PPII quiz 2

Which the following promotional strategies includes increasing product awareness to the consumer?
Which routes of promotion would include health care workers talking to patients about controlling high blood pressure with medicines?
Personal selling
All of the following are synonymous with priority population EXCEPT
Which of the following would be an example of a core product?
Peace of Mind
To successfully facilitate a product exchange, planners must have an understanding of the consumers.
T or F
Price is the same thing as barriers. T or F
Measurable, substantial, accessible, differentiable, and actionable are criteria to consider when determining
Marketing is the planned attempt to influence the characteristics of voluntary exchange transactions. T or F
Pretesting can be completed in two phases.
T or F
For the purposes of program planning, the people who make up the market are the
Priority Population
Key marketing principles that apply to social marketing in health include all of the following EXCEPT
offer the product at “upper end” prices to make it more desirable.
In order for planners to develop effective message strategy, they must know
what may be motivating the priority population.
Segmenting a population by things such as social class, lifestyle, and attitudes is known as behavioral segmentation.
T or F
Which the following promotional strategies includes reminding the consumer that the product exists?
In Contrast to a tangible price of money for marketing, the intangible price in social marketing is
time, effort, discomfort, etc.
Audience segmentation is one small part of overall market segmentation
T or F
Is it acceptable practice for planners to segment groups within a population either before or after surveying them
T or F
All of the following are ways to segment a population, EXCEPT by
personality types
Saving money on the electrical bill is an example of which of the four Ps for social marketing
It is best to charge for all programs so that participants feel ownership
T or F
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