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Secret societies have a long history in China, some dating back to the beginning of ___
The common era
Any member of the Chinese community is part of a latent organization because of the existence of :
The Chinese ___ embraces many concepts, some familiar to Westerners, such as connections, networks, and patron-client relations. They are built upon a series of dyadic relationships, some that are naturally present and others which must be acquired, cultivated, and maintained.
What is the primary and most important group to a Chinese individual?
The term triad refers to an equilateral triangle representing the three basic Chinese concepts of all but which of the following?
Triad members are assigned ___ based on their positions.
Membership requires a ___ who is a ranking official of the Triad.
What is the leader of the triad called?
Shan Chu
The ___ was founded in 1947 by a Kuomintang general who fled with hundreds of his followers to Hong Kong after the Communist victory.
____ was established in Taiwan in 1956 and maintains strong ties to the Kuomintang party.
United Bamboo
Tongs were first established in ____ in the 1850s as benevolent societies.
San Francisco
During the last decade of the nineteenth century and the first two decades of the twentieth, tong wars occurred on the :
Both East and West coast
Tongs continue to be associated with:
Illegal gambling
What is the name of the confederation of Vietnamese gangs in the New York City metropolitan area?
Which of the following has the largest Chinese community in the United States?
New Yorks Chinatown
Who of the following formed a confederation of the Vietnamese gangs in the New York City metropolitan area?
David thai
What do snakeheads do?
Smuggle illegal aliens
When was the Chinese exclusionary Act repealed?
The ___ is a criminal organization that dominates the industrialized, densely populated region extending from Kyoto through Osaka to Kobe, as well as Tokyo and most other major centers in Japan.
yamaguchi gumi
The term yakuza is derived from:
an old card game
Which of the following began his criminal career as a bouncer in Kobe?
Kazuo Taoka
Which of the following terms means “violent groups?”
Which of the following wars served to delineate yakuza groups?
Present-day yakuza view themselves as modern:
Resignation or expulsion is accomplished with a ___ or “red letter” to all members of the boryokudan, which signals that the person is no longer a member.
With which of the following groups are the Yakuza members affiliated?
All of these
Typically, Yakuza members are ______.
All of these
In Macau, Triads ______
All of these
______ control most organized criminal activity in Japan.
Yakuza groups
Japan has a serious drug problem, particularly the abuse of ____, which the yakuza also produce in clandestine laboratories in Japan, the Philippines and Korea.
Which of the following is not an ethnic group of national group involved in Russian Organized Crime?
Which of the following is (are) a part of Russian organized crime since the lifting of Communist control?
All of these
Russians create ___ structures on an as-needed basis to carry out particular crimes.
Post 1987 economic liberalization in Russia paved the way for the entry of ____
Criminal organizations
In Post-Soviet Russia, several years of market reform changed the nature of the nation’s economy, and also _____
Brought hyperinflation
The breeding and training ground for ROC was established during the _____
Communist era
Nomenklatura are ______
Elite communist bureaucrats
Where did the vory develop?
In prison
Vory members often had ___ that reveal their status in the organization’s hierarchy and even their criminal specialty.
During World War II, the vory split into two factions. The ____ supported efforts to defeat the invading Nazis.
During WWI, the vory split into two factions. The _____ were loyal to the thieves’ world.
Vory membership requires:
Both a and b, three sponsors ceremony with an oath of allegiance
When did the new vory begin to appear?
Which of the following is true about the contemporary vory?
Only former convicts can be members
From which of the following did Russian organized crime emerge?
all of these
“Vory v Zakone” means:
Thieves with a code of honor
The Chechen organized crime portfolio includes which of the following?
All of these
Which of the following activities is associated with Russian organized crime?
Trafficking in women for the sex industry
Russian gangster have been involved in the production and sale of what drug?
Which of the following is one of the overarching and sometimes overlapping categories of Russian organized crime?
All of these
What place has been likened to “Chicago of the twenties?”
Which of the following was an identifier for the traditional Vory?
Which of the following is NOT true about Russian organized criminals in the United States?
They are high school dropouts
Russian organized crime in the US was involved with which crime family in the fuel oil scam?
In 1995, Ivankov’s reign as the reputed leading Russian crime boss in the US ended when he was arrested for violations of which law?
The Hobbs act
Russian crime groups in the United States are typically comprised of how many people?
five to twenty
Semion Mogilevich made his first fortune by defrauding ____who were fleeing to the United States.
Which of the following statements is false?
Russian criminals began their criminal careers as members of adolescent Street gangs
Many Russian emigres have settled in the ___ section of New York.
Brighton Beach
Mikail Gorbachev introduced glasnost (openness) and perestroika (restructuring) in an attempt to modernize. Which of the following was a consequence?
The ussr splintered into Russia and 14 independent states
The Outlaw motorcycle club is a uniquely ____ derivation.
The outlaw club phenomenom dates from the years after ___, when many combat veterans, particularly those residing in California, sought new outlets for feelings of hostility and alienation.
Shortly after WWII, a group of California veterans formed a motorcycle club and called themselves the :
Which of the following is a biker tradition that arose form the Hollister incident?
The annual July fourth run
Which outlaw motorcycle club (OMC) was the first to have a formal organizational structure with a constitution and bylaws.
The Hells Angels
The term ___ was first used by the sheriff of Riverside to distinguish southern California bikers such as the POBOBs from those motorcycle enthusiasts affiliated with the mainstream AMA.
In 1948, in the Fontanan area of San Bernadino County, dedicated outlaws from the POBOBs formed a new group and adopted a name favored by fighter pilots and bomber crews in the world wars:
Hells Angels
Which of the following is the non-California base of the Hell’s Angels?
New Zealand
Needing money to survive, the Hell’s angels turned to a one-shot deal involving the sale of :
During the late 1960s and early 1970s, interest and membership in outlaw motorcycle clubs swelled because of:
The return of disgruntled veterans from the Vietnam War
The Hell’s Angels have __________ chapters whose members have no fixed location, but serve as shock troops reinforcing chapters in conflict with other biker clubs.
In what year was the Hell’s Angels formed?
Which of the following OMC has no international chapters?
Hell’s Angels mother club is in _______________.
The Outlaws trace their origins to:
McCook il
Outlaw chapters are scattered throughout the Midwest, Northeast, and several southern states, and they are particularly strong in:
In 1968, the Bandidos moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, and then to _________ which is regarded as the mother chapter.
What does the road captain do?
All of these
Who are the one percenters?
outlaw bikers
Consistent with their founders’ background as military veterans, the Hell’s Angels exhibit a ____________ organizational structure.
The Rock Machine, an outlaw motorcycle club in Canada, developed close ties with which of the following clubs?
Maurice (“Mom”) Boucher, the charismatic president of the Canadian Hell’s Angels Nomads Chapter, negotiated an alliance with the Montreal-based _________ Family crew headed by
___________ are the official club insignia.
Outlaw clubs limit chapter membership to about ______, which helps maintain a strong bond between members and facilitates the decision-making process
In the Hell’s Angels, having been employed, or even having sought employment, in _______________, precludes consideration for membership.
Law enforcement
To become a full-patch member of the Hell’s Angels, a candidate must be at least ________ years of age.
___________ are the wives or steady girlfriends of club members.
old ladies
___________ belong to the club at large and are expected to consent to the sexual whims of any club member.
A Philadelphia crime Family partnered with the ___________ in the manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine and phencyclidine.
In 2002, at Harrah’s casino in Laughlin and under the glare of hundreds of security cameras, dozens of __________ and __________squared off in a brief battle that left three bikers dead.
Hells Angels, mongols
According to the Task Force on Organized Crime, the core of organized crime activity is:
The supplying of illegal goods and services
A(n) _________ connection is defined as members of a criminal organization extorting money from illegal entrepreneurs under a threat of violence.
A(n) _______ connection is defined as members of a criminal organization requiring legitimate or illegal entrepreneurs to pay a fixed or percentage amount but in return provide services such restricting market entry, debt collection, and arbitration.
A(n) ________ connection is defined as a member of a criminal organization providing an illegal good such as drugs or a service such as enforcement of restraint of trade agreements.
According to Thomas Schelling, what is the business of organized crime?
How much did the estimated amount of illegal betting increase between 1983 and 1995?
Which of the following is the oldest of the major bookmaking activities?
horse-race wagering
From a gross dollar volume standpoint, what type of wagering is the king of bookmaking?
sports wagering
The net profit for the bookmaker of sports wagering is generally less than what percent?
Which of the following is a network of compromised computers that infiltrates data to capture the contents of encrypted web pages and modify them in real time
__________ includes a wide array of games of chance and sporting events on which wagers are made.
all of these
Which type of crime poses the greatest threat to financial and trust systems—banking, stock markets, e-currency, and value and credit card services—on which the world economy depends.
For which war were lotteries used (unsuccessfully) as a financing method?
The revolutionary war
Which of the following differentiates human trafficking from alien smuggling? Human trafficking ___________________.
All of these
In what way(s) is(are) firearms linked to other global crimes?
All of these
In __________, a player selects one, two, or three digits from 0 to 9 with the odds of winning running from 10 to 1, 100 to 1, and 1,000 to 1.
Which state legalized gambling in 1931?
Who was the first important criminal to recognize the potential from legalized gambling in Nevada?
Bugsy Siegel
Which hotel was the first of the elaborate Las Vegas gambling establishments?
Flamingo Hotel
Between 1973 and 1983, OC skimmed at least $14 million from which of the following Las Vegas hotels?
Stardust hotel
The primary mechanism of international arms control is the ______________.
end user certificate
What is the purpose of an “end user certificate?”
verify that the end user is a legitimate buyer
The ________ makes it a crime to operate a betting or wagering business using telephone lines or other wire communication facility.
1994 Federal Wire Wager Act
A generally negative view of money lending is highlighted in the __________.
Which of the following statements is true?
The knockdown is 6 for 5
The _________ requires a specified schedule of repayment, including both principal and interest.
The ________ is a six-for-five loan.
Which is an alternate name for the “White Slave Act” of 1910?
.Mann Act
In what year did the brothel industry reach its peak?
The earliest “war against drugs” in the United States was in response to:
Around the turn of the eighteenth century, a German pharmacist poured liquid ammonia over opium and obtained an alkaloid, a white powder that he found to be many times more powerful than opium. He named the substance:
At the turn of the twentieth century, diacetylmorphine was synthesized, creating the most powerful of the opiates, __________, marketed as a nonhabit-forming analgesic to take the place of morphine.
Opiates, including morphine and heroin, were readily available in the United States until:
The American response to drugs in the twentieth century was directly related to international affairs and trade with:
In 1887, Congress responded to obligations imposed on the United States by a Chinese-American commercial treaty by banning the importation of _________ by Chinese subjects.
Opium for smoking
In 1901, Congress enacted the __________, which prohibited the sale of alcohol and opium to “aboriginal tribes and uncivilized races.”
Native Races Act
The ___________ provided that persons in the business of dealing in drugs covered by the act—including opium derivatives and cocaine—were required to register yearly and to pay a special annual tax of $1.
Harrison Act
In 1919, the use of taxing authority to regulate drugs was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in:
United States v. Doremus
The ________ was in charge of upholding the Harrison Act.
Commissioner of Internal Revenue
According to Abadinsky, drug barons base their operations in:
Most of the heroin smuggled into the United States originates in all of the following, except
The ________ of Southeast Asia encompasses approximately 150,000 square miles of forested highlands, including the western fringe of Laos, the four northern provinces of Thailand, and the northeastern parts of Burma.
Golden Triangle
Which of the following is the world’s second largest producer of opium and accounts for about 90 percent of the total heroin production of the Golden Triangle?
Heroin and methamphetamine are usually brokered in:
The central role that the Golden Triangle played in the heroin trade has been significantly diminished, in part because of economic pressure from:
The ________ of Southwest Asia includes parts of Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.
Golden Crescent
According to Abadinsky, Pakistan has been a producer of opium for export since the earliest time of ___________ rule.
Which of the following was an issue in the 19th century Opium Wars?
All of these
In the early 20th century, concern over federalism—constitutional limitations on the police powers of the central government—led Congress to use the ___________ of the federal government to respond to the problem of drug control.
taxing authority
_________ is the source of “black tar” or brown heroin, which gained a foothold in the American drug market after the demise of the “French Connection.”
By 1998, _________ heroin accounted for more than 50 percent of the drug smuggled into the United States.
_________ is an alkaloid found in significant quantities only in the leaves of two species of coca shrub.
. For many decades, coca leaf was converted to cocaine base in ________, then smuggled by small aircraft or boat into Colombia where it was refined into cocaine in jungle laboratories.
Both A and B, Bolivia and Peru
First synthesized in 1887, _________ were introduced into clinical use in the 1930s
Which nation’s syndicates are reputed to be the primary source of U.S. distribution of the ecstasy drug?
In ________, Congress passed the Marijuana Tax Act, which put an end to lawful recreational use of marijuana.
________, which is usually imported from the Middle East, contains the drug-rich resinous secretions of the cannabis plant, which are collected, dried, and then compressed into a variety of forms—balls, cakes, or sheets.
___________ was first synthesized in 1956 and found to be an effective surgical anesthetic, but with serious side effects, including violent behavior
At the manufacturing and importation levels, the transnational drug business is concentrated among which of the following?
_______________ is the infiltration, domination, and use of a union for personal benefit by illegal, violent, and fraudulent means.
Labor Racketeering
According to Goldstock, labor rackets assume three basic forms: sweetheart deal, siphoning of union funds, and ____________.
Strike insurance
____________ led to the dramatic industrialization of America.
The Civil War
____________ are defined as a specific response to a specific set of injustices at a time when industrial and financial capitalism was establishing its predominance over American society.
The labor wars
In 1935, the _________ gave explicit protection to the rights of workers to organize and engage in collective bargaining.
wagner act
Who, in an effort to eliminate all possible witnesses against him, ordered a murder rampage that backfired when his loyal men became informers seeking police protection, resulting in his prosecution in1941 and electrocution in 1944?
Lepke Buchalter
In 1938, a number of industrial unions led by __________ broke with the American Federation of Labor (AFL) and formed the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO).
John L. Lewis
Formed in 1903, the __________ is one of 15 unions that belong to the Building Construction Trades Department of the AFL-CIO.
In Chicago, the Laborers’ Union has always had close ties to ________.
The Outfit
HEREIU was established in _______ in 1891.
HEREIU charters often provided the basis for extortion from _______ in Chicago.
HEREIU Local 54 in New Jersey has about 22,000 members, most of them employed in the Atlantic City casino business. The local has been controlled by the Philadelphia crime Family once headed by:
Angelo Bruno
With the able assistance of men such as Antonio Vaccarelli, better known as Paul Kelly, the _______ was organized in the 1890s and gained complete control over the New York waterfront by 1914.
According to Abadinsky, which of the following rackets was not rampant on the ILA-controlled waterfront?
The _________ is the largest labor union in the United States, representing more than 1.4 million truckers, delivery drivers, warehouse workers, flight attendants, and other workers.
At the 1957 IBT convention in Miami, __________, who had been accused of dozens of improper activities by the McClellan Committee, was elected president.
In 1959, with the help of Jimmy Hoffa, _______ was elected president of the local.
In 1940, the founder and secretary-treasurer of the Chicago Waste Handlers Union was murdered. ________, a man who had never been a member of the union or a waste handler, showed up at a union meeting, paid his dues, and on the same night became the new secretary-treasurer.
Hoffa was released from prison after ________ approved his application for executive clemency.
Richard Nixon
In what year did Hoffa officially “disappear?”
Money laundering has developed its own lexicon. Which of the following correctly orders the process of laundering of money?
Placement, Layering, Integration
Which of the following elements is typically found in pension fraud schemes?
all of these are elements typically found in pension fraud schemes
Until 1992, ____________ multimillionaire sons exercised control over garment-center trucking.
Carlo Gambino
Ralph Scopo, who was at the center of a “contractors club” that received payments for allocating bids on construction jobs, was a member of which crime family?
The 1975-1979 UNIRAC investigation revealed that ports along the East coast from __________ to __________ had been divided between the Genovese and Gambino Families.
New York to Florida
Organized crime appears to have been eliminated from which industry in New York?
Anderson provides six reasons for organized criminal involvement in legitimate business. Which of the following is not one of those reasons?
Public image
Bid rigging and customer allocation are __________ violations of the Sherman Act.
restraint of trade
Which of the following is true of a scam?
In some schemes, money launderers use dozens of persons called ________ to convert cash into money orders and cashier’s checks.
Which of the following is not one of the three basic types of conspiracy?
In 1914, which Act made it illegal to sell or give away opium or opium derivatives and coca or its derivatives without written order on a form issued by the Commissioner of Revenue?
Harrison Act
The investigation and prosecution of organized crime per se has largely been a responsibility of the __________.
Federal Government
In what year was the Sherman Anti-Trust Act enacted?
What type of activity did the Sherman Anti-Trust Act prohibit?
restraint of trade
The ____________ imposes mandatory prison sentences for certain drug offenses and a mandatory doubling of the minimum penalties for offenders with prior felony drug convictions.
Anti-Drug Abuse act of 1986
The earliest statutes designed to deal with “racketeering” are collectively known as the:
Hobbs Act
The ____________ makes it a federal crime to engage in criminal behavior that interferes with interstate commerce.
Hobbs Act
_____________ is an agreement between two or more persons to commit a criminal act; it is the agreement that becomes the corpus (body) of the crime.
RICO defines ____________ as any act or threat involving murder, kidnapping, gambling, arson, robbery, bribery, extortion, or dealing in narcotic or other dangerous drugs, which is chargeable under State law and punishable by imprisonment for more than one year.
The ____________ statute makes it a crime to commit or conspire to commit a continuing series of felony violations of the 1970 Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act when the violations are undertaken in concert with 5 or more persons.
The 1968 Consumer Credit Act (18 U.S.C. Sections 891-94) was designed to combat:
______________ is defined as any extension of credit with respect to which is the understanding of the creditor and the debtor at the time the loan is made that delay in making repayment or failure to make repayment could result in the use of violence or other criminal means to cause the harm to the person, reputation, or property of any person.
Loan Shark Debt
In 1972, ______________ enacted civil RICO legislation with the seizure and forfeiture provision.
To obtain a seizure order (actually a warrant), the government must provide ______________ the property to be seized and why there is reason to believe that it is being used to commit crimes or was acquired with money from criminal activity.
Sworn testimony in an affidavit spelling out
_____________ forfeiture is an in rem proceeding.
__________ forfeiture is an in personam proceeding.
. The _________ theory allows the government to seize property when it aids certain criminal conduct
The ________ theory allows the government to seize property that represents the gains from certain specified unlawful activities.
In 1970, in response to increasing reports of people bringing bags full of illegally obtained cash into banks for deposit, Congress enacted the statute commonly referred to as the:
Bank Secrecy act
The Bank Secrecy Act authorizes the ____________ to issue regulations requiring banks and other financial institutions to take a number of precautions against financial crime.
Trafficking in persons is prohibited by the __________ Amendment that outlaws slavery and involuntary servitude—holding persons for service/labor through force or the threat of force.
Which of the following denied the claim of self-incrimination (Fifth Amendment) as an excuse for failure to file income tax on illegally gained earnings:
United States v Sullivan
What did the Landrum-Griffin Act of 1959 provide?
It established a Bill of Rights for union members
Which of the following is (are) a type of identity theft offense?
All of these are types of identity theft offenses
The first time in history that Congress sanctioned electronic surveillance was Title III of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act. In what year was it enacted??
Which of the following constitutes a pattern of racketeering under RICO?
Two predicate crimes in a ten year period
What legislation prohibits “knowingly opening, maintaining, managing, controlling, renting, leasing, making available for use, or profiting from, any place for the purpose of manufacturing, distributing, or using any controlled substance?”
Illicit drug anti-proliferation Act RAVE ACT of 2003
The PROTECT Act of 2003 authorizes the prosecution of Americans whose behavior involves sexual exploitation of children __________________.
Anywhere in the world
In what year did the first wiretap case (Olmstead v. United States) confront the U.S Supreme Court?
Which of the following is not one of the three restraints on law enforcement efforts in general and on organized crime law enforcement in particular?
Executive orders
The right to remain silent is a ___________ U.S. Constitutional right.
Fifth Amendment
The right to counsel, right to be tried by an impartial jury, and right to confront witnesses are ____________ U.S. Constitutional rights.
Sixth Amendment
The exclusionary rule, which provides that evidence obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment cannot be entered as evidence in a criminal trial, is a _______________ on law enforcement.
Constitutional restraint
Which restraint on law enforcement restrains the U.S. from compelling foreign nations’ police to comply with the Fourth Amendment and the exclusionary rule when seizing evidence from U.S. citizens abroad?
Jurisdictional limitations
The ____________ law enforcement strategy encourages citizens to report crimes, then the agency responds.
Which law enforcement strategy requires officers/agents to seek out indications of criminal behavior?
Which of the following is(are) incentive(s) for informants to help law enforcement?
All of these: financial reward, vengeance, securing leniency for themself
Where was Whitey Bulger captured in 2011?
Santa Monica, California
The Department of Justice is headed by:
The Attorney General
11. The origins of the FBI date back to the establishment of the Department of Justice in:
12. The primary responsibility of the Department of ___________ is the collection of revenues due the federal government.
The Treasury
13. ___________ assists law enforcement agencies with investigative activities that transcend national boundaries.
14. Who was the FBI informant who, in 1964, found the bodies of Michael Schwerner, James Chaney, and Andrew Goodman, three men killed by the KKK in Mississippi?
James Bulger?
15. The Secret Service is part of which federal government agency?
Department of Homeland Security
16. The Drug Enforcement Administration and the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and Explosives agencies are part of which federal government agency?
Department of Justice
17. The Regional Information Sharing System (RISS) was established in 1974 to do which of the following?.
All of these: assist criminal justice agencies to remove criminal conspiracies, provide locally based services to law enf. agencies
In the wake of the Reconstruction era, when the Union Army occupied the states of the Confederacy, Congress enacted the 1878 ______________ prohibiting the U.S. Army from performing civilian law enforcement.
Posse Comitatus Act
19. OIG special agents of the Division of Labor Racketeering conduct investigations in three general areas. Which of the following is not one of those areas?
Internal political party affairs
20. Which branch of the government is responsible for combating organized crime?
Executive branch
21. Which branch of the government is responsible for trying organized crime?
Judicial Branch
22. Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) is an agency of which federal department?
Department of Homeland Security
23. What did the 1981 amendments to the Posse Comitatus Act provide?
All of these provisions were added in 1981 to the Posse Comitatus Act
24. The Postal Inspection Service investigates which of the following?
All of these
25. The Witness Security Program was first authorized in _____.
26. The Judiciary Act of _____ created the Office of the Attorney General.
27. How many federal judicial districts are there?
28. The agency that is closest to a federal police force is ______________.
29. Which agency in the Department of Justice (DOJ) is responsible for coordinating and developing nationwide programs for responding to organized crime?
The organized crime and racketeering Section (OCRS)
30. The Customs Service and Border Protection (CBP) is a part of which federal department
Homeland Security

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