Policies of sex trafficking in Netherlands and Thailand

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Sex trafficking in the countries of Thailand and Netherlands is at a rampant stage. Most of the prostitutes in Netherlands and Thailand are foreigners who lack the immigration documents. Since they lack the traveling documents, it is implicated that they have been trafficked from other countries. It is approximated that 33% of the prostitutes who have been trafficked into the country of Netherlands originate from other continents like Africa and Asian but not from the European Union territory. This is due to the fact o that most of the countries in the Asian and African continents lack proper traveling regulations (Chrisje 621-625).

More over in most of the larger cities the number of the trafficked sex workers has increased absolutely. It is approximated that most of the big cities like Amsterdam have a range of 40% to 50% trafficked prostitutes. At the same time the sex trafficking has increased currently and it involves even the trafficking of children as young as below ten years. Consequently the sex trafficking is on the rise in the country of Netherlands. Most of the trafficked sex workers who are currently in the country of Thailand originate from Russia, Indonesia, India and Malaysia.

As result of sex trafficking,

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this number has increased since the year of 2000 on wards. Currently there are at least 1500 trafficked sex workers in the Nether lands who are commonly women. Sometimes men are also involved in this sex trafficking business. More over some of the trafficked sex women had been found to be in possession of children. Most of the trafficked individuals are unemployed thus forcing them to opt for the sex business, which has reduced the moral values of the destination countries.

This paper tries to bring out the status of the sex trafficking in Thailand and Nether lands; consequently it examines the policies which have been put forward to prevent the sex trafficking in general by the government organizations and other non-governmental organization who work hand in hand to promote the well fare of the society. Policies for preventing sex trafficking Netherlands is one of the populated sex trafficked women in the European continent.

Most of the trafficked women have their origin from the countries of Ukraine and Russia. Although prostitution business is legalized in Nether land, trafficking of sex women has been regarded as a criminal offence by the government of Netherlands and other religious organizations. Most of the crusaders of the ant sex trafficking have rose up to the highest level to blame this evil practice in the society. Some regulatory policies have been put forward in order to prevent further trafficking and at the same time return the trafficked individuals to the native land.

In the year of 1991, the Nether land government responded to high rate of sex trafficking which was taking place and amended it s criminal laws. The government increased the sentence duration of the convicted sex trafficking criminals, the maximum duration was increased from five to six years and consequently it was put at the sentence of up to ten years if convicted of trafficking children aged below the age of sixteen (Marlise 28). And if the one who is involved in the trafficking was found to be a Netherlands alien, then he or she was sentenced up to a period of one year.

Due to the fact that the rate of trafficking of the sex workers into Thailand is correlated with the high acceptance of prostitution as an occupation, the government has started to register the sex workers and at the same time conduct medical check up. This technique has prevented many sex workers who fear of being exposed of their social status if found of having sexually transmitted diseases. Campaigns have been launched against the sex tourism in most of the airports and tourist centers in the Nether lands.

Actually Netherlands has increased sex trafficking as a result of the high capacity of tourists in the country. For instance some warning in the form of leaflets which discouraged the sex business in the country have been distributed in the airports and sea ports to discourage the tourism sex. Netherlands is the primary destination of the trafficked sex women and girls in the world who are either exploited as sexual workers or exploited in the labor field. These victims are trafficked from the poor countries such as Nigeria and Brazil.

At the same time there is internal trafficking of the local women and young girls at general. A t the same time the foreign girls who are pursuing education careers have started to embark on the trafficking business. The government of Nether lands have fully compiled with the visa programs which have been seen as one of the area having complications on dealing with the sex trafficking in the country. For visa to be issued to any individual who travels into the country, proper investigation has to be carried out.

And on entry to the country, he or she has to report to the intelligence personnel who will be monitoring him or her regularly. Consequently the security at all parts of entry has a lot of security. Airports, sea ports and major high way entries have been fixed with security screening measures to detect any illegal immigrants who are mostly sex trafficked individual(Chrisje Simons 655 ) The Netherlands government has complied with the standards of preventing sex trafficking.

Prosecution and sentence of the criminals is on the peak. Consequently the authorities have established the ant –trafficking plans which are followed at the national level. It has consequently expanded some outreach to the victims who are suspected of being trafficking agents. At the same time the government has doubled it s funding for the prevention of the trafficking. Up to date the international community is focusing in the scrutiny of the legalized sex business in Netherlands.

Presently it has been reported there is a decline in the number of the sex trafficking in the cities of Netherlands. To promote the aware ness about the sex trafficking, the department of police has revised it s curriculum to include the trainings pertaining to the methods of dealing with the sex traffickers ( Weitzer Ronald,200o,pp 15-32 ). At the same time the public prosecution department takes the similar trainings to ensure fair judgments of the convicted criminals.

Instead of neglecting the trafficking individuals, the government of Netherlands established a policy where by it increased the funding for building shelters and at the same time the education policy has improved to promote the correction of the involved victims who have to be unlighted by the education philosophies. Consequently the trafficked individuals are given residential permit, working permit, and the education assistance at large (David 492-493) . Some of the municipalities has started to illegalize the sex business. Consequently the religious group has developed some protest against the sex traffickers.

The government of the Thailand has come up with many measures to prevent the illegal sex trafficking. This measure includes the strengthening of the border security and importation of the convicted illegal trafficked sex women and girls. It has been made mandatory for all Thailand citizens with inclusive of children to produce the traveling documents on entry to Thailand. Thailand citizens have to apply for the pass port card for the facilitation of sea ports entry on arrival from other countries. To prevent the border problem, all citizens are supposed to produce a passport having a non immigrant visa or a border crossing card (www. uman trafficking/Thailand)

Home land security department has introduced the National ID, which is possessed by the Thailand citizens only, since the state owned property and it is a proof of citizenship. The ID ACT restrict any foreign national who has been found to be engaging in trafficking activity Sex trafficking in the country of Thailand has also come to light and several prevention policies has been regulated by the government agencies and the non governmental organisations. The government has opted to provide for the alternative jobs for the ones who are participating in the trafficking activities.

This has made the convicted criminals to have an option for obtaining financial support. Border measures have been enacted to prevent the sex traffickers who gain entry through this insecure entry places. Most of the ports have been supplied with a lot of security forces. Awareness programs have been introduced to educate the people about the dangers involved while participating in the trafficking activities. These awareness programs are done through the use of radios, television and seminars which are organized in the country by non governmental organizations .

Consequently the government has restricted the traveling of children who are not mature enough, unless with the consent of the government authority In conclusion, it can be seen that sex trafficking is an out standing problem in the world today. It is not only seen in the countries of Thailand and Nether lands, but also in the global postion. Sex trafficking involves both the trafficking of the women, girls and under aged children who have been consequently used for sex exploitation. It is approximated that in every year approximately 100, 000 people are trafficked across the borders of different contries.

There is no country in the world which is an exceptional to this problem. The trafficking trade is one of the profit making business, hence to prevent it is very difficult. Sex trafficking has been considered as form of slavery which denies the involved individuals their human rights. Sexual trafficking can be regarded as a form of sexual slavery. UNICEF has recently reported that there are between 200000-300000 children and women who have been forced to participate in the commercial sex as a result of being trafficked from their original countries without the prior knowledge.

The concerned governments need to establish thorough methods of curbing the sex trafficking problem. These measures consist of addressing the underlying factors which make the culprits of sex trafficking to undertake such a dangerous decision. These methods include the eradication of poverty. And at the same time the government should strive to educate people on the dangers involved in sex trafficking such as contracting the sexually transmitted diseases.

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