Personal Commitment From My Perceptive Religion Essay Example
Personal Commitment From My Perceptive Religion Essay Example

Personal Commitment From My Perceptive Religion Essay Example

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  • Published: September 19, 2017
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From my perspective, leadership is a quality that requires various skills and personal dedication. Prior to attending this leadership class, I expected the coach to discuss exceptional leaders and their unique qualities. It is important to note that good leaders are not born naturally but rather developed, as mentioned in the lecture notes. Today, I learned about two theories of leadership: Trait theory and Process leadership. The Trait theory focuses on characteristics that influence our actions, while Process leadership involves applying knowledge and skills gained from parents and other accomplished leaders.
There are four main factors in leadership: honesty and self-awareness in the leader themselves, support from followers to accomplish tasks, effective communication between leader and follower for exchanging information and setting examples, and recognizing that leadership is situational – wha


t works in one situation may not work in another.
In my current position, I have chosen to be a leader instead of a foreman. As a leader, I possess desirable qualities that promote unity and uphold ethical values. Mahatma Gandhi has been an inspiration to me in this aspect.Gandhi, despite his physical smallness and thinness, showed that qualities like humility, vision, hard work, and determination can transform someone into a leader. He demonstrated this by leading India to independence from British rule. Believing that I can become a successful leader in the future if I embody these same qualities.

In the second week of my leadership class, our assignment was on "Leadership at Risk." Our group of three focused on analyzing the actions of four politicians: David Garrett, Bill Clinton, Paddy Ashdown, and Chris Carter. By studying articles about political scandals that harmed their reputations, we gaine

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insight into the risks leaders face. As a group, we delved into these articles together and I took on the role of leader due to my extensive knowledge on the subject matter.

During our fourth article discussion session for the leadership class, none of us were familiar with the topic so we had to rely on internet information. Both members actively participated in the discussion but it was me who initiated all the treatment methods. To boost one member's confidence and involvement in our discussion, I assigned her the task of researching information online. This not only encouraged her but also ensured that all members contributed by dividing tasks among ourselves. My effective role within this group included being confident,responsible,knowledgeable,and articulate.In addition, I helped one member by delegating tasks and assisting them in becoming more responsible and self-assured. Furthermore, in the third week of my leadership class, I have already learned valuable lessons from previous weeks. One area where I need improvement is maintaining eye contact during discussions with group members.

Blog Week 3

Enhancing my non-verbal communication abilities will improve my skills in this area. The tutorial today taught me that leaders must prioritize the interests of others, maintain a positive image among followers, and be public figures. My personal goal for this class is to achieve an A grade by thoroughly reviewing all of my documents.

Bill English, a prominent New Zealand politician and Minister for Finance, serves as an excellent example of a successful leader with exceptional leadership qualities displayed during his second term as the Minister for Finance. In the future, I aspire to become a successful leader like him and must develop

strong leadership skills during this class to achieve this aspiration.

This includes providing effective feedback to instructors, submitting assignments on time, taking initiative in group work, and taking responsibility for my actions. So far, I am on track with my goals as I have successfully completed all assignments from the first semester aligning with both my personal goals and class goals; however, there are additional skills that I need to further develop in order to improve my performance.

Blog Week 4

In my leadership class this week, I want to talk about two influential leaders who have had a significant impact on me: Mr. Bill English and Mr. David Garrett.
Mr. English, the Minister of Finance, has impressed me with his vast knowledge and composed decision-making abilities. He understands the importance of seeking input before making important choices and avoids hasty decisions. Despite facing controversy over the new budget, he remained firm in allocating funds to infrastructure projects that contribute to New Zealand's recovery from recession. His courage in making these decisions despite expected resistance is truly inspiring.
On the other hand, Mr. Garrett is a leader whom I consider a failure due to his unprofessional behavior as highlighted by news reports. His inappropriate comments about a female colleague displayed a lack of professionalism that all politicians should uphold, regardless of their party affiliation (in this case, Act Party). It is crucial for leaders like Mr. Garrett to respect all workers and refrain from making offensive remarks towards women or anyone else for that matter.
Developing interpersonal skills, gaining confidence in public speaking, and consulting with others when making decisions are qualities that will significantly contribute to my growth as an

effective leaderIt is widely acknowledged in our society that making inappropriate remarks can have severe consequences, such as losing one's position or damaging one's reputation. As a leader, I strive to embody qualities like unity and trustworthiness demonstrated by Bill English. However, I am committed to never engaging in offensive comments towards women or anyone else that would bring shame upon my reputation and leadership skills.

Blog Week 5

This week marks the fifth week of my leadership class. Today, I presented individually to the entire class on the ongoing Euro 2012 soccer tournament happening in Ukraine. This presentation is a crucial step towards achieving my career goals. During this speech, I faced new challenges compared to previous presentations. One major challenge was not having a specific topic prepared beforehand, which required me to improvise my speech.

To overcome this obstacle, I decided to talk about football since I have extensive knowledge about matches worldwide and felt confident starting with it. Engaging the audience proved somewhat difficult as many people weren't interested in this particular topic. Nonetheless, a few students showed interest in listening to what I had to say.

To successfully deliver an impactful public speech, effective audience interaction, incorporating humor into my speech, and possessing thorough knowledge on the subject matter are essential factors that need consideration.

Blog Week 6

President of the USA, Mr. Barrack Obama, is a prime example of someone who excels at captivating audiences with his speeches. His charisma is so powerful that it prevents distractions and holds people's attention. Although I may not possess all the qualities that Mr. Obama has, I have confidence and determination to become a skilled speaker in the future.


my leadership class this week, we watched a film called Whale Rider. This movie taught an important lesson about determination through the story of its female protagonist. Despite her grandfather's belief that only males could be whale riders, Pai challenged tradition and took on a leadership role. These qualities resonate with me as I strive to overcome societal beliefs and achieve success in the competitive world.

By August 25th, 2012, I have set five goals for myself. Firstly, I aim to lose 5 kg of weight. Secondly, I want to learn all the names of fruits and vegetables sold at my workplace.Thirdly, obtaining a full driving license in category 1 is another goal of mine.Fourthly,I seek to improve my English speaking skills at work.Lastly,I aspire to earn an A grade in all three documents for this trimester.To accomplish these goals,I need to possess creativity, unity,honesty,self-awareness,and concentration - essential skills for becoming a successful leader.Leaders like Barrack Obama exemplify these qualities and are highly respected in society.
The decisions I make today will have a significant impact on my future. Therefore, it is crucial for me to develop certain qualities and become a successful leader. In my eighth week of the leadership class blog post, I continue discussing the age-old question of whether leaders are born or made. Personally, I believe leaders are made, and I provide examples such as Barrack Obama, Richie Macaw, and Kofi Annan who became leaders through their skills and abilities.

The text explores different individuals in leadership positions and examines the skills they possess. It mentions Prince Charles as an illustration of someone who inherited his position without necessarily having the necessary leadership skills.

Reflecting on my own leadership abilities, I believe that with my current skills, I can further develop great leadership qualities in the future.

I also discuss working on establishing ethical values and how focusing on this aspect can enhance trustworthiness. An example is given using Hillary Clinton's journey from being initially unknown to eventually gaining recognition during her presidential campaign. This recognition led to her becoming vice-president due to her recognized ability by Barack Obama. The text emphasizes Clinton's strong leadership qualities along with her bravery and optimism as a woman.

Additionally, the text introduces a blog series that explores leadership concepts portrayed in two films: "3 Idiots" directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and "Passion of the Christ" directed by Mel Gibson.

Blog Week 8

This week, in our leadership class blog series, we will be discussing the leadership concepts and ideologies portrayed in the films "3 Idiots" directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and "Passion of the Christ" directed by Mel Gibson.

In "3 Idiots," the main character demonstrates leadership qualities by supporting his friends and convincing their parents to allow him to pursue photography. Similarly, the protagonist in "Passion of the Christ" follows his father's instructions despite facing opposition and spreads the Gospel. Both films highlight qualities like respect, perseverance, love, compassion, honesty, and unity that contribute to successful leadership.

After watching these movies, my aim is to develop qualities such as perseverance, unity, and compassion in my own work. By cultivating these traits, I can become a good leader and earn respect from my followers.

Additionally, during this week nine of my leadership class blog series presentation focused on the upcoming Olympic Games scheduled for July 27th, 2012.

Comparing it to my presentation in week five revealed improvements in previously identified weaknesses.

Firstly,I thoroughly researched today's topic.Secondly,I effectively engaged the entire class by making eye contact with them during my presentation while maintaining their attention throughout.In my overall assessment of my presentation, I rated it an 8 out of 10. During the assessment process, I identified three strengths: being a confident speaker, maintaining effective eye contact, and keeping the audience engaged throughout the entire presentation. However, I also found four weaknesses that need improvement. Despite struggling to stay in one place during presentations, I am eager to seize another opportunity to present and work on improving my posture for a more professional appearance. A strong posture not only captures attention but also helps establish a positive connection with the audience.

In week 5 of my leadership class, we discussed Mr. Barack Obama as a leader which has boosted my confidence compared to before. This newfound confidence has encouraged active participation in discussions where I have contributed numerous ideas. In this tenth week of my leadership class blog post, we are exploring the similarities and differences between leaders in small and large organizations, as well as comparing leaders in for-profit and non-profit organizations.

To illustrate these concepts, Thistle Dairy store on Penrose Rd serves as an example of a small business while Harvey Norman represents a large organization. Both Davendra Kumar and Gerry Harvey, the respective leaders of these organizations prioritize profit when making decisions and selling specific products.Both small and large businesses attract customers and increase revenue to meet market demand. However, there are distinct differences between the two. Smaller organizations have fewer employees and a

smaller following, while larger organizations face greater responsibility and decision-making demands. James Draper, owner of Farro Fresh, prioritizes profit through customer attraction and product sales in his for-profit organization. On the other hand, leaders of non-profit organizations exhibit qualities such as advancement, relentlessness, appreciation, knowledgeability, and respectfulness that are earned through hard work and determination.

Personally, I aspire to develop the quality of relentlessness in order to overcome challenges and obstacles in pursuit of my goals. In my leadership class this week, I had the opportunity to watch two films - Ghandi produced by Sir Richard Attenborough - which showcased characters with strong leadership qualities alongside Harry Potter also produced by Attenborough. In Ghandi's film, the main character displayed qualities like building good relationships, integrity persistence,and selflessness that played a significant role in India's liberation from British rule.The main character of Harry Potter was similarly admired for his unwavering altruism and responsible use of powers to save people. Both leaders, Harry Potter and Gandhi, stood against injustices but had different approaches. Gandhi believed in the power of words as a weapon, while the other leader relied on charm to rescue others. As an aspiring courageous leader, gaining respect from others is important to me. One trait I aim to develop is tolerance, similar to how Gandhi remained calm during crises.

Blog Week 12

This week marks my twelfth week of leadership class where I have further honed my skills. Prior to this class, I already understood the significance of personal growth in becoming an effective leader. It is crucial for leaders not only to control their followers but also be liked by them personally. A good leader

earns respect from their followers. Sometimes powerful leaders become too dominant, but if they use their power wisely, they will be highly respected by others. The discussions we had in class made me realize that I was somewhat correct. We talked about failed leaders who abused their power like Saddam Hussein and Muammar al-Gaddafi.
I interviewed our Institute's lunch vendor who believes that a true leader takes care of their people and does not oppress them.He also perceives leadership as a type of respect that accompanies one's position. The unsuccessful leader I want to discuss is Pat Lam, the coach of the Auckland Blues. Despite having a talented team, he was unable to tap into their potential and they only achieved four out of sixteen victories this year. It is evident that under his guidance, the players and the team did not excel. Eventually, he resigned and a new coach will take charge of the Blues next year.

In my leadership class during week 13, I would like to focus on Mona Hayne, who supervises the produce department at Farro Fresh where I work on weekends in Mount Wellington. Mona's responsibilities include purchasing and organizing weekly specials for the grocery section and evaluating staff performance monthly. Mona exhibits strong leadership qualities that are vital for her role and she enjoys high respect from her team due to her positive relationships with them. Nonetheless, I believe she should also nurture tolerant leadership qualities. There are occasions when she becomes frustrated with her team and gets angry with them. The staff members do not mind as they understand it is their fault; however, if she displayed more patience instead

of getting angry, I think her team members' productivity would significantly increase.

During today's class discussion, we explored important attributes such as optimism, decisiveness, independence, willingness to lead, and diplomacy. Personally speaking, I feel inadequate in terms of decisiveness and optimism.
To improve my decisiveness, I must maintain a positive mindset in various situations. Being clear and specific will garner support from my followers. Additionally, developing optimism entails understanding different situations and considering multiple perspectives for the best outcome. This week's blog marks the end of my leadership class, which has been invaluable for acquiring skills and setting strategic goals. My perception of authoritative leaders has changed significantly throughout these 14 weeks as I now understand their responsibilities and pressures. It is astonishing to see people I once knew become successful leaders in different organizations. What impressed me was their strong development of leadership qualities, like the character portrayed in 'Remember the Titans'. Despite facing criticism, this leader fostered teamwork and integrity through strict leadership, turning his team into a close-knit family unit that moved me to tears.My leadership skills have greatly improved during this period. Through the guidance of my coach, studying the qualities of renowned world leaders, and finding inspiration in films on weekends, I have experienced significant growth as a leader. The only thing missing now is an opportunity to lead class discussions and witness firsthand the leadership qualities displayed by great leaders. With these enhanced abilities, I am optimistic about soon assuming a leadership role within a New Zealand organization.

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