The Orlando Magic Basketball Team Sports Essay Example
The Orlando Magic Basketball Team Sports Essay Example

The Orlando Magic Basketball Team Sports Essay Example

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  • Published: September 14, 2017
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The metropolis of Orlando, even with the tourer hot spots, Disney World, and fantastic beaches, ever had something to offer everyone, but ne'er something that one could happen ownership and pride in. The metropolis of Orlando, and the Central Florida community, needed something to believe in - something for grownups and childs likewise. The needful something non dripping with Disney thaumaturgy, but still filled to the lip with the thaumaturgy of the metropolis. With a small fortune, and a long history, the City Beautiful has found their crown gem in the Orlando Magic.

History of the Orlando Magic

Local developer and banker Jim Hewitt began advancing the thought of an NBA franchise in Orlando around 1986. In order to acquire things traveling, he lured the Philadelphia 76er 's General Manager, Pat Williams, to Florida. Together they went to work selling ware, while carrying locals to do $ 100 sedimentations on season-ticket reserves and to convert the NBA to give them an enlargement squad. The dream eventually became a world on November 4th as a sold-out crowd watched the trade name new Orlando Magic lose their first game at the Orlando Arena 111-106 against the New Jersey Nets. Two darks subsequently, Magic fans would acquire to bask their squad 's first win as the Magic stunned the New York Knicks 118-110. However, that success would non keep out for really long. The Orlando Magic finished last in the Central Division their first twelvemonth, with a typical enlargement lik


e 18-64 record.

In 1991-1992, Shaq joined the squad. He brought with him non merely his 7 ' 1 '' stature, but he created an wholly new degree of famous person ne'er earlier seen for an unseasoned cub in the NBA. After a meteorologic rise to stardom both on and off the tribunal, Shaq solidified his place as one of the most influential participant to of all time play the game. The 93-94 season, with the add-on of Penny Hardaway, is a affectionate memory for Magic fans and great stepping rock toward adding deepness to the roll. After Shaq missed 22 games due to injury in the 95-96 season he suddenly left the Magic and signed with the Los Angeles Lakers so he could foster his moving calling and continue to play in the NBA.

With the exclusion of the 96-97 season, when the Magic made the playoffs but lost in the first unit of ammunition to the Miami Heat, it took the Magic rather a few old ages to retrieve after Shaq 's perfidy. It was n't until the after the 99-00 season when the new caput manager Doc Rivers enlisted the endowments of free agents Tracy McGrady and Grant Hill. Although Grant Hill would finally be a nine flop due to changeless hurts, Tracy McGrady kept the Magic alive. Tracy McGrady rapidly became the new face of the Orlando Magic. In his four seasons with the Magic, he would have awards as the most improved participant in the NBA and two clip hiting leader in the NBA. His last twelvemonth with the Magic demonstrated the single force per unit area for him to win and he

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frequently spoke out to the imperativeness about his defeats. He was traded after the 03-04 season to the Houston Rockets. The Orlando Magic fans softly hopedaˆ¦ possibly when a door closes, a window squeaks unfastened.

In this instance, a big window opened blowing in the air currents of alteration which surged like an all excessively familiar Floridian hurricane. The Orlando Magic 's top bill of exchange choice was the High School Player of the Year, standing at 6 ' 11 '' centre frontward Dwight `` Superman '' Howard was selected in add-on to Steve Francis, acquired from Houston, as portion of the Tracy Mcgrady trade. After a few more blue old ages of roll development and the turnover of four managers ( Doc Rivers, Johnny Davis, Chris Jent and Billy Donovan ) , these assumedly unproductive old ages for the Magic - in retrospect - birthed a squad that could lift from the ashes and blaze a new trail that would take to the Magic 's greatest triumphant to day of the month.

Entering the 07-08 season, the Magic, now energized with natural new endowment, a focussed and determined training staff, every bit good as the front office staff, set Forth to set up Orlando as non merely the elephantine mouse house but as a true hoops town. Orlando has non had any other national franchises in all of the professional athleticss, and while seeking for its losing piece had eventually seen the visible radiation with the Orlando Magic.

Coach Stan Van Gundy took over for the 07-08 season, the Magic rallied around him and the consequences were singular. Wining their first division title since '96 the Magic had re-introduced themselves to the universe. Riding on the eldritch and invariably bettering abilities of Dwight Howard coupled with exceeding public presentations from Rashard Lewis and Hedo Turkoglu the Magic saw their 2nd visit to the NBA title in the 08-09 season, finally losing to the Los Angeles Lakers 4-1.

The 09-10 season found the Magic looking for another shooting at the Crown but once more falling short to the Boston Celtics in the conference finals. The Celtics would travel on to lose the title to the Lakers. The Magic now continue ( with a trade name new province of the art bowl ) to do a playoff push for the current 10-11 season. After the alone mid-season trade that non merely brought back Hedo Turkoglu ( after he was traded in '09 ) , but besides included the acquisition of Gilbert Arenas, the Magic have shown one time once more that they will non be satisfied until a title streamer bents from the ceiling in the new Amway centre.

Orlando Magic Staff

Otis Smith - President of Basketball Operations

Otis Smith was promoted to president of hoops operations on July 28, 2010. He is responsible for supervising hoops operations, including participant acquisitions via the bill of exchange, free bureau and trades, participant development, reconnoitering and salary cap direction. Smith was named general director on May 3, 2006. He was adjunct general director during the 2005-06 run, after functioning as manager of participant development for two seasons

Under Smith 's

leading in 2009-10, the Magic reached the Eastern Conference Finals for a 2nd back-to-back clip after posting a 59-23 ( .720 ) regular season record, which was second-best in the NBA, and captured its 3rd back-to-back Southeast Division Crown and 5th division rubric overall. It besides marked the 3rd heterosexual season and the 6th clip in squad history that it reached the 50-win tableland. Orlando reached the playoffs for the 4th back-to-back clip. During the old off-season, Smith did non stand rap, as the Magic, among other moves, acquired eight-time NBA All-Star Vince Carter and Ryan Anderson in a trade with New Jersey.A A

Smith is no alien to " The City Beautiful. '' He was a member of the inaugural 1989-90 Magic squad and spent three seasons playing in Orlando ( 1989-92 ) . Smith averaged 11.4 ppg. , 4.1 rpg. , 1.9 apg. and 1.01 stlpg. in 195 games with the Magic. He played in 375 calling NBA regular season games with Denver, Golden State and Orlando, averaging 10.5 ppg. , 3.8 rpg. , 1.8 apg. and 1.01 stlpg. in 20.6 minpg.

Following his retirement as a participant, Smith served as community dealingss director for the Magic for two old ages. During that clip, the organisation was presented the Pro Team Community Award, given by the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame. He was besides frailty president of selling and community dealingss of the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, and a 1986 alumnus of Jacksonville University, he founded the Otis Smith Kids Foundation on October 30, 1989 as a agency to better the quality of life and mentality for the hereafter of meriting Northeast Florida simple school kids. The Foundation provided plans and services to 100s of deprived kids each twelvemonth in the countries of instruction, life accomplishments development and personal growing. For about 17 old ages, the not-for-profit organisation touched the lives of 1000s of Jacksonville-area kids, supplying chances for kids to larn, turn and accomplish.

Stan Van Gundy - Head Coach

Stan Van Gundy was named head manager of the Orlando Magic on June 7, 2007, going the 9th caput manager in franchise history.

During his 3rd season with the Magic, Van Gundy guided the squad to the Eastern Conference Finals for the 2nd consecutive clip, after roll uping a 59-23 ( .720 ) regular season record. It was the second-best grade in the NBA, and Orlando captured the Southeast Division rubric for the 3rd back-to-back season. It was the squad 's 5th division Crown overall. It besides marked the 3rd heterosexual season and the 6th clip in squad history that it reached the 50-win plateau.A

Van Gundy now has a calling NBA caput training regular season record of 282-149 ( .654 ) and a 170-76 ( .691 ) record with the Magic. He was named head manager of the Eastern Conference in the 2010 NBA All-Star Game in Dallas, taking the East to a 141-139 win. Van Gundy coached in his 400th regular season game on Feb. 7 @ Boston and ranked 3rd among active caput managers for most triumphs after 400 calling games

( 257 wins ) . He was named the NBA 's Eastern Conference Coach of the Month in October/November 2009 and once more in April 2010, taging the fifth and 6th times he has won the monthly coaching honor.

During his 2nd season with the Magic, Van Gundy guided the squad through a memorable playoff tally, capped off with the 2009 Eastern Conference title and a position into the NBA Finals, taging the 2nd trip in franchise history. During the regular season, Orlando posted a 59-23 ( .720 ) record and captured the Southeast Division rubric. It was the squad 's 2nd back-to-back division Crown and its 4th overall.

In 2007-08, Van Gundy led the Magic to a 52-30 ( .634 ) record and the Southeast Division title. It was the squad 's first division crown since 1995-96. Orlando besides advanced past the gap unit of ammunition of the NBA Playoffs for the first clip since 1996, get the better ofing Toronto, 4-1.

Van Gundy served as head manager of the Miami Heat for two-plus seasons from 2003-05, posting a regular season record of 112-73 and a postseason grade of 17-11. His.605 habitue season and.607 playoff winning per centums are both tops in franchise history. His 17 playoff triumphs place him 2nd on the Heat 's all-time list and his 112 regular season wins ranks 3rd in squad history.

Van Gundy was named head manager of the Eastern Conference All-Stars for the 2005 NBA All-Star Game in Denver, where he led the East to a 10-point win. He besides earned NBA Eastern Conference Coach of the Month awards in both December 2004 and March 2005. The Heat went on a franchise-record 14-game winning run from Dec. 6-Jan. 1 and subsequently reeled off 12 back-to-back triumphs from Feb. 26-Mar. 19, going the first Eastern Conference squad with a brace of double-digit win runs in the same season since the 1995-96 NBA Champion Chicago Bulls.

A indigen of Indio, Ca. , Van Gundy was born on Aug. 26, 1959. He earned a Bachelor of Arts grade in English and a Bachelor of Science in physical instruction from SUNY-Brockport in 1981. While at SUNY-Brockport, Van Gundy played hoops for his male parent, Bill. His brother, Jeff, was a head manager in the NBA for 11 seasons, most late with the Houston Rockets. Van Gundy and his married woman, Kim, have four kids, Shannon ( 19 ) , Michael ( 16 ) , Alison ( 13 ) and Kelly ( 11 ) .

Richard DeVos - Owner

Rich DeVos enters his 18th season as president of the ownership group of the Orlando Magic. The 82-year-old DeVos is a co-founder of Amway Corp. , today a planetary leader in direct merchandising and a member of the Alticor Inc. household of companies.

Born March 4, 1926, in Grand Rapids, Mich. , he is one of the greatest concern success narratives of all clip. DeVos and former high school schoolmate, Jay Van Andel, embarked on a partnership that resulted in several concern enterprises between 1945 and 1958. In 1959, they founded Amway.

In October 2000, Amway became a subordinate under a new parent company called Alticor,

along with two sister companies: Quixtar Inc. , a North American web-based concern chance ; and Access Business Group LLC, a merchandise development, fabrication and logistics supplier to Amway, Quixtar and other companies. Alticor reported 2007 worldwide gross revenues of $ 7.1 billion, assisted by more than 3 million single concern proprietors runing in more than 80 states and districts.

DeVos has been the receiver of legion accomplishment awards, every bit good as 12 honorary doctor's degree grades. He has written four books: BELIEVE! , Compassionate Capitalism, Hope From My Heart: Ten Lessons for Life, and most late, Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People.

Because of their dedication to back uping those organisations in which they believe, DeVos and his married woman, Helen, created the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation. The DeVoses are dedicated to the entrepreneurial spirit and assisting people live better lives.

Rich and Helen reside in southern Florida and have four children-Dick and his married woman, Betsy ; Dan and his married woman, Pam ; Cheri and her hubby, Bob Vander Weide ; and Doug and his married woman, Maria. They have 16 grandchildren.

Adjunct Coachs:

  • Brendan Malone
  • Patrick Ewing
  • Steve Clifford
  • Bob Beyer
  • Ahmad Ajami - Video Coordinator


  • Bob Vander Weide - President/CEO
  • Alex Martins - President
  • Pat Williams - President
  • Otis Smith - General Manager
  • Dave Twardzik - Assistant General Manager

Other Staff:

  • Keon Wise - Head Athletic Trainer
  • Rod Powell - Team Operations Manager
  • Joe Rogowski - Strength Conditioning
  • Adonal Foyle - Player Development
  • 2010-2011 Orlando Magic

Coach: Stan Van Gundy

The Orlando Magic participants named to the 2011 NBA All-Star Ballot were Dwight Howard, Vince Carter, Rashard Lewis and Jameer Nelson. Dwight Howard won the NBA All-Star weekend sweep stuff shot competition in 2008 with his creative activity of the ace adult male stuff shot, where he leaped from the free throw line:

The Amway Arena

The trade name new, province of the art Amway Center in Orlando has become place to the Orlando Magic ( NBA ) , Orlando Predators ( AFL ) , every bit good as other sporting and amusement events. The name reflects a multi-year confederation formed by Amway, the City of Orlando and the Orlando Magic.

In 1989, the Orlando Magic made their visual aspect into the NBA and so did the Amway Arena. Richard DeVos, laminitis of the Amway Arena, has been pressing the metropolis for a new sphere for 10 old ages. The Old Amway was the oldest sphere in the conference. In the late 1990s there was guess that the squad wanted to travel elsewhere, because they wanted a better sphere. On September 29, 2006, the city manager of Orlando, Buddy Dyer, eventually approved the new sphere. The location was said to be located in business district Orlando, in the northwest corner of Church Street and Hughey Avenue. The sphere itself cost about 380 million, with an extra 100 million for land and substructure, numbering 480 million.

The design of the new Amway Arena

California-based art conservator Sports and the Arts assembled the Amway Center Art Collection. The aggregation includes more than 340 plants of art, including about 200 museum-quality exposure. 14 of the 21 creative persons

housed in the aggregation represent Central Florida

From 2008 to 2010, Ripbang Studios Inc. , based in Venice Beach, California, designed the followers for the Amway Center Arena: Signage for the edifice 's outside, interior, wayfinding, grants, retail, and patron zones.

The Box Office Plaza 's `` porch '' elements include a 50-foot tall rain sculpture, fans and outsize chairs, the ORLANDO mark at the corner of Church and Division Streets, the Orlando Magic Team Store sponsored by Adidas, Gentleman Jack Terrace outdoor saloon, Nutrilite Magic Fan Experience, Orlando on Demand Info Garden, Airtran Airways Flight Deck patron zone, Kia Motors Terrace patron deck, Stuff 's Magic Castle childs play country, Magic Stuff childs retail store, OZONE Bowl Sign and Fan Deck, and the O3 Beverage Bar.

In May 2010, the Sports and Arts squad was awarded the function of art adviser for the creative activity and installing of all right art work, picture taking, and big format artworks. This includes over 140 pieces of art work, 200+ picture taking, and in writing wall interventions that fundamentally represent the Orlando Magic every bit good as the Central Florida community.

The Amway Center is one of the most technologically advanced locales in the universe. Inside the edifice, a alone center-hung installing, manufactured by Daktronics of Brookings, South Dakota, is the tallest in any NBA locale. It maximizes originative scheduling options by utilizing high declaration, 6mm-pixel engineering on each of the 18 shows, including two digital ring shows and four tapering corners. Additional shows include about 2,100A pess ( 640A m ) of digital thread boards, the largest of which is a 360-degree, 1,100A pess ( 340A m ) show environing the full seating bowl. These shows have the ability to expose exciting gesture artworks and existent clip content, such as in-game statistics, out-of-town tonss, and closed captioning information. Outside the edifice, a big show utilizes more than 5,000 Daktronics ProPixe LED sticks, each a metre long, which make up a 46A pess ( 14A m ) by 53A pess ( 16A m ) picture show. This show will make 1000000s of automobilists going by the Amway Center on Interstate 4.

The Amway Center has an mixture of mid-level luxury seats and nine seating, located below the upper bowl. This contrasts Amway Center 's design as its luxury boxes are above all seats and suspended from the ceiling. The sphere 's design was unveiled at the Amway Arena on December 10, 2007, with an official imperativeness release the following twenty-four hours. The floor of Amway Center is designed with sphere football in head, as it features more retractable subdivisions that will allow squared terminal zone corners, a characteristic antecedently non possible for Orlando Predators games.

Orlando Magic 's Charities

The Orlando Magic are the proudest participants within the Amway Center, but as mentioned it took a batch of sway to acquire that sphere built. The proprietors of the Orlando Magic agreed to finance five new community gyms in Orange County so that the concluding blessings would travel through for their new Center. Each community gym would have a cardio and weight room, cabinet suites, game suites, a grant base,

and a meeting infinite.

That 's non all the Orlando Magic are known for though - they have several charities with whom they participate. Last twelvemonth, the Magic squad and staff impacted over 75,000 young persons by supplying over 5,000 voluntary hours. As good, they have given away more than 62,000 tickets to underprivileged childs many of whom would ne'er be able to afford to see a game if they tickets were n't provided to their households.

The two major charities that Magic are involved in is the Orlando Magic Youth Fund and NBA Cares. The Orlando Magic Youth Fund helps every kid in Central Florida recognize his or her full potency through support plans and partnerships. The OMYF marks persons in Orange, Seminole, and Osceola counties, with a secondary focal point on those in Brevard, Flagler, Lake, Polk, and Volusia counties. The OMYF focuses on literacy, wellness and health plans, the humanistic disciplines, and on occasion they 'll supply support to particular undertakings. Through literacy, OMYF will help with the support for in and after school plans which are run by non-profit-making bureaus for school age kids who are at a hazard for illiteracy. OMYF recognizes plans that put the parent at the head of their kid 's instruction, taking an active function as the instructor before a member of the educational staff. Through their wellness and health enterprises, OMYF seeks plans that educate young person to populate a healthy life style through nutrition and exercising, battling fleshiness. As good, they seek fund plans which combat malnutrition and hungriness alleviation for the kids and young person of Central Florida. With the humanistic disciplines, the OMYF hunts for plans that will non merely expose a kid to art and civilization, but will besides supply educational enrichment.

With NBA attentions, the Orlando Magic pools their resources with the conference, participants, and squads to raise and lend $ 100 million towards charities, donate more than 1 million hours of hands-on voluntary service, and build more than 100 topographic points where childs can larn and play over the following five old ages.

However, the Magic have besides been working to better the lives of the young person of Central Florida through other plans. Last twelvemonth, the Magic participated in the `` Be Healthy Lunch Program '' which spouses them with the Florida Hospital and Wholesome Tummies. Through generous contributions, the plan is able to supply a tiffin to a group of pupils for the full 2009-2010 school twelvemonth. These repasts will typically include fruits, veggies, and whole grains. As good, they provide a $ 10,000 scholarship to a high school pupil life in Orange, Osecola, Seminole, Brevard, Polk, Lake, Volusia, or Hillsborough counties, and have done so since 1996. In entire, they have awarded 16 scholarships so that high school pupils could afford to go to college.

As good, the proprietors of the Magic have assisted in the creative activity of a alumnus plan at the University of Central Florida. The DeVos Sport Business Program was funded by a $ 2.5 million gift from the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, which was matched by the province of Florida.

This plan opened in 2002 and is considered wildly successful, as one of the top five graded athleticss concern direction plans in the United States.

Orlando Magic Influence

The Orlando Magic have provided the Central Florida community with an all-star hoops squad. If non a winning set each season, at least the Magic have remained an interesting and entertaining clump. Throughout, the squad has kept shown their passion for their staff, participants, new Amway Center, and the childs of the community. Without the Orlando Magic, much of the thaumaturgy would shrivel off outside the walls of Disney, but yet they continue to assist the City Beautiful radiance.