Street prostitution and its effects in the society Essay Example
Street prostitution and its effects in the society Essay Example

Street prostitution and its effects in the society Essay Example

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  • Published: July 30, 2017
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The study examines the societal effects of street prostitution, with a particular emphasis on women as the main participants. The goals and discoveries are presented in a concise and comprehensible manner. Data demonstrates that there is a significantly higher proportion of women involved in prostitution compared to men, with a ratio of four to one. Additionally, it is crucial to recognize that engaging in prostitution can lead to severe repercussions due to its unlawful status in various continents and countries.

Significant examples of instances that involve engaging in behavior closely associated with prostitution are noteworthy. The reasoning behind the prohibition of prostitution is grounded in the resulting consequences. This research aims to investigate various sectors and countries that have been impacted by this particular situation. The study is based on the controversial idea that "prostitution is legal, but practicing it is illegal." This article


presents diverse viewpoints, including the factors contributing to the overall concept of prostitution. With a focus on the outcomes of prostitution, an analysis is conducted on both its advantages and disadvantages. If the benefits outweigh the drawbacks in this field, important information will be considered.

Information is presented regarding the debate on legalizing harlotry in non-practicing continents. The text explores the contrasting views on making harlotry legal versus keeping it illegal, and the potential controversial effects of each stance.

Overview of Methodological Analysis

"Research" is a term commonly used in academic writing, but it can have various interpretations. It refers to a continual process of inquiry that ideally has no endpoint.

Research has been conducted to gather information on the consequences of prostitution, aiming to comprehend the multiple factors that impact its outcomes. The research adopt

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a philosophical and cultural perspective to examine various aspects that should be taken into account when analyzing prostitution. This study has yielded new perspectives and practical remedies in order to enhance comprehension of this phenomenon. It entailed testing a hypothesis regarding the causal connection between independent variables associated with the subject being investigated. Moreover, it encompassed problem definition and redefinition, elucidating potential solutions, as well as organizing and interpreting data.

Tax write-offs are assessed and decisions are carefully examined to determine their compatibility with the formulated hypothesis. The research methodology employed is deterministic. It is crucial to comprehensively scrutinize philosophical and ethical factors to stay abreast of contemporary progressions. Our aim was to accommodate individuals from diverse countries; however, there is a possibility of partiality in excluding or eliminating certain individuals.

Literature Review

Summary and Assessment of Research Design and Key Findings

The main research design was founded on Rajit's (2005) research framework.

According to Rajit, reliable research is founded on an eight-step framework which consists of various individual processes. These steps can be outlined as follows: elucidating a research problem, which entails conducting a literature review, formulating the research problem, identifying variables, and developing potential hypotheses. Developing a research design: This step encompasses two activities - selecting a research design and opting for a survey design for the research.

The process of creating an information aggregation instrument involves choosing a method for aggregating information, gathering information using attitudinal scales, and conducting a validity test for the instrument. Selecting a sample is an important part of choosing a sample quickly. Writing a research proposal is the most critical step in the research process because it determines if the research will happen

and if its findings are reliable. In relation to this specific study, it can be observed that the research proposal was successful and that the completed research will undoubtedly yield successful results.

Data aggregation is the first phase of the research process, where data is collected. Data analysis is the second to last phase, where the collected data is processed and prepared for presentation. Report writing is the final stage, where the research process is compiled in detail and conclusions and recommendations are provided.

This research utilizes Kumar's construction as the methodological analysis, which was created in 2005. The results of this analysis are viewed as artifacts of quantitative studies used in this research.

Major Results

The study uncovers significant findings regarding individuals primarily involved in the prostitution industry. The advantages and disadvantages of these findings are examined nationwide. The outcomes of prostitution raise several questions: Is prostitution a victimless crime? Is it a result of personal choice? Does it consider moral factors? Does it contribute to human trafficking? What is the correlation between prostitution and violence? What is the strategy for preventing HIV/AIDS within this context? Does it contribute to the prevalence of rape? Can it provide career opportunities?

Additionally, the research takes into account the perspectives of former prostitutes on the effects of prostitution.

The depicted inquiries analyze the impact of daily activities on the community, taking into account relevant facts. The final outcome is influenced by government regulations and laws regarding prostitution. What criteria does the government use to address prostitution issues? The conclusion of the research also considers the advantages of prostitution. The main result of the study is determined by the number of interviews

conducted and their ability to statistically predict outcomes in various countries.

Specific Research Country Directly Related to Analysis

Doctor Johnson H conducted a research in the United Kingdom examining the effects of prostitution. The study provides arguments both for and against legalizing prostitution.

According to him, legalizing prostitution would have various fiscal aspects, including the improvement of the economic system in different provinces of western states. The improvement would not only affect the economy of these provinces but also benefit the prostitutes themselves. It was recognized that the current laws forcing prostitutes to operate underground hinder the ideal development and professionalism of the entire prostitution industry.

The UK considers the Torahs that aim to differentiate and regulate prostitution unconstitutional. The legality of prostitution is discussed in various provisions outlined by the country's constitution, but legislation implemented by the government tends to limit the profession. Research suggests that regulating prostitution could bring economic benefits for the government. The San Francisco Prostitution Task Force believes that funds allocated to reduce prostitution could be better used in sectors that contribute to the overall development of the country.

The San Francisco task force consists of researchers with the primary objective of exploring various key aspects related to prostitution in San Francisco. The proposed solution is based on existing laws in the state. While they often have differing opinions on proposed measures, they generally agree on two factors: legalizing prostitution and finding more effective ways to allocate funds to combat prostitution. The research suggests that analyzing a variety of analogies can lead to a successful outcome. Expert Robert Noce from Manitoba states that attorneys from different firms are interested in seeing prostitution become a legitimate

business, generating tax revenue that would greatly benefit the government.

This implies that the concern is focused on implementing a positive plan for the entire faith. It is observed that prostitutes often operate covertly, resulting in a significant loss of revenue for various provinces. The research conducted in Canada aims to highlight the ideal and controversial concept in the dating industry. The purpose is to showcase the various strategies employed by prostitutes to succeed in the market. The researcher points out the naivety of individuals who believe they are unaffected by their surroundings. In addition, the research seeks to demonstrate that controversial ideas and practices surrounding governmental agencies play a significant role in determining the highest authority in different established provinces.

The paper concludes that the largest amount of money spent in prostitution is used to combat the idea. Billions of dollars are spent annually in Canada to eliminate this practice, resulting in a loss of government funds. The proponents of the research argue that legalizing prostitution would generate enough money to enhance the government's investments in other projects.

Terms and Definitions

Blinded Survey

This refers to the terms used in this research to ensure that readers do not misinterpret its underlying ideology. Common terms used in these studies include government, law, constitution, and prostitutes.

Government is the governing body of a state or organization that makes decisions for the entire entity, concerning matters that may impact its future. In this study, the government is identified as the primary driver of the principles it employs to create a worthwhile ideology. It is also established that the government's tools for governing a state are known as

laws. Laws are prevalent terms that restrict individuals from certain actions within a specific context.

Legislation is enacted in different states to combat prostitution, fostering societal cohesion. The constitution serves as a written instrument that delineates individuals' rights within a state, promoting harmony within a nation. Prostitution involves activities like exchanging money for sexual services or engaging in related endeavors.

When it comes to the term "prostitute," its definition can differ depending on the state. Different states have their own interpretations of what constitutes a prostitute, resulting in varying understandings of the term. For example, Arabian culture and Western culture ascribe different meanings to these aspects.

Critical Rating

This thesis utilizes research methodology to examine the factors that can be assessed within the variables being studied. By conducting critical literature reviews, it highlights the importance of various prostitution factors for government authorities.

The outcome was heavily influenced by factors that were closely related to the significant economic factors highlighted in the economic system directory. The evaluation conductivity probability indicated that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks of the entire ideology of prostitution. The key factors stemming from the same ideology framework have been strategically narrowed down. Various laws have been reduced in order to elucidate the comprehensive strategic concept.

Research Question: Is conducting research on the consequences of prostitution essential?

The need to conduct research is based on the current health implications of prostitution in the United States.

Research workers have presented both practical and theoretical statements about prostitution, exploring the significant impact it has on a society. When a society is affected by prostitution simultaneously, the consequences of this can be understood through the viewpoints discussed by

researchers. The aim of the research is to provide reliable recommendations for the future of prostitution based on its findings.

The research aims to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of prostitution, offering valuable insights for future investigations carried out by authorities. The hypothesis of the study suggests that current research is essential for future allegations of prostitution. The findings will help in establishing preventive measures against prostitution. Furthermore, regulatory officials are discussing the overall impact of the research to determine whether to enforce different strategic laws. These laws can be strengthened or relaxed based on the comprehensive study. Additionally, the research also intends to offer specific recommendations to the government concerning the adverse consequences of prostitution.

The aim of this research is to identify the elements that contribute to prostitution within the American population. To achieve this goal, a thorough analysis of literature on prostitution in the United States will be conducted, followed by proposing and conducting research, reporting findings, and developing appropriate methodologies. The methodology used is based on Kumar's (2005) study, which encompasses various perspectives. The research proposal sections guarantee a comprehensive evaluation of results and precise presentation of research methods. Multiple strategies for data collection are employed, and diverse viewpoints are considered during analysis to prevent any loss of data.

Data Aggregation Methods

The designs presented below represent different ways in which the information in the population can be accessed or received. There are various methods of data collection that can be used in the following proposals, but for the purpose of saving resources, time, and money, the proposals outline only the most important aspects that can be utilized for data

aggregation. The researcher employed different methods in her coursework to examine the correlation between environments and prostitution implications. These methods include the use of questionnaires, interviews, library research, and observation as the four primary methods utilized.

The research worker employed various methods, including the use of questionnaires, to gather diverse and specific information. A questionnaire is a tool consisting of written inquiries designed to collect information on a particular topic. Kenton defines it as a set of questions for respondents to answer in writing. In this study, the questionnaire was openly distributed to prostitutes.

This ensured that it attracted the most basic and true information on the cocottes. This was also administered through the media in plans aired in them. The researcher administered questionnaires on students because it was easier and faster to reach the adolescents and young people who are the most vulnerable individuals in the act of harlotries. The questionnaire was also taken to different clubs in the United States, this being the area that is mostly affected by the impact of harlotry.

Interview Schedule

National Collaborating Centre for research defines an interview schedule as a conversation in which the researcher tries to obtain information from the interviewer. The method assumes that the respondents to be interviewed have the required information, they can understand the question posed to them, and would be willing to provide honest answers while they are face to face with the researcher.

Interviews were very useful for the interviewer because they obtained much more critical information by establishing a good connection with the respondents. The interviewer had control over the order of the questions based on the previous responses. The tools used were

unstructured interviews to gather people's opinions on prostitution, such as whether it should be eliminated from the media, how it has impacted lives, and what measures should be taken to stop street prostitution in the United States.


Observation includes specific instruments like standardized observation forms and participant observers.

Observing involves more than just seeing, but also listening and analyzing. The researcher had the opportunity to engage with spiritual leaders, people in the media industry, and individuals from different religions. Through this interaction, the researcher obtained first-hand information on the negative impact of prostitution on the specific population being studied. Data collection involved various methods, taking into account factors that could potentially affect the outcomes. Despite certain limitations, this research took thorough planning and implemented regulations to mitigate their impact. Various aspects were considered in this study. Another challenge encountered during data collection was hostility from different prostitutes.

The limitations of this research are twofold. Firstly, all researchers face the challenge of dealing with imperfect data. Even though the data aggregation, analysis, and presentation may be done accurately, there are always steps in the process where biases can occur. This research acknowledges these limitations. Secondly, there is the challenge of potential bias stemming from a misunderstanding of the meaning and importance of certain phrases.

Third, field research often encounters unexpected conditions that could limit the availability of resources, thus potentially affecting the research process. The overall planning perspective takes into account these challenges to ensure that they do not impact the data outcome.

Human Subject Protection Review Application and Approval

In order to conduct a fair and ethical research, it is crucial to consider both legal and

ethical issues. The legal aspect involves establishing collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders, ensuring the social and clinical relevance as well as scientific integrity of the research, selecting subjects fairly, conducting a favorable risk-benefit assessment, obtaining informed consent, conducting independent ethical review, and respecting the rights of participants. Meanwhile, the ethical aspect aligns with the Principles for Ethical Research, which includes respecting individuals' autonomy through informed consent, protecting their privacy and confidentiality, promoting beneficence by doing good and preventing harm, and ensuring justice through fair distribution of benefits and burdens.

The security of the signed informed consent signifier was a topic discussed during the interview. Various signifiers were used to assure the individual that their information would be kept secure and not used for any harmful purposes. This involved coming to an agreement or signing a contract between the researcher and the individual. The goal was to persuade the interviewee to agree to the contract. In order to protect themselves, the consent signifier should provide a means for the interviewee to take action if the researcher were to use their information in a way that goes against their understanding.

Data Aggregation

Procedure and Timeliness

The research project is scheduled to take six months.

Each month has a specific task assigned to it. Here is a breakdown of the tasks for each month.

First Month: Direct tasks Presentation of research proposal for approval

During this time, the focus will be on writing the research proposal. Once the proposal is complete, it will be presented to sponsors and other relevant authorities for approval and support.

It is important to conduct preliminary research in order to

ensure that the proposal includes relevant information to attract support from patrons and funding organizations for the research project.

During the second month, logistics will be gathered and data collection tools will be prepared.

Once approval is granted, the initial steps of the research process will involve preparing for fieldwork. During this phase, the necessary resources for a successful study will be identified and brought together. Additionally, a site will be established to conduct the research or analysis. Further planning will be carried out for the specific logistics required during the study.

Third month: Collection of information from market population.This is the most important step in this survey. It will involve the previously discussed methods of data collection. The survey primarily involves researchers going out to the field to make firsthand observations. Researchers are also required to sample sources in the field and record firsthand observations. This gives the survey a primary sense of sources in research.

On the other hand, this study is also able to build upon previous successful studies on topics related to this case. This gives this research paper a secondary research form. Thus, it is not an overstatement to say that this study is based on both primary and secondary sources of data. This choice aims to expand the range of sources and thereby broaden the required information. By including a wider range of information, this study will be better equipped to draw more accurate conclusions and recommendations. The featured sources of data are presented below.

Fourth Month: Data confirmation and analysis. The quantitative approach in research is useful for analyzing data that affects numbers and other measurements such as demographic and geographic information.

It is also helpful for analyzing the quantitative data collected and presenting it in the form of graphs, tables, and charts. On the other hand, the qualitative approach in research is chosen because part of the research is based on opinions from individuals, which can only be qualitatively measured. This includes questions asked to respondents as individuals or representatives of institutions.

Therefore, the qualitative attack in research, analysis and presentation of such informations shall herein come in ready to hand.
Fifth month: Complying of informations and concluding study composing
This is portion of the concluding stairss involved in the research composing exercising. In this phase, informations collected and analyzed shall be compiled together. It shall be presented in study format both in soft and difficult transcript. Data presentation shall herein use academic authorship formats, usage of charts, tabular arraies and graphs.

Sixth month: Policy Deductions

The research will utilize different methods to demonstrate the results and present their perspective on prostitution to the authorities. Additionally, the researcher needs to explore various ways to gain access to local people through non-governmental organizations for financial support.

Major problems

The research system may encounter issues with funding. Without support from these groups, the research will have limited value and cannot be conducted as planned.

Despite the major pros and cons, harlotry was found to be a victimless offense. It provides an sphere where work forces, adult females, and kids are unfastened to different position of commercial endeavor concern. However, this brings about the lone chief disadvantage which may do the whole research non to take topographic point.

When a prostitute is forced to participate in a sex

scene, it can be seen as a sign of abuse. Other instances of abuse include when a pimp orders a prostitute to engage in sexual acts against their will, which can be seen as servitude or rape. Different prostitutes have shared their experiences of being abused and raped by their pimps. This leads to the conclusion that prostitutes often experience rape and sexual abuse within society. Prostitution and choice: research has shown that prostitution is often a result of choosing economic stability, which is the main reason why it continues to exist. One consequence of prostitution is that children are unable to attend school because the prostitutes do not know how to manage their money.

The economic drainage of the entire process leads to a loss of trust in the provided information. The morality of prostitution is regarded as wrong according to ethical standards, despite it being argued as the oldest profession in the market. This lack of moral conscience within a population has a negative impact. It also has negative consequences, such as potential death, which can be attributed to various factors exemplified in this case.

Human trafficking is a consequence of prostitution and a concern for those involved in procuring individuals. It is prevalent in certain countries, particularly involving children, in order to sustain this illicit trade. Controversial ideologies surrounding prostitution have contributed to significant issues and the emergence of human trafficking. Hence, prostitution serves as a primary factor in perpetuating this form of exploitation within the country. Prostitution and violence are significant outcomes of the practice in various nations.

It is irrelevant whether the act is legal or illegal; the fact remains that it often

leads to the murder and death of women involved. HIV/AIDS is spreading rapidly due to prostitution. Even if prostitutes are tested every week for the disease, there is still a high risk for clients to contract the virus. According to medical experts, it takes precisely 12 weeks for the disease to be detected depending on an individual's body.

This has led to positions that are crucial for the spread of the disease. The prevalence of rape is one specific example that has been brought up as a result of these factors. Prostitution plays a significant role in the prevalence of rape, as it is a major factor that contributes to the overall issue.

Summary and Conclusion

Evaluation of hypothesis and recommendations for future researchers

The main efforts in attempting to eliminate prostitution lie within these perspectives. The negative consequences of prostitution tend to outweigh the benefits, making the entire ideology detrimental to society.

This research provides evidence for future planning and laws regarding prostitution. The research discusses various steps that can be relied upon by future researchers. It also suggests that policy decisions and protocols can be shaped based on the findings of this research. Future researchers are strongly advised to consider content analysis. The advantage of content analysis is that it takes into account personal views and emotions towards a topic. Unlike other methods like logical analysis, which involves mathematical representation, content analysis considers intangible factors related to the issue of stable prostitution profession.

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