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This assignment includes treatment and rating between two great leaders. The first leader is Mukesh Ambani who is the 1 of the best leader in the universe. The 2nd leader is Richard Pratt one of the best leader. This assignment consist of the information collected from the talk notes provide in the category, readings from the books and besides the research signifier the cyberspace.

Leadership is a process by which an person affects others to accomplish an purpose and guides the association in a method that makes it more consistent and logical. It is merely a manner of stand foring endowment or accomplishment which deviates the visual aspect of a common person. If defined indirectly Leadership is the class of communal inspiration in which a immense mass of single is assisted by a individual being called leader. The leader can hold formal authorization in some instances. It can besides be defined as procedure of pull stringsing a group of common persons to achieve common ends. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Culture is the excellence in an person or civilization that rises from an issue for what is observed as brilliant in humanistic disciplines, literatures, behaviors, scholarly pursuits, etc. Or it can be defined as a specific method or period of development as that of a specific province or epoch. In other words it is demarcated as a manner of life life harmonizing to group of people. It is a set of regulations or say necessities outline which a crowd made and have applied to screen issues of exterior and interior agreement. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Administration Culture

It is the values andA behavioursA thatA contributeA to the uniqueA socialA andA psychologicalA environmentA of anA organisation ( ) .

Organization civilization includes the organisation ‘s experiences, the values which hold it together, doctrine, the concern attitudes, regulations, imposts and outlook of the concern. These are shown in the manner the associationA conductsA itsA covering, handle their staff and clients and trade with the environment.

The Organizational civilization can be classified in to two dimensions which are individual versus undertaking orientation which refers to extent to which civilizations highlight human communicating as different to concentrating on duties to completion of undertaking and classless versus hierarchal which refers to the measure to which civilization shows corporate influence as different to hierarchal power


“ Leaderships are made, they are non born ” . They are made by consistent difficult attempts ; it is the value which all of us need to pay in order to accomplish any nonsubjective or purpose that is meaningful. To travel or stand out any administration, we would necessitate a leader who has all the accomplishments of effectual leading and all the values. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Leader 1 – Mukesh Ambani

The Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited, India ‘s largest private sector company, Mukesh Ambani was born on April 19, 1957 in Aden, Yemen. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Personal, Ethnic

Mukesh Ambani is an Indian concern baron who is the president and CEO of the Indian pudding stone Reliance industries limited the foremost company of the Indian energy and stuffs conglomerate Reliance Group.

Organisational and social values

Mukesh Ambani has desire and ability of the company to better its public presentation by full use of its current resources asA clip, money, equipment, stuffs, infinite, people, etc. Leadership and Mukesh Ambani are synonymous mentions. His leading manner is based on the difficult work. He has done many things for the public assistance of the people. He joined Reliance in 1981 and was instrumental in Reliance ‘s backward integrating from fabrics into polyester fibers and petrochemicals. He has done many things for an administration. Mukesh Ambani has led Reliance Industries Limited, his flagship, to overpowering highs by taking his endeavor and its members to working inclusively and comprehensively. He has freedom for enterprise of Employee to do suggestions, develop programs, make determinations and modify actions

Leadership behavior

His leading behavior recognized by eminent organic structure in the industry by congratulations like Economic period Business Leader 2006 & A ; CNBC-TV18 India Business Leader Award 2007.

Mukesh Ambani ‘s success is the changeless demand to dispute bing state of affairss.


He created an unfastened environment so that everybody in Reliance was on the same page to come over the feudal manner of direction & A ; the riotous manner of management.Mukesh Ambani is indisputably a concern leader to prosecute inspiration from. Having managed a company that is known to be the India ‘s biggest and one amongst the universe ‘s finest. Mukesh Ambani is sought to be a modern industry leader. He follows a bureaucratic leading manner through which, he has given the state a modern manner of networking in a tele-communicating field.


He is known to be respectful to his employers and ever attempts to go through on his ain qualities and manners. He inherited a huge scope of concern traits and manners from his male parent who was besides a great concern leader. As a consequence of his unequivocal traits he has brought his company to the high point.

Leadership Behaviours, attributes and organizational patterns

He has shown many properties and values that are widely accepted and operative amongst different civilizations based on his behavior and organisational patterns. Mr Ambani is the president and the pull offing manager of the trust company. He was announced as the man of affairs of the twelvemonth 2007 by a public canvass in India conducted by NDTV.

Leader 2 – Richard Pratt

Richard Pratt was born on 10 December, 1934. He was the 4th richest individual of Australia and Pratt was besides chosen as an officer subsequently a Companion of theA Order of Australia. He was a protruding Australian Businessman, president of Visy Industries and a prima figure of Melbourne society. He died on 28 April, 2009. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )


Richard Pratt is known to be a great enterpriser and prosperity maker.A He was well-known for his address on the corporate borders. Pratt valued touring the mill floors and seeing the flow of the concern with his ain eyes and liked to oversee the land degree himself.


Pratt was born in the metropolis of Gdansk, Poland of cultural Polish Judaic parents. His household emigrated in 1938 and settled in Shepparton, Victoria, altering their family name from Przecicki to Pratt.

Pratt combined survey with moving and working as a salesman for the household concern, Visy Board. After touring London and New York with a production of Ray Lawler ‘s Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, he returned to Melbourne and Visy. Following the decease of his male parent Leon in February 1969 Pratt took over his male parent ‘s concern.

Organisational and social cultural values

In 1979, he has expanded his concern into recycling. 10 old ages subsequently, he created the Visy ‘s US concern, which has since so go an of import portion of the creative activity. His leading manner has been labelled as being kindhearted with mild absolutism. Nevertheless, Pratt besides inspired absurd devotedness by showing it himself. Pratt contributed significant financess to both chief political parties every bit good as to former Australian Prime Minister John Howard ‘s Broad authorities. One of Pratt ‘s cardinal instructions was to instrument new expertness in the concern was critical. He gave better wage to the workers and he besides gave the wagess to the best workers of the concern every bit good.

Leadership, manners,

Richard Pratt ‘s leading manner had been defined as being like a sympathetic and sort absolutism. He was progressing leader. He is besides attentive of the nexus among the effort and payment


His chief accent was foremost on paper and packaging. But subsequently on due to his aptitude and extended inclined thought he became the marked Australian leader and president of Visy Company. The Pratt Foundation provides about $ 14 million a twelvemonth.

Leadership Behaviours

He had a usage behaviour and had great cultural values. That`s why his public presentations and other applies are acknowledged and operative by all civilizations.


Richard Pratt was well-known in his leading dash. He selected merely the capable and superb employee comparatively than the individual who had a proviso of any other great personality.

Organizational practise

Richard Pratt`s public presentations, qualities are normally recognized due to his concern schemes.

Percepts of social and organizational civilization affected the sorts of leader behaviors and organizational patterns that have been accepted and made effectual by each leader.

Leader1- for Mukesh Ambani India is separated into two insights- one where accomplishment and economic advancement are authenticated pragmatism and hereafter is as predictably bright. Yet there is the incompatibility to this assurance that points towards the Grey domination, backward disposal and deficiency of infrastructure that seems to stand among the way of development. Business can donate by doing occasions and prosperity for people, shareholders and economic system, which provides to non merely its ain development but development for the full state. And when occasions are invented with musical presence through certain healthcare comfortss and tutoring, there is nil that stops India from going a universe super power. Mukesh Ambani has persistently held social civilization through corporate societal duty ( CSR ) and charitable workss in high regard. His leading behavior recognized by eminent organic structure in the industry by congratulations like Economic period Business Leader. ( )

Leader2- Richard Pratt authorised the employees to accept the current alterations in their commercial environment. He had aided some corporations who were in loss to retrieve their human deaths and made a name of that company. He besides made dissimilar picks but enrapturing into account the dissimilar civilizations he was merchandising with. Richard Pratt`s public presentations, qualities are normally recognized due to his concern schemes. ( )

Personal, cultural, national, organizational civilization difference in position.

Both leaders are difference.

Mukesh Ambani is really regardful and accountable individual for his household. He progressed in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bombay and went to the United States to follow a Masters in Business Administration from Stanford University.

Richard Pratt had nice household dealingss. He respected his kid and fuss really much. He gave a sincere welcome to his kid and gave him a countless farewell when he was enduring with a malignant neoplastic disease. He gave his best demands and cheers to his squad members when he was at the terminal so that the squad would go on lodging with each other after him and his demands were brought by his married woman and boy to the workers.

Situation of leader 1

His company had planned to do the biggest investing in this sector in India. They planned to put Rs.25, 000 crore in coming four old ages. The company that was floated for this intent is known as Reliance Retail Limited and it would be owned wholly by Reliance Industries Limited. They expected to establish 1,000 shops before the twelvemonth terminal all over the state. Within the following three months, He wanted to take the run of these “ Fresh ” shops to 100 in the Delhi and NCR parts. He was believed to hold invested around Rs. 1000 crores in this part. The Reliance Fresh had been averaging a sale of Rs. 3.5 to Rs. 4 lakh per twenty-four hours per store. Corporate retail would hold no impact on bantam retail merchants, peddlers and tradesmans. The survey had shown that about 90 % little retail merchants had been negatively impacted within a few months of a Reliance Fresh shop coming up in their vicinity and 87 % said Reliance had taken away their concern. 66 % little sellers said that they would hold to shut their stores because of worsening concern. Corporate Retail is clearly turning at the cost of little retail.

Situation of leader 2

Richard Pratt and his male parent had agreed on the tonss of things but in the last old ages of Leon`s life they had diverged on the one key point. Leon thought that Visy should hold merely one production site while Richard saw the demand of enlargement. Richard`s position was solidified by the move of Visy`s largest clients, Kitchen soap and detergent group, to centralised its production in Sydney. The company accounted for 10 per centum of Visy`s so $ 5 million end product from it reservoir works and serving it in Sydney meant directing 10 semitrailer tonss of cartons north each twenty-four hours put on the lining holds and accident. Then another client, soft drinks maker Tarax besides opened a Sydney works. Richard knew Visy would lose important concern from both clients if nil was done to suit these alterations. Richard responded resolutely, purchasing industrial land at Warwick Farm in western Sydney. He opened his 2nd mill and sent over some cardinal executives to acquire things traveling. He besides instigated a new communicating government, where by his executives were in changeless touch with him. To guarantee the hazard he was taking were being managed decently and that any job could be dealt with rapidly.

Change Management:

Change ManagementA process helps a individual to pull off all demands for alteration within your undertaking. By seting thisA change processA in topographic point, one can easy be able to supervise. ( )

Leader1- Mukesh Ambani has took his commercial to a peak point. Beforehand the concern continued still at one point as it was appeared to be as capacity point of concern.

Leader2-Richard Pratt prolonged Visy from two workshops in Melbourne to more than 55 workss across Australia, United States, New Zealand, andA Papua New Guinea. From composition board boxes and packaging, Visy moved into leftoverA paper recycling. Later in the 1990s Pratt expanded his operations well into theA New YorkA waste paper business.A

5 Fundamentalss elements of accomplishing successful alteration direction

Leader1- Mukesh Ambani

1. Mukesh Ambani is the better and effectual communicators. He describes his concern item in a short address with effectivity. He besides called for a dramatic displacement in the administration theoretical account for better partnership between the authorities and the private sector in presenting more value to each other, and the society at big.

2. He respects the gifted individuals that`s why he employed the well experience, talented and qualified employees who are active and have a to the full knowledge about their ain occupation.

3. He is really polite to his employees. He gives them the fillip every bit good. Peoples want to be similar him as he has great accomplishments in speech production and taking actions to decide any of the cause arise. He becomes the graven image of others. And due to his personal accomplishments he has led his company to highest point and done much for the people in the telecommunicating and networking field.

4. His every organizational planning ever becomes a mark of the success of the concern. As the appropriate planning, analysis and execution is an of import portion to take the concern frontward So all this qualities are present in him.

5. He is really all right in doing determinations at a clip. Mukesh Ambani strives to bring forth value though all his procedures and it is this growth that reflects the thrust and committedness Mukesh Ambani puts into force. Regarded as the face of emerging India, Mukesh Ambani is the chance of future growing and development of India.

Leader 2-Richard Pratt

Richard Pratt was a non so good communicator as without this accomplishment no 1 can acquire a desire degree or success. No uncertainty that he had good dealing accomplishments but due to his bad address in forepart of media he got fined of big sum of money.

He had a better active support because of that he led the Visy Company from one star to five stars. When he opened a new works in Sydney so he sent over there some active executives so that if any job or hazard arises they could decide it easy without disrupting the other concern sites..

He was really polite with his employees and followings. He gave better wage or rewards to the employees and he gave the wagess to the best performing artists of the concern every bit good. Pratt had spent an tremendous sum of clip and money investment in client relationships. On top of frequent client visits, clients were on a regular basis wined and dined or offered discounted tickets to featuring events and the theater.

His organizational planning is good. It is really hard to take a determination entirely of such a huge concern imperium. So through his organizational planning and acute analysis he changed the direction and brought the Visy Company frontward.

He was better in doing a determination on the topographic point. After the decease of his male parent, Richard saw the demand of enlargement. Richard`s position was solidified by the move of Visy`s largest clients, Kitchen soap and detergent group, to centralised its production in Sydney. But at that clip there was two more workss in Sydney were opened and he knew that this could be lose to Visy`s from both the client side as discussed above. But he showed his determination devising putting to deaths and opened a new works in other shore and sent some executives to keep the state of affairs and if hazard would originate they would acquire it released or finished.

Mukesh Ambani-He gained his accomplishments and leading during the old ages of instruction and preparation which he had gained. He provided himself with all the required cognition which he needed to pull off.He is a theoretical account of a situational traits theory as he stood up when there were major alterations needed to take topographic point in the universe. he provided his followings with the best consequences which he could present as a leader.

Richard Pratt- His committednesss, his educational background and his motive shows us that and leader is made, a leader but he prevailed himself to go a leader. He is a great illustration of Behavioural Theories which states that a leader is made what he is. It states that people can larn and go leader. We can besides see some situational leading qualities in his as he administers others.

The cosmopolitan and culture-specific facets of leader behaviors, properties, and organizational patterns can be explained in footings of an underlying theory that accounts for systematic differences across civilizations because every civilization has its different traditions and civilization. We can besides explicate these values in the given two leaders. As different leaders have different leading manners so they mould their manner of doing determinations with regard to their ain civilization and our two leaders did the same. It is besides up to the leaders to hide the different civilizations of the employees in an organisation and do it into one organisational civilization.

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