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1. Introduction

On 6th July in Year 2005, London has been selected as the host cit of 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Olympic Games will be held on 27 July 2012, with the Paralympics following from 29 August 2012, ( & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200607/cmselect/cmpubacc/377/37703.htm & gt ; , House of Commons – Public Accounts – Thirty-ninth Report ) hence, the organisations which have the proviso of a fixed continuance of the Olympic Games related. Advancement has been made in a figure of countries London was chosen to host the Games, in the cardinal undertakings, re-routing belowground Olympic Park, including the power line. ( The Report of 2012 London Olympics, 2009 ) Olympic Delivery Authority has besides begun the procurance activities, including the assignment of Delivery Partners, to back up the direction of Olympic Delivery in locales and substructure. ( Annual Report and Accounts 2006-2007, Olympic Delivery Authority )

1.1Experiences of Olympic regeneration

cubic decimeter The failure of Helliniko Olympic Complex after 2004

There were 22 lasting new locales built for the 2004 game. The remainder of the competition locales have been renovated to provide for larger audiences.

Merely one out of the 33 viing locales was impermanent and intended for remotion afterward.

Helliniko Olympic composite ( one of the two Olympic composites ) :

— -Six Sporting locales: Kayak, Hockey, Baseball, Softball and two indoor spheres.

— -The composite has been left derelict since 2004.

cubic decimeter Successs in Atlanta

Before the Olympic, the Centennial Olympic Park ‘s vicinity was a creaky as is East London.

After the Olympics, the 21-acre park performs a double mission as:

— -Georgia ‘s permanent bequest of the Centennial Olympic Game

be located in Stratford, East London, Lower Lea Valley, and houses the chief locale of the followers:

The Olympic Stadium

The Aquatics Centre

The Hockey Centre

The Velopark ( Containing Velodrome and BMX Circuit )

Four Multi-Sports Areas ( in one edifice )

( Construction Projects of the 2012 London Olympics, 2006 )

( London 2012 Constructing the Olympic world, Andrew Bolton )

2. Construction Undertakings

For the building industry, the London Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee said it would affect a 80,000 – place Olympic bowl, an Aquatics Centre, 4 Multi-Sports Arenas, a Velopark, Hockey Center, every bit good as legion preparation, providing broadcast medium development and security installations. ( http: //www.colby.edu/personal/t/thtieten/trans-jap.html ) With respect to the Olympic Village, the Committee besides mentioned that it would dwell of about 4,000 residential adjustment units, which will be the building of lodging 17000 jocks and functionaries, the formation of more than 200 states. ( Consrtcution Projects of the 2012 London Olympics,2006 )

The most of import is that these long-run accomplishments are really wide-ranging and, straight or indirectly related to belongings, renovation and building activities, sustainability, regeneration and substructure. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.constructuk.com,2006 )

2.1 Master program in Construction

From the study of “ Construction Projects of the 2012 London Olympics” , explained, the Olympic Park maestro program by the London Development Agency ( LAD ) and BuroHappold from taking industry advisers including applied scientists, undertaking directors and designers Huokemeisi Team support to athleticss, Alies and Morrison, Foreign Office Architects, confer withing Faithful and Gould and Mott MacDonald. ( Construction Projects of the 2012 London Olympics,2006 )

The overall program for research, it is easy to happen, the Olympic Games will be held at locales across the state with the chief focal point on the Olympic Park. The park will be located in Stratford, East London, Lower Lea Valley, and houses the chief locale of the followers:

The Olympic Stadium

The Aquatics Centre

The Hockey Centre

The Velopark ( Containing Velodrome and BMX Circuit )

Four Multi-Sports Areas ( in one edifice )

( Construction Projects of the 2012 London Olympics,2006 )

( London 2012 Constructing the Olympic world, Andrew Bolton )

2.2 The Strategy for Sustainable Construction

The sustainable building scheme ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.dft.gov.uk/about/strategy/transportstrategy/hmtlsustaintranssys? page=2 ) is a joint industry and Government enterprise designed to advance leading and behavior alteration, every bit good as supply the benefit in the building industry and the overall economic system. Its intent is to accomplish sustainable development and building of a common vision: to supply a lucidity business-to-the Government ‘s place, so that a assortment of ordinances and steps for sustainability ; Setting and committedness to higher criterions in order to assist accomplish the specific countries of sustainability ; Production industry and the Government ‘s specific committednesss to take sustainable building docket frontward. ( The large physique: constructions Milestones to 27 July 2010, Olympic Delivery Authority, 2009 )

3. Transportation system

By the Sixth Special Report of Session 2006-2007, which belongs to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Transport concluded that in all of the programs to supply the bringing system acrossed all the theoretical account is to the full established, they are expected to make the propose which bellowed: ( Transport for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games: The Draft Transport program: Olympic Delivery Authority Response to the Committee ‘s Third Report of Session 2006-2007, the House of Commons, 2007 ) In order to do the best usage of bing conveyance substructure, organize better service degrees to accomplish the best possible value for the money, and merely the constitution of new substructure where it is critical and leaves a bequest. The usage of cost-efficient impermanent solution, if necessary, to run into the impermanent extremums which demand for the travel of the Olympic Games in the absence of heritage. If the new substructure or services needed for the ODA ‘s scheme is to use existing expertness and processes to present them. The ODA has been delivered with spouses in the UK under a series of understandings and Britain ‘s good constitution of transit industries, offering on behalf of railroad undertakings. Spouses include Transport for London ( TfL ) , Network Rail and Docklands Light Railway ( DLR ) , each of the execution of undertakings of all transit experience. This experience has been farther strengthened straight related to work into the direction of enrolling a batch of experience in ODA conveyance squad. (London 2012 Accessible Transport Strategy for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, May 2008)

3.1 The scheme for Conveyance

And about the scheme of accessible can utilize: The 2012 Olympic Games will be a accelerator to better the whole of London and the UK ‘s conveyance web handiness. The Olympic Delivery Authority ( ODA ) mark for 100 % of the witnesss ‘ entree by public conveyance, cycling or on pes to the Olympic Games. And besides do certain the ticket to the Games, including free travel by public conveyance in London for the activities of the twenty-four hours to promote the witnesss to utilize the conveyance system. There will be a 35 kilometer prosaic and rhythm waies, an country of increasing. ( These slides refer signifier London 2012 Accessible Transport Strategy for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games May 2008 )

3.11 Docklands Light Railway ( DLR )

Docklands Light Railway Limited ( DLRL ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.tfl.gov.uk/corporate/modesoftransport/1530.aspx ) is the organisation ; with the railroad ‘ ain assets. In the Department of Transportation as portion of its function is to supervise operation of the railroad and plan development to run into the demands of the E.

Form the study of the 2012 Olympics ; it mentioned that ODA co-funding early procurance signifier 22 extra rail autos to 55 of the beginning of the formation of three-cars to run in 2012 ( instead than two-cars operators ) .The new demands, under-river channel enlargement of Woolwich Arsenal ‘s official development aid has made a part to the signal and power technology. The first tunneling drivers due souths to Arsenal station completed in December last twelvemonth. And besides a broad scope of substructure undertakings across the DLR ; which affect a web of 17 to three-car trains in 2012 ( in a 50 per cent of the capacity between Lewisham and the Bank to increase ) . To vouch the ability to Prince Regent Station and Customs House functionary station development aid financess to function the Excel event betterment works. Ensure that City Airport enlargement on clip and below the budget. Then the new platform of DLR and entree in Stratford Regional Station to the service demands of long-run growing. ODA is co-financing of the North London Line into the operation of the DLR operation, South and East of Stratford Regional Station, which is in advancement. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.communities.gov.uk/thamesgateway/overview/london/lewisham,2009 )

3.12 London Underground

All Line train lengthening the single addition of 17 per cent capacity ( has been already completed, in January 2006 ) , traveling block signals will be installed in order to cut down 25 per centum in December 2009 journey clip, farther enhance capacity. In add-on, there are several big background strategies between 2009 and 2012 ; including all District line trains refurbished carry through the program. (Transport for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games: The Draft Transport program: Olympic Delivery Authority Response to the Committee ‘s Third study of Session 2006-07, the House of Commons, 2007)

3.13 National Rail Undertakings

In peculiar, the ODA is indispensable to stable off from the Stratford Train parking installations to the West of the Lea Valley railroad lines. West Ham station enhances rider service for mainline commuter station signals increase the capacity of trains per hr fillet. In a broad scope of capablenesss, more and more on the design and readying of Stratford Regional Station to get down the undertaking site. In add-on, there are eight local, regional or national railroad undertakings schemes to better railroad transit capacity, dependability and travel for all users ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.dgp.utoronto.ca/people/modjeska/Cities/lynch.html ) , the atmosphere, every bit good as the Olympic Games provide specific benefits, these include:

( 1 ) Enhanced to a higher frequence among the tube manner between Richmond and Stratford-service of the North London Line. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.dft.gov.uk/about/strategy/transportstrategy/hmtlsustaintranssys? page=2 ) ( 2 ) By the summer of 2010 to widen the bringing and Reconstruction of East London Line Highbury and Islington, connect with Stratford ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.railwaypeople.com/rail-projects/stratford-city-development-17.html ) , in the North and Crystal Palace in the South of London. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.dft.gov.uk/about/strategy/transportstrategy/hmtlsustaintranssys? page=2 ) ( 3 ) Between the completion of St Pancras, Stratford International, Ebbsfleet and Paris/Brusseis, it has the high-velocity connexion. ( Transport for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games: The Draft Transport program: Olympic Delivery Authority Response to the Committee ‘s Third Report of Session 2007-2007, the House of Commons, 2007 ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200607/cmselect/cmtran/484/48404.htm )

4. Community

It is clear that regeneration end: into a new comfortable and sustainable society of the Olympic Park in east London, and as an investing and development chances, the success of the accelerator.

During the Olympics, in 246 hectares of Olympic Park installations include lasting and impermanent installations, including the Olympic bowl, the water sports centre and velodrome. There will besides be the Olympic Village, media centre and new Parkss, all over the Lea Valley waterways. ( & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/othersports/Olympics/London2012/5925603/London-2012-olympic-legacy-company-set-to-creat-new-east-london-community.html & gt ; , 2009)

After the Olympics, the park ‘s athleticss bequest will be in carry throughing our programs and to take part in community ‘s traditional elect athleticss nucleus of the duties. The focal point of activities and its attached schools athleticss installations will be retained for athleticss nines and local communities, every bit good as the version of elite and amateur jocks.

Another 1 million new places will develop the Olympic Park itself. These 40 % will be used for households ; a big proportion of low-cost housing.They will take part in all of the elements of a good community: schools, libraries, stores, coffeehouse, eating houses, green infinite and community installations, to the development of the major cultural and tourist attractive forces. (The budget for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games Fourteenth Report of Session 2007-08, Home of Common Community of Public Accounts)

Has the betterment of conveyance services, and many Parkss are under manner, including the Docklands Light Railway extension, an addition of the silver-line capablenesss and Stratford Regional Station upgrade.Around the park, people enjoy through the canal Towpath, pathwaies and rhythm webs, greater entree to Parkss and unfastened infinites.

5. Case survey

These instances play the important function for the 2012 London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, which are Lewisham, Stratford, and Canary Warf.

5.1 Lewisham

Lewisham as one of the closest geographical neighbours to the host boroughs, Lewisham represents a gateway to the games and the capital.

Lewisham town centre is the metropolis ‘s major retail country and an of import railroad hub with mainline, Docklands Light Railway ( DLR ) and bus interchanges.

Lewisham Couil is ready to care the realisation of the Gateway strategy focuses on the metropolis centre program of action. The strategy will supply 1,000 new places, new shopping and better the environment. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.communities.gov.uk/thamesgateway/overview/london/lewisham/lewishamtown/ ) ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.communities.gov.uk/thamesgateway/overview/london/lewisham, 2009 ) The Gateway development is the key to extinguish the bing traffic circle to do better usage of land is presently surrounded by traffic.

Rearrange the route at the junction of the railroad line ; new development chances are being created. This will make a well-designed conveyance interchange, new lodging and new employment chances ; heighten the bing town centre links. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.communities.gov.uk/thamesgateway/overview/london/lewisham2009 ) In the farther investing programs of the High Street, this centre with respect to the enlargement and Reconstruction of Valley shopping centre and public countries renovated.At the appropriate clip, in the Lewis Grove Island and Engate Street renovation may happen every bit shortly as possible. Other countries, the planning consent of more than 200 places each twelvemonth, including Thurston Road and Venson Sites.

5.2 Stratford

This monolithic development program will convey about 5,000 places and 30,000 occupations to Stratford, and has obtained outline-planning consent. Newham Council ‘s Development Control and Licensing Committee O.K. the Stratford City development ; will alter rundown rail lands as a major shopping and commercial country. ( & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www.thinklondon.com/business_facts/london_by_area/east.html & gt ; )

The program includes 465,000 square metres of offices, approximately 11,000 people, 150,500 square metres of retail infinite, up to the 2000 hotel sleeping rooms in 4,850 new places. There is besides a drop-in in wellness centres and primary wellness attention centre, plus community installations including an employment agency and young person installations. ( & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www.railwaypeople.com/rail-projects/stratford-city-development-17.html & gt ; ,2009 ) There will be a four-form of primary and secondary school, which could for 900 pupils, a four-classroom baby’s room and installations for womb-to-tomb acquisition, plus a big figure of public unfastened infinites, games countries and H2O characteristics installations. A library, tourist information centres, baby’s rooms, day-care installations, public services and security offices, offices and civil society groups and spiritual sites, installations, installations are being planned. ( http: //www.contractjournal.com/constructionspace/photos/olympic-park/olympic-park-projected-view-looking-south-982.aspx, 2009 )

The application will now be referred to the Mayor of London, Deputy Prime Minister ‘s Office and the Secretary of State for Transport. ( http: //www.contractjournal.com/constructionspace/photos/olympic-park/olympic-park-projected-view-looking-south-982.aspx, 2009 )

Besides must lift to a legal understanding between all parties in order to cut down environmental and transport web development. Newham accepted as portion of the understanding at any clip ?150.4 million lbs public assistance of the community.

The undertaking covers an country of 73 crosses the railroad land, has become with the railroad industry to cut down redundant. ( http: //www.contractjournal.com/constructionspace/photos/olympic-park/olympic-park-projected-view-looking-south-982.aspx, 2009 ) Consultation exercising has been traveling on between the local planning governments, statutory morticians, conveyance organic structures, the major landholders and local communities.

Stratford City strategy, including 4500 for the 11,000 dwellers, 46.5 million square metres of commercial office infinite and 15 million square metres of the town centre, a sum of three section shops and 120 stores and coffeehouse. ( http: //www.contractjournal.com/constructionspace/photos/olympic-park/olympic-park-projected-view-looking-south-982.aspx, 2009 ) The development surrounds the Startford Channel Tunnel Rail Link international station, which will open in 2007. The proposed of Stratford City will get down building in 2006, completed in 2009 following the development of the metropolis centre and 2020, the phase of completion. This will make a new concern country as a gateway to Europe, merely 2 hours from Paris to London. The new Stratford International Station will be placed within easy range of the railroad in Europe. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.rao ; waypeople.com/rail-projects/stratford-city-development-17.html, 2009 ) The development will make local employment chances for local people, including the 15000 building occupations and up to 30,000 retail and office work.

5.3 Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is home to a high concentration of central offices and is an established fiscal services Centre equaling the City. ( Preparations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games — – Hazard appraisal and direction, Thirty-ninth Report of Session 2006-2007, House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts

) Companies, including Barclays Bank, Reuters, Citigroup, HSBC and Morgan Stanley. About 65,000 people work here and the part is expected by 2010, using 10 million people- including 3,000 employees, to 70,000 voluntaries and a batch of contractors. ( & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/europe/uk/england/london/east/e15-stratford/stratford-city/stratford-city-housing.htm & gt ; )

To the country offer most low-cost rates for a figure of commercial and industrial belongings accretions in London. The A13 and A2 corridors either the River Thames east side of the corridor is more active parts running the new industrial and logistics development. Canary Wharf offers some of the best office infinite in London. ( http: //www.telegrapgh.co.uk/sport/othersports/olympics/london2012/5925603/london-2012-olympic-legacy-company-set-to-create-new-east-london-community.html, 2009 ) Contrast to the Commerce: from High-Profile, award-winning scope of the part ‘s Canary Wharf development in a well-developed environmental engineering, fabrication, R & A ; D, logistics and distribution centres of industrial installations.

East London City Airport is designed for concern travel. Quick check-in service, direction forces can sit less than 30 proceedingss after the aircraft left the desk. London International Airport is all within 60 proceedingss of Canary Wharf. The Jubilee line connects Stratford and Canary Wharf ‘s major railroad terminuss, while the Docklands Light Railway ( DLR ) to link Canary Wharf and other East London City and direct. This station serves the bosom of Canary Wharf ‘s fiscal and media territory. It architecturally stuns station, includes over 200 stores, waterside bars and eating houses. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www.thinkinglondon.html, 2009 )

6. Decision

As we have known, the Olympics take more effects to London, to UK. However, from another side, whether we think about the slides below:

The motion of in-between category households into urban countries doing belongings values to lift and holding the secondary consequence of driving out poorer households

The Docklands regeneration was criticized for reenforcing the societal divide between rich and hapless

With 30 % post-games lodging being low-cost to low income households, there will be an instability of rich and hapless in the society

Will the country revert to poorness or gentrify?

Possibly above all the slides told that everything has two sides, good and bad. At present, from this research undertaking, it proved that most of the way of Government making were advantage, those will convey more effects to people, although conveying some Negative facets. They are unprecedented for a development of this nature.

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