purchase decisions by offering facts in advertising messages and strong arguments built around relevant issues explaining key benefits of the firms products and services
informational appeals
__ advertising has the advantages of being flexible, highly targeted and personalization
direct mail
____ advertising has the advantages of being linked to detailed content, flexible and highly interactive
a __ advertising schedule uses heavy advertising during some periods followed by periods of no advertising
for consumer products like toothpaste and groceries, things consumers purchase throughout the year, most advertisers would use a __ advertising schedule
___ are special incentives or excitement building programs that encourage consumers to purchase a particular product, typically used as part of other advertising or personal selling programs
sales promotions
premiums can do all the following except
change the perception from a bargain to prestige product, such as premium ice cream
__ is when two or more firms join forces to reach a target audience in a short term effort
cross promotion
personal selling can take place in all of the following situations except
through the newspaper
one of the advantages of personal selling over other types of marketing communications is
sales people can customize their message for a specific buyer
as the marketing manager for a start up business software company katrina is deciding whether to hire a company sakes force. the bottom line influencing quatrains decision will be
is a sales force worth more than it costs
brandon is in the process qualifying leads he received from his home office. brandon will assess
whether it is worthwhile to pursue these potential customers
__ involves the planning, direction and control of personal selling activities including recruitment, selection, training, motivation, compensation and evaluation of members so the sales force
sales management
which of the following is NOT considered as one of the significant financial rewards for sales representatives?
days off work
social media
offers more one to one ways to meet consumers than traditional marketing media
using consumers to develop and market product is called
which of the following is an example of owned media?
the Facebook page crated by thrifty market to let us know about daily specials
all of the following are practical issued that marketing managers should consider when setting social media objectives except
creating static messages to reach mass audiences
sunlight bakery wantes to determine the conversation rate of its Facebook friends. To accomplish this the bakery should use
social media measurement
conversationalists are social media users who
post status updates on social networking sites and microblogging services such as twitter
__ is a company wide business strategy designed to optimize profitability, revenue, and customer satisfaction by focusing on highly defined and precise customer groups
customer relationship management CRM
customer relationship management is accomplished by all of the following except
offering the lowest prices of all major competitors
a company that has a __ customizes its product and service offerings based on date generated through interactions between the customer and the company
customer centric focus
__ is the process by which learned information from the customers is centralized and shared in order to enhance the relationship between customers and the organization
knowledge management
which of the following is an example of a channel through which customer data are traditionally gathered
-store visits
-conversations with salespeople
-interactions via web
-phone conversation
__ involves developing product or service offerings customized for the appropriate customer segment and then pricing and communicating the offerings for the purpose of enhancing customer relationships
campaign management
which of the following is a common CRM marketing database application?
-campaign management
-designing targeted marketing communications
-improving customer sercie
-cross selling other product or service
a print as for kraft capri sun drink packs says “take a sip of antioxidant protection” what kind of advertising appeal is this ad using
gucci, a very expensive brands of clothing and accessories, show beautiful women wearing its products in magazine ads. What kind of an advertising appeal is this
vanity and egotism
realemon juice relies on the slogan “fresh lemon taste made easy” what kind of an advertising appeal is this ad using
an ad for an AT master card offered zero percent interest on any balance transferred from another card by september 1, as well as no annual fee. what kind of advertising appeal is this
mandy advertisements use celebrities that are linked by many people in hops that consumers will buy the product that the celebrity endorses. Using celebrities to influence consumers to buy the product is an example of which advertising appeal
tools for the public relations manager include all of the following except
-press relations
-productoin publicity
-corpoate communications
_____ is used by public relations specialists to handle the effects of unfavorable publicity
crisis management

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