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As twenty-first century draws near, there appears
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to be in the world an era of unprecedented peace. Contrary to the predictions that the end of the Cold War will bring about the fragmentation of international order and the emergence of multipolar rivalry among atomistic national units, today the worlds major powers enjoy co-operative relations and world economy is progressively liberalising and integrating. […]

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Elections European Union Family laws Law Motivation Peace Politics President Of The United States Presidential Elections Russia Society Strategy War
Reaction Paper Example about Movie Essay Example
566 words 2 pages

Film response The film presents the character Peter the high as the iconic figure and force of revolution for the Russian Empire. Many of the attributes awarded to the ruler depict that he was the only leading personality that transformed the history of Russia given its predominant historical recognition at the international platform. Born in […]

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Europe Movies Russia Russian Empire
Hitler’s Nazi Germany vs. Stalin’s Communist Russia Essay Example
2566 words 5 pages

Ka. Sons Stalin’s Communist Russia? Hitler’s Nazi Germany-Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin are widely regarded as the greatest tyrants of the twentieth century, accountable for more violent deaths than any other leaders in history. Both have been individually and collectively labeled mass murders, tyrants, “authors of terror”, and even “twin demons of the twentieth century”. […]

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Adolf Hitler German Germany Joseph Stalin Russia Vladimir Lenin
Mcdonalds Russia Essay Example
1796 words 4 pages

Introduction: George Cohon was a young lawyer in 1968 when Ray Croc, the founder of McDonald’s, offered him exclusive perpetual rights to McDonalds in eastern Canada. Just eight years later at the Montreal Olympic Games, Cohon decided to bring McDonald’s to Russia. It took him 14 years to open up the first store in the […]

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Mcdonald's Restaurant Russia
Russia Exchange Rate System
954 words 2 pages

Russia Exchange rate system Russia used to pledge its nominal exchange rate with some main currencies such as US dollar. However, the Russian crisis has forced Russia to develop managed floating exchange rate system, where the exchange rate driven by market forces of the Ruble’s demand and supply with the help of government intervention. With […]

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Central Bank Change Russia Tax
The Period of Mongol Domination over Russia 1237-1240 Essay Example
2465 words 5 pages

The period of Mongol domination is one of the most important in Russia’s history, perhaps even rivaling in significance the communist Soviet Union times. The Mongols conquered Rus’ in the years 1237-1240, devastating the South-West, namely Kiev’s region. The city itself, formerly the cradle of Russian culture and religion was sacked and burned. Northern and […]

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Europe Russia Tsar
The Role of the Bolsheviks for the Decline and Fall of the Romanov Dynasty.
1946 words 4 pages

Modern History Research Essay: The Russian Revolution Assess the role of the Bolsheviks for the decline and fall of the Romanov dynasty. The beginning of the 20th century brought radical changes to the social and political structure of autocratic Russia. It was a period of regression, reform, revolution and eradication. Eradication of a blood line […]

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Bolshevik International Relations Russia Russian Empire
Wireless charging marketing strategy framework in Russia
2968 words 6 pages

This fueled its rapid economic growth in the early part of this century, but integration comes at a price and the headwinds facing the world economy today threaten Russia also. The country was exposed to the crisis that started In the final quarter of 2008. As national GAP fell 7. 8% for 2009, but by […]

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Economic Growth Marketing Strategy Russia Soviet Union
How significant was the Prussian Revolution in Military Affairs
1169 words 3 pages

The Prussian Revolution in Military affairs was one of the defining points in the changing nature of warfare; it led to the change of outlook on armies, on warfare and the balance of power in Europe. The Prussian RMA resulted in the establishment of a new order in the armies of Europe; the Prussians developed […]

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Government Military Revolution Russia War
Nineteenth-century Russian critic Vissarion Belinsky famously called Eugene Onegin an ‘encyclopaedia of Russian life
767 words 2 pages

he novel Eugene Onegin was written by Alexander Pushkin between 1825 and 1832, and was published in its final single volume form in 1837. At the time the book was written, Russia had undergone the reforms of Peter the Great and Europe had a great influence on the ideas, styles and even language of Russia’s […]

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Literature Novel Russia
Why was the Russian Provisional government of 1917 Essay Example
2237 words 5 pages

As Trotsky once said ‘war is the locomotive of change’. In a `purely metaphorical sense it was the long standing ‘social `war’, waged by generations of Russians against poverty, `bureaucracy, autocracy and finally mediocrity, which for a `brief moment was triumphant in February 1917. However, it was `the very real, and very bloody, war on […]

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Communism Government Left-Wing Politics Marxism Russia
How appropriate is the description of Alexander II as the ‘Tsar liberator’
1746 words 4 pages

“With the possible exception of Nikita Khrushchev, no Russian ruler brought so much relief to so many people as did Alexander II, autocratic and conservative though he was. ” This quote from the historian Westwood shows the opinion he holds that Alex II was a ‘Tsar liberator’. This essay will examine Russia under Alexander’s rule […]

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Alexander Ii Europe Russia Russian Empire
The view that Russia has just two ‘regions’ today: Moscow and ‘the rest’ Essay Example
2236 words 5 pages

With the fall of the USSR, signalling the end of the biggest socio-economic experiment in modern history, the scene was set for perhaps the most profound changes Russia has ever witnessed. Although many analysts predicted an idealised teleological development path to a Western-style market economy and liberal democracy across the whole of Russia, the reality […]

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Petroleum Russia Soviet Union
Is there a Russia EU strategic partnership Essay Example
1522 words 3 pages

The EU-Russia relationship is a difficult but incredibly important one. Russia is too big to integrate and too close to ignore (Marsh and Mackenstein 2005: 202). There is whether the forced interaction between Russia and the EU is a strategic partnership or just a variety of co-operation for mutual benefit. Shortly before the twelfth Russian-European […]

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European Union Government Russia
Adapting to Westernization Essay Example
1034 words 2 pages

Writer, Paul Harrison, In his cause and effect essay evaluates how westernizes Is eradicating the cultural diversity of the world. Harridan’s purpose Is to examine certain tendencies shared by nations that are otherwise dissimilar. He adopts a distressing tone in order to open the eyes of the adolescent readers. Westernizes has been a deleterious effect […]

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Animals Children Colonialism Culture Family Globalization Indigenous Peoples Parenting Russia Society War
Russian Culture
1093 words 3 pages

Russian culture has a long history. “In fact early Russia was not exactly ‘Russia,’ but a collection of cities that gradually coalesced into an empire. In the early part of the ninth century, a Scandanavian people known as the Varangians and their leader Rurik invested in one of these first cities, Novgorod. Rurik’s successor, Oleg […]

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Europe Religion Russia
There were many causes of the Bolshevik Revolution Essay Example
1098 words 3 pages

There were already problems in Russia before Rasputin became a significant figure: Nicholas II was not a strong leader, there was a lack of food, a lot of people were living in horrific conditions in the slums, the 1905 revolution devalued the establishment of Tsarism, the failure to keep the promise of a Duma, the […]

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Europe Revolution Russia Russian Empire
Were Was it the length of World War I that destroyed the Reign of the Tsar Essay Example
1486 words 3 pages

It would be unfair and inaccurate to state that the abdication of Nicholas II was a direct result of the length of World war I without first looking at the other problems faced by the Tsar in 1914-1917, the years of war in which the Tsar was in power. There were many other threats to […]

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Europe Russia Russian Empire World War I
How far was military defeat responsible for the fall of the Tsar in Feb 1917 Essay Example
1768 words 4 pages

By 1917 Russia had been at War for three years and the strains on the both the army and the country itself were becoming more and more established as time went on and people were beginning to question the Tsar’s rule. Previous to 1917 the Tsar had suffered many setbacks as ruler of Russia. The […]

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Government Military Russia Russian Empire
Why Was There A Revolution In Russia In 1905 Analysis Essay Example
1143 words 3 pages

Geography has dominated Russia’s history. It was difficult to communicate across the large seas. Much of the North and East were nearly uninhabitable, whereas the Black earth areas were extremely rich. Russian policy faced a question: is Russia a Western or European country, with the same interests as other European Powers, or an Asiatic Power […]

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Europe Revolution Russia Russian Empire
What were the strengths and weaknesses of the Russian monarchy in 1894 Essay Example
1011 words 2 pages

Just previous to 1894, the king was Alexander III, 49 years old. Alexander was incredibly influenced by Konstantin Pobedenestov, Procurator of the Holy Synod, who also believed in an anti-western Russia (later backed by the Slavophiles, who also disliked the Western way of life). He brought back censorship in education and he press and also […]

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Europe Monarchy Russia Russian Empire Weakness
How did Stalin control Russia from 1924-1953
3355 words 7 pages

Stalin was in control of Russia for nearly 30 years, from 1924, after the death of the Bolshevik leader, Lenin, to 1953, when Stalin, himself, died. He was incredibly brutal, and sent many innocent people to their deaths, or to “gulags” (Russian concentration camps). He had his critics tortured, or removed and was the cause […]

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Communism Joseph Stalin Russia Soviet Union

Popular Questions About Russia

Is Russia a safe country?
Generally speaking, Russia today is safe as much as other countries in Europe, despite its problematic history with criminal activity in the 90s.
Can Americans travel to Russia?
To enter Russia for any purpose, a U.S. citizenU.S. citizenTo become naturalized in the United States, an applicant must be at least eighteen years of age at the time of filing, a legal permanent resident of the United States, and have had a status of a legal permanent resident in the United States for five years before applying.
What is Russia famous for?
Russia is best known for Moscow, its stunning capital city on the Moskva River in Western Russia. The city is home to many of Russia's famous landmarks, including the Red Square, the Bolshoi Theater, St. Basil's Cathedral, Kremlin, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, and many others.