Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts

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Organizational behavior primarily is to study the behavior of an individual or a group in an organization. It is an important aspect in any organization and generally looks into the no performance aspect of the same. With proper study and implementation of any corrective measures the organization is identified as an ethical company. The management or the businessman needs to assimilate facts and figures regarding its organization’s values and behaviors and accordingly implement the system. There maybe initial resistance, but if there is proper planning and ground work done; this can be easily taken care of.

Various theories, like Hiedelberg’s theory or Theory X and Theory Y can be utilized to arrive at a decision. However, the best option would be to give the employees an opportunity to deal with the problem. They need to come up with a solution of how to make the changes possible in order to achieve the objective of the business. In an auto repair shop the same can be viewed by the teamwork of the workforce and how they undertake each individual job. In the competitive environment of the auto repair industry, this teamwork will be the key differentiator between a successful

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and a dwindling company.

The organization is made up of a group of people who are from various culture, race and religion. Hence the organizational culture is diverse and most companies are unable to detect the same. One needs to understand the beliefs and values of the workforce and must have a common platform for the corporate and personal culture. Everyone should be integrated and respect the other, thus ensuring a healthy corporate culture. This is essential for any organization, as this is one of the pillars for the company’s growth and success. The auto repair industry attracts people from all over the country.

African-Americans to Mexicans, all types of people want to be part of this lucrative trade. However, with this cross cultural environment it is important to keep a healthy work environment and a respect for each other’s values and beliefs. Terminology 2 While discussing corporate culture we have come across the word ‘diverse’. Diversity is a unique part of any organization. Be it in recruitment or leadership, diversity is everywhere. It is with this difference that the workforce learns to coexist and have a common interest in achieving the company’s mission and vision.

The management people or the leaders must show a positive and respectful approach towards this diversity. Hence, the very essence of diversity must begin from the top level and later on percolate downwards. As discussed in the previous two points, “Unity in Diversity” is the key to a successful company in the auto repair trade. One needs to be competitive, efficient and provide excellent customer service, while forgetting the difference between race and culture. Communication plays an important role in each and every organization and industry and as well as in our daily lives.

It is the most essential element of a society. A clear, concise and open communication is an excellent method of getting the ideas across. Thus, it is evident that the same will be applicable even for an organization. The art of effective communication is now an area of study and research. Until and unless the workforce interacts with each other effectively the whole idea of work will be ruined. Nowadays different methods of communication have evolved. One can interact over the phone, internet and of course with the good old written documents and memos.

Though communication has become much easier nowadays, but one must take care of the content of such communication. In the auto repair industry, communication is vital, since it deals with mechanical instruments and auto parts. One minor mistake can lead to a huge loss for the company. Especially, since lawsuits are very common in this country, it is extremely important to have a clear and concise communication. Business ethics is a very debatable part of any business. It is said that in the present century business ethics is very rare. Nowadays hardly a few companies follow this norm.

However, Terminology 3 ethics is very much a part of our daily lives. They way we interact with each other or deal with each other falls under the periphery of ethics. In real terms business ethics is about excellent customer service, healthy organizational culture and through understanding of the organizational behavior. Also, how the organization is viewed by the society also means if the company is ethical or not. But it can not be implemented. It can only be practiced and must come from the core of every individual working in the company.

When the word ethics comes to this industry, it becomes difficult at times. The industry though is big, yet is always in the lookout for the opportunity to make more profit. Some auto parts might be duplicated, but that is not advisable, since the punitive damages can be very high, if any fault is found. So the company must be cautious and ensure a healthy working environment within and outside the organization. Today’s business world is rapidly changing and getting diverse over the years. National and international boundaries are crossed in the world of business.

Hence, the executives and top management must understand what change management is. Change is considered good in the present corporate environment. Competition is making the companies take rapid decision on changing their work culture and practice. Mergers, acquisitions, streamlining, expansion are all part of the change management. It leads to create newer opportunities and gives a fresh look to the company. For some, this maybe a challenging time and for others it is an opportunity to prove their mettle. In most cases the company becomes more efficient and so does the market.

In the changing times the company needs to keep itself abreast with the latest technology and methods. In the same way the workforce needs to be trained and updated with the newest technologies. Terminology 4 An organization can only survive and grow if the people in the company cooperate with each other and work towards a synergistic result, keeping in mind the culture, ethics and vision of the organization. Terminology 5 Reference: I have done the article based purely from my experience and knowledge based on my MBA study. There has been no specific books that I have used.

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