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What does successful management of body composition require?
long-term, consistent coordination of may aspects of a wellness program
Which factor can lead to the development of type 2 diabetes?
People who gain weight in which body area are at greater risk for early onset heart disease?
How is a person with a body mass index of 26.5 classified?
How is a person with a body mass index of 31.2 classified?
What is the first step in developing a personal fitness plan?
set goals
Which activity is the best for a complete fitness program?
it is best to include exercises for each component
Which activities develop cardio respiratory endurance?
activities that involve continuous rhythmic movements of large-muscle groups
Which is a definition of essential fat?
fat incorporated into the organs and tissues
What condition do obese people develop at three times the rate of non-obese people?
Which activity can help develop a healthy body composition?
endurance and resistance training
What does a general strength training program include?
1 set of 8-12 repetitions of 8 to 10 exercises
What is the term that describes an exercise program in which a person varies his or her activities to develop balanced, total-body fitness?
Participation in a step aerobics class on Monday, a spinning class on Wednesday, and lap swimming on Friday is an example of what training technique for endurance?
What is the practice of cycling the duration and intensity of a workout called?
What is the approximate number of nutrients identified as essential to human health?
Which description is best for essential nutrients?
nutrients that must be obtained from food
what might benefit individuals who have trouble expressing their anger?
assertiveness training
Which event occurs during the relaxation response?
decreased breathing
Which of the following are micro nutrients?
How is the energy in foods expressed?
a Kilocalorie
What types of proteins do food from animal sources provide?
what is the recommended total duration for cardio respiratory endurance training?
20-60 minutes
What is an appropriate frequency for a cardio respirator endurance?
3-5 times per week
Foods from plant sources usually provide what type of proteins?
How many calories of energy per gram do fats supply?
What is the major source of fuel for the body during rest and light activity?
Which function do fats in food take?
provide fuel for body systems
What form do most of the fats in food take
Limiting the amount of what type of fat in a diet can control blood cholesterol levels?
Which type of fats raises the level of HDL cholesterol in the blood?
monounsaturated fatty acids
During high-intensity exercise, from where do muscles primarily get their energy?
Which nutrient supplies the body with energy?
How man calories of energy are in a gram of protein?
What is the stored form of carbohydrate in the muscles and liver?
Glycemic index is a measure of the effects of the consumption of a food on which level?
blood glucose
What is the primary function of vitamins?
help chemical reactions take place
How many cups of fruit per day are recommended by USDA’s MyPlate for someone on a 2,000 calorie diet?
What is the term that describes the long-term wear and tear of the stress response?
allostatic load
For a 2,000-calorie diet, how many cups of milk or the equivalent per day does MyPlate recommend?
How many ounce-equivalents of meat and beans per day does the USDA’s MyPlate recommend for someone on a 2,000-calorie diet?
What can create stress?
(all answer choices are correct)
negative situations
pleasurable challenges
achievement of goals
Which is an example of a stressor?
getting a flat tire
Which is a definition for the term stressor?
any physical or psychological event that produces stress
Which is a definition for the term stress response?
the physical and emotional state associated with the stress response
How is stress best defined?
the physical and emotional state associated with the stress response
Which is true of the endocrine system?
it affects body functions through the release of hormones?
When the body begins releasing endorphin’s, the heart rate accelerates and hearing and vision become more acute. What is the term for this?
the fight-or-flight reaction
Which is a definition of homeostasis?
a state in which vital functions of the body are maintained at a normal level
What does the somatic nervous system manage?
conscious actions
Which nervous systems is involved in deciding to go for a walk to cope with stress?
Which is the normal progression for the general adaptation syndrome?
alarm, resistance, exhaustion
What is eustress?
stress triggered by a pleasant event
Which is a good nutritional strategy from coping with stress?
limit caffeine intake
Which statement applies to vitamins?
vitamins are important in the maintenance of the immune system
Which is true regarding minerals?
they help regulate body functions

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