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MIS 3300: Chapter 1 & 2 & 3
26 Sep 2020 Database

question processes answer Sequence of tasks or activities that take a set of inputs & convert them into desired outputs; a generic process: PROCURE, FULILL, SHIP question Procurement answer Acquire the basic materials for production (OBTAIN PRODUCTS FROM AN EXTERNAL SUPPLIER) question Production answer Manufacture/Generate the desired goods/services question Fulfillment answer Deliver the goods/services to […]

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Chapters One & Two, Exam One

question Products have tangible attributes only.. True or False? answer FALSE, Products can also be a service which has intangible attributes question If a business is to be successful in the long run, it must treat its customers, employees, and community with social: A. meetings. B. agendas. C. insight. D. interests. E. responsibility. answer E) […]

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acc 8;9

question Notes or accounts receivables that result from sales transactions are often called answer trade receivables question Three accounting issues associated with accounts receivable are answer recognizing, valuing, and disposing question A customer charges a treadmill at Mike’s Sport Shop. The price is $2,000 and the financing charge is 9% per annum if the bill […]

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UWSP Business 325 – Exam 1

question organizational behavior answer the study of what people think, feel, and do in and around organizations question organizations answer groups of people who work interdependently toward some purpose; collective entities; collective sense of purpose question Quicken Loans answer has become one of America’s most successful companies through high involvement, a focus on creativity, a […]

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Understanding Business Cycles

question What are the 4 phases of the business cycle? answer Expansion, peak, contraction or recession, trough question What is the general rule of thumb for determining when an expansion or contraction is happening? answer Two quarters of real GDP growth = expansion Two quarters of real GDP decline = contraction question Do business cycles […]

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The Balance Sheet

question Financing answer Key activity of starting up a company; 2 sources are available: equity (through owners contributions and reinvestments of profit) and debt (loans) question Cost answer Dollar amount that represents the value of items given and received question Cost principle answer Financial effects of exchange question Chart of accounts answer A list that […]

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Tax 21

question Which of the following statements, if any, about a multi-member LLC is false? a. A multi-member LLC is usually taxed like a partnership. b. “Members” of an LLC generally have limited personal liability for debts of the LLC, except for the managing member who has unlimited liability for LLC debts. c. “Members” of an […]

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Sport Psych Midterm

question Sport psychology specialists have three roles. These include a. teaching, research, and consulting b. teaching, administration, and consulting c. research, administration, and teaching d. teaching, intervention, and research e. intervention, teaching, and consulting answer *a. teaching, research, and consulting question Which type of question would NOT fall under the category of “What effect do […]

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Security+ Ch4
08 Sep 2020 Database

question A ________ is a systematic and methodical evaluation of the exposure of assets to attackers, forces of nature, or any other entity that is a potential harm. answer Vulnerability Assessment question Each of the following can be classified as an asset except ________. answer Accounts Payable Note: Assets include People (Employees, Business Partners), Buildings, […]

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Quiz 8 Chapter 8
06 Sep 2020 Database

question A computer must have a DVD drive in order to install Windows 8. answer False question What is a batch file? answer question 1. software that simulates the hardware of a physical computer 2. the overall structure an OS uses to name, store, and organize files on a volume 3. a utility to copy […]

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Principles of Marketing Ch 13 Supply Chain Management and Marketing Channels

question A marketing channel is a business structure composed of interdependent organizations that reach from the point of product origin to the final consumer. answer true question As products move through the marketing channel, channel members provide specialization and division of labor, overcome discrepancies, and provide contact efficiency. answer true question A consumer stopped by […]

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02 Sep 2020 Database

question study answer For a large training project , there is often a(n) ________ project done first before investing in a larger project. question stakeholders answer One of the main tasks normally involved in project initiation is to identify and understand project _______. question creating the WBS answer The main planning tasks performed as part […]

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Operations Management – Project Management

question Gantt charts give a timeline for each of a? project’s activities, but they do not adequately illustrate the interrelationships between the activities and the resources. answer True question The shortest of all paths through the network is the critical path. answer False – the critical path is the longest path question Slack is the […]

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Nail Technology Exam Review – Part 4

question Before you can obtain a position as a nail technician, you must: answer Both are correct (secure the required credentials; pass your state licensing exam) question Which of the following will affect how well you perform during your licensing exam? answer All are correct (your memory; your time management skills; your psychological state) question […]

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question Shimano sells the fishing and golfing equipment it manufactures to sporting goods stores, which in turn sell the equipment to anglers and golfers. Shimano is engaged in business marketing. answer F question For a product to be called a business product, it must be used to manufacture other products, become part of another product, […]

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question how often should a business back up its data? answer question why is it important to ensure that backups are working and can be restored? answer question what is the different between a disaster recovery plan and a business continuity plan? answer question what are the 3 forms of MIS infrastructures and what do […]

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Microeconomics Final Mul. Choice

question For a monopolist that produces in the short run and does not price discriminate, price always has to be answer greater than marginal cost at the profit-maximizing quantity question A monopolist is answer a single seller of a product with no close substitutes question Which level of output maximizes profit for this non-discriminating monopolist? […]

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MGT253 Study Guide

question Pure Fix Cycles, the company profiled in the opening feature of Chapter 1, was launched by four co-founders and sells _____________ answer Fixed gear, single speed bikes question Which of the following is an accurate characterization of interest in entrepreneurship? answer There is tremendous interest in entrepreneurship across the world. question According to the […]

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MGMT 3330 (Communicating in Business) Chapter 9

question T/F: Informational reports typically contain conclusions and recommendations. answer False question T/F: Financial reports are often written when government agencies issue RFPs. answer False question T/F: References used are not typically taken into account when judging a researcher’s information, writings, or presentation. answer False question T/F: Google Docs is a program that makes it […]

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Marketing Management Chapter 8 MC
15 Aug 2020 Database

question 1) Which of the following statements about market segmentation is true? A) It involves changing the identity of a product, relative to the identity of competing products, in the collective minds of the target market. B) It is a process of evaluating each segment’s attractiveness and selecting one or more to enter. C) It […]

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Management Theory (2) Vocab

question Peter Drucker answer Who was the creator and inventor of modern management? question Historical answer What management perspective includes the classical, behavioral, and quantitative viewpoints? question Contemporary answer What management perspective includes the systems, contingency, and quality-management viewpoints? question Classical answer Which viewpoint emphasized finding ways to manage work more efficiently and included two […]

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MANA 3320 SET 8

question How does an organization specify the aspects of performance that are relevant to the organization? answer Based on the job analysis question The process through which managers ensure that employees’ activities and outputs contribute to the organization’s goals is known as: answer performance management. question How does an organization specify the aspects of performance […]

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