Overcoming Effective Communication And Interpersonal Interactions Barriers Essay Example
Overcoming Effective Communication And Interpersonal Interactions Barriers Essay Example

Overcoming Effective Communication And Interpersonal Interactions Barriers Essay Example

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  • Published: March 3, 2022
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An Individual working in a social care and health organizational setting will use effective communication strategies to over interaction and service delivery barriers. One should treat others with care, respect and dignity to create a rapport during interactions and communication. An individual should show concern about other by asking about their well-being during interactions and avoiding offensive language in the interaction and communication processes. Addressing individuals by their correct titles during interactions and managing personal information with care is helpful in improving communication practices at the workplace. Respecting confidentiality and culture of an organization all play an important role in developing mutual trust among individuals which is key to effective communication.

Effective listening is a communication strategy that will improve communication practice in social care and heath delivery environments.it is important that an individual does not interrupt others in the


midst of conversations and takes more time to listen what other individuals speak. Memory is also important to recall conversations and avoid contradictions that will hinder effective communication. Good listening and memory skills ensure that messages remain the same by interacting individuals when transferring information from one person across the communication channels. Delivering accurate information on timely basis increases reliability which further enhances the interaction and communication in social care environments.

Using alternative and more appropriate communication strategies aim in overcoming communication and interaction barriers and hence aid health care providers collect relevant patient information. The use of non-verbal communication can help to facilitate interpersonal communication at the workplace. An individual can use touch to empathize with an individual, face to face communication to enhance sharing of information and facial expressions to show concern towards others in

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the communication process. He or she will use facial gestures to express remorse or satisfaction with a particular topic under discussion. The sitting position when having a conversation with others will encourage or discourage communication. A position that shows concern and interest for the topic under discussion leads to better communication and interaction in social care environments. It is also important to provide alternative communication when dealing with patients unwilling or unable to speaking. Allowing for instance patients to write their fears and describe their emotions will help overcome communication barriers.

The appropriate use of space in a care setting will also lead to better and more appropriate communication practices that will enhance better interactions. Keeping the right distance with other in a social care context enhances professionalism and shows respect for others. Every organization has different ways of perceiving individual space. Individuals interacting with others without setting strict boundaries and keeping a distinct space that can create barriers, leads to the development of friendship and better integration with others. Encouraging teamwork, through group events, helps to eliminate barriers and promote friendship at the working which is key to improving interactions. It is also important to learn to communicate using sign language to overcome barriers when communicating with different patients.

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