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Environment of Business & Business Ownership

question If a company’s sales are higher than its expenses, the company has earned what is known as revenue. True or False answer False question Material resources include sand, water, wood, dump trucks and computers. True or False answer True question The ____ for a particular product is the quantity that buyers are willing to […]

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CH 1 – 3 **Real Estate Business, License Law & FREC Rules**

question The various activities of a real estate brokerage include answer sales and leasing property management property valuation financing counseling question A property owner who does not reside on the property and who usually relies on a property manager to oversee the investment answer Absentee Owner question A supported, defended estimate of the value of […]

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Wiley – Essentials of Contemporary Business Ch. 1

question Business answer All profit-seeking activities and enterprises that provide goods and services necessary to an economic system question Profits answer Rewards earned by businesspeople who take the risks involved in blending people, technology, and information to create and market goods and services question Non-for-profit Organization answer Businesslike establishment that has primary objectives other than […]

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U.S. and Global Economics: Unit 4

question Which of the following best explains how the invention of money affected the barter system? answer supplemented the barter system by providing a nonperishable medium of exchange question Which of the following has no value except as a medium of exchange? answer fiat money question Which of the following most accurately explains why fiat […]

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Try 2_CFA Institute 2016_Morning Practice

question B.) Yes Under Standard III(B)-Fair Dealing, members and candidates should disclose to clients and prospective clients how they select accounts to participate in and how they determine the amount of securities each account will buy or sell. Trade allocation procedures must be fair and equitable, and disclosure of inequitable allocation methods does not relieve […]

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Testout 4

question To help prevent browser attacks, users of public computers should do which of the following? answer Clear the browsing cache question Which of the following will enter random data to the inputs of the application? answer Fuzzing question Which of the following is specifically meant to ensure that a program operates on clean, correct, […]

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Flashcards on STUDY Office Accounting Ch. 4-6

question covered completely answer Corrections in accounts should NOT be question a description of special entries answer The Item column in the general ledger is used for question enter the balance answer The steps in the journalizing process include all of the following EXCEPT question False answer A list of all the accounts used by […]

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Social Responsibilities and Ethics Ch 4

question Voluntary practices answer Beliefs, values, and voluntary contractual obligations of a business. question Philanthropy answer Giving back to communities and causes. question Voluntary boundary answer A management-initiated boundary of conduct (beliefs, values, voluntary policies, and voluntary contractual obligations). question Core practice answer A highly appropriate and common practice that helps ensure compliance with legal […]

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Rudyard Accounting Chapter 13

question True answer T/F – Employee withheld income tax, employee social security and Medicare tax, and employer social security and Medicare tax are paid periodically to the federal government in a combined payment. question True answer T/F – Employer payroll taxes are business expenses. question False answer T/F – The employer social security tax rate […]

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Purchasing One

question Advantages of co-op purchasing answer Lower AP price, strong negotiator, cost and quality control question Disadvantages of co-op purchasing answer Lowest AP price may not be lowest EP price; you may not be able to get exactly what you want if others don’t want it question Terms for co-op purchasing answer Communal buying, shared […]

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practice test
03 Sep 2020 Database

question The basic goal of integrated marketing communications is to answer communicate the value proposition to the target market question As business grow, the advertising, promotion and person selling effort may not be coordinated or cohesive as the firms respond to targets of opportunity. The sooner the firm uses _____, the sooner the firm will […]

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Permit 4

question When driving in traffic it is safest to: answer Drive with the flow of traffic question When making a turn you must: answer Reduce your speed question Allow a larger space cushion when stopping: answer On an up-hill question Allowing a space cushion is important because: answer It allows you time to react to […]

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OB Practice

question Esther Lugo has gone for an interview at an advertising firm in Manhattan and has been asked to complete a self-report survey to help interviewers understand if she is the right candidate for the job. From the interview, they have found that she is extroverted, empathic, scrupulous, and cooperative in nature, which are key […]

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Modern Issues in a Global Society

question When an organization is described as having a humanitarian purpose, its goal is understood as answer promoting human welfare and social reform. question Preventing the outbreak of a new war is the purpose of the answer UN peacekeeping forces question Heifer International’s function is to help reduce poverty by providing answer livestock to start […]

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MIS Test 3

question Tab answer A_____delimiter is often the best way of separating text columns because text delimited this way can include spaces of commas within each other. 1) Space 2) Comma 3) Tab 4) Dash question Relational answer Databases such as those created in Access are examples of___ databases which reduce data redundancy and increase data […]

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MIS 300 Chapter 2
23 Aug 2020 Database

question Which of the following statements concerning business processes is false? answer A process cannot cross functional area boundaries. question Applying copyrights and trademarks is an example of a(n): answer Marketing business process question Reconciling bank accounts is an example of a(n): answer Accounting Business Process question Managing account collections is an example of a(n): […]

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MGT 491

question Above-average returns are answer returns in excess of what an investor expects to earn from other investments with a similar level of risk question New markets created by Ipods, PDAs, and WIFI are a result of answer Disruptive technologies question The ability to effectively and efficiently access and use information is answer An important […]

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History Chapters 15 and 16

question The congressional elections of 1866 resulted in a resounding victory for the Republicans. A.)TRUE B.)FALSE answer A.TRUE question The Panic of 1873 A. began after the Southern crop-lien system collapsed. B.saw Republicans call on Grant to go off the gold standard. C.began after revelations of corruption in the Grant administration. D.was the nation’s worst […]

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18 Aug 2020 Database

question Which of the following statements is not true about communication in the workplace? answer Improving communication can save time, but not money. question Communication is _____. answer the transfer of information and understanding from one person to another question When your intended message is sent accurately in the least amount of time, you are […]

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MGMT 100 final: Managerial Control
16 Aug 2020 Database

question A key challenge of retail management answer deterring theft at checkout question Effective control systems ensures answer activities lead to attainment of goals question Control’s value lies in answer planning and delegating question Control is important because (3) answer planning/meeting goals empowering employees protecting the workplace question Control process: 3 steps answer 1. Measuring […]

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Marketing 474 Chapter 4 Vocab
14 Aug 2020 Database

question What is a reference group? answer one or more group people whom a person uses as a basis of comparison for his or her beliefs, feelings, and behaviors question What is retailer loyalty? answer customers like and habitually visit the same retailer to purchase a type of merchandise question What is retail market segment? […]

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Management Chapter One

question planning, organizing, leading, controlling answer four functions of management question management answer the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals question effective answer To be _____ is to achieve organizational goals. question efficient answer To be _____ is to achieve goals with minimal waste of resources–that is, to make the […]

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