The Person Who Has Contributed Much to Lithuania

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The person who has contributed much to Lithuania Patriotism and devotion to your homeland are one of the kindest and most wonderful feelings. And although a lot of people are saying that nowadays all patriotism is gone. I think that there are still some people remaining that are trying to do as much as they can for the sake of their country. However we also should not forget those who have contributed much to our country in the past. And in my opinion, one of these people is Arvydas Sabonis. This person is definitely the most famous Lithuanian basketball player of all the time.

Because of his obvious talent and skills this player was one of the most wanted in the whole Europe, but he have always been loyal to Lithuania. He refused a lot of offers that were very attractive so he could play for our country. I think that devotion of Arvydas Sabonis is very important, because without him our national basketball team probably would not have achieved so much. Furthermore, Sabonis is one of those people who have spread the name of Lithuania all over the world. A lot of foreign people know that Lithania is not somewhere in Africa, just because of such persons like him.

I think that it is very important, because our country is small and pretty insignificant worldwide. On the other hand some people could claim that there are a lot of other famous sportsmen like S. Marciulionis, or D. Zubrus, who are forming an image of our country abroad. But I think that Sabonis has sacrificed most in order to help our country. Overall, Arvydas Sabonis was a real phenomenon and our nation should be proud that we have people like him, because without Arvydas, our country probably would not be what it is now.

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