Perseus, and Hercules Heroic Myth Pattern Essay Example
Perseus, and Hercules Heroic Myth Pattern Essay Example

Perseus, and Hercules Heroic Myth Pattern Essay Example

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  • Published: February 4, 2022
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In the ancient civilization of Greek, myths were very vital for culture development and were basic for the society structure. There were very many mythic people who were referred to as heroes. The age of heroes in Greek mythology is defined very well. It is the generation to the Trojan War, during which many of the greatest heroes in Greek were active. During this time, the most famous one are Perseus and Hercules and are still remembered today. Greek heroes’ adventures often follow a traditional pattern. The birth of a hero is often in a fashion that is unusual; they face major struggles in their life since their conception and have great powers.

Upon reaching adulthood where a hero seeks to test their own powers, he or she embarks on a series of quests through which he learns about the society, his own li


fe and the entire universe. The trip of a hero to the underworld is viewed as a descent into the earth-goddess womb, connecting the hero masculine ego with the principle of feminine. A hero is considered to be a society protector and also a divided being. Most of them tend to be deified and enjoy cult veneration. The heroic pattern includes conception or birth that is miraculous, threat to the hero during infancy, tasks and journeys and returning to the society having a new understanding. The essay will discuss the characteristics of Perseus, and Hercules and their relationship to the heroic myth pattern.

Perseus, is among the earliest heroes in Greek and shares various characteristics with other heroes. However, he differentiates himself from other heroes in that he is known of maintaining mutually supportiv

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relationships with the female gender. He is probably a product of the time when worshipping goddess was widely practiced by people. He is the son of Danae and Zeus. Perseus completed various feats with his fast thinking and talents while living as a warrior. One that was very famous at the time was the slaying of the Gorgon Medusa. Looking directly at medusa would make men to turn into stones. She was not as attractive as other women characters. However, she was killed by Perseus while she looked at her reflection in a mirror.

Perseus struggles began from birth when he was put into a chest and set adrift on the sea. The myth of Perseus has a function that is etiological as it explains the source of various constellations. Immortality is achieved by Perseus in the heavens.

Like Perseus, Hercules is semi divine, but more troubled than Perseus. He is very brave and strong offering the society protection and also has behavior associated with animals. Hercules shows the heroic predicament of fulfilling the demand for achievement and knowledge of gods while he is bound to a mortal body. Such kind of a hero is considered to be a threat to the gods. The divided nature of Hercules, half-beast, half-man represents that of the centaurs. The associations of beasts and heroes suggest the struggle with the beast.

Hercules was powerful and among the Greek heroes who is most loved. A son of Alcmene and Zeus, Hercules grew up to be a warrior who is famous. But he was made insane by Hera, his jealous wife and killed his children and wife. As a punishment, Heracles was made to

perform twelve impossible labors which became the subject of many works of drama and art.

Hercules fulfils the most significant function of the heroes by extending the parameters of human experience, knowledge and imagination. During his journey to the underworld, Hercules transcends the human condition limits and achieves a form of immorality. When Hercules dies as a result of his new wife’ some myth versions explain that his soul goes to the underworld and he has an immortal reputation. According to other versions, Hercules is upraised to heaven by the gods.
The story of Perseus and Hercules underscores the nature of prophesies and nature in the course of telling a story of a hero. Perseus is soo strong such that he cannot be kept down especially on an island. Thus, it is the reason as to why his fate goes on adventures and quests and gods helping him. He represents the heroic model of a man who is honourable by overcoming his struggles to reunite with his family and justice is done.

The gods seems to love hospitality as seen in a fisherman, Dictys becoming a king. Great people often come from humble beginnings. Philemon and Baucis had humble beginnings and the gods bless them with material wealth. AS Perseus deal with the Gray women Greek mythology imaginative nature is observed. The distinct characters that share one eye last in the mind of the reader and the universe is expanded which is depicted by the mythology. When Perseus defeats them, the story underscores the human ingenuity theme.

Perseus represents a Greek heroism. He is able to overcome all the challenges in his life to defend his family and also

revenge. He is valiant and honorable, clever and calm. As he fights for the love of his estranged father and respect for his mother, he values loyalty and family.

Perseus and Hercules have various characteristics that make them to be similar. For instance, they both make part of ancient Greeks myths. They were both a product of a relationship between a mortal woman and a god. In addition they are examples of masculinity and action and are known to have great strength and courage. He is extremely overcome and solid offering the general public insurance furthermore has conduct connected with creatures. Hercules demonstrates the brave pickle of satisfying the interest for accomplishment and information of divine beings while he is bound to a mortal body. Such sort of a saint is thought to be a risk to the divine beings. The partitioned way of Hercules, half-mammoth, half-man speaks to that of the centaurs. The relationship of mammoths and saints recommend the battle with the brute.

Hercules was capable and among the Greek legends who is generally cherished. A child of Alcmene and Zeus, Hercules grew up to be a warrior who is renowned. In any case, he was made crazy by Hera, his desirous spouse and executed his kids and wife. As a discipline, Heracles was made to perform twelve incomprehensible works which turned into the subject of numerous works of dramatization and craftsmanship.

However, they also made different by several things making them to be two people with personalities that differ. Considering the various librates infernal battles with several mythological monsters, Hercules can be said to be fair. On the other hand, Perseus often used tricks that

were unfair or cheating to take advantage of a battle. In addition, Hercules was in a position to create a family besides Perseus which lived alone during his entire dark life as a result of his unhappiness.

In conclusion, Perseus and Hercules both being heroic mythical characters of civilization of ancient Greek, have some similar qualities that are important for a hero. However the heroes are observed to have lived two life that are completely different and has differing way of living and beliefs of understanding life. As with other heroes stories, in this tale, the Greek myths become adventure tales with drama that is unforgettable, imaginative characters and high stakes. Such quests and adventures make the stories continue to live on throughout time as good literature capturing audience imagination.

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