Fallout New Vegas Game Review Essay Example
Fallout New Vegas Game Review Essay Example

Fallout New Vegas Game Review Essay Example

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  • Published: December 29, 2017
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Fallout franchise which was awarded "Best Game of The Year and 21 other major awards is none other than Fallout New Vegas. The game Is based in the Californian Mojave Wasteland in the year 2281 where nuclear fallout has taken place, with only a fraction of the population surviving. The few people left are in factions such as the NCR (New Californian Republic), who are the policing authority in the Fallout universe, or the Cesar Legion, a Roman empire-like themed superpower that defies the NCR constantly.

Fallout NV offers an open-world experience that follows a courier who has been shot in the head and left for dead. Throughout the story, the courier tracks down the fugitive, meeting a number of characters along the way. They can either be friendly allies or hostil


e enemies all depending on the thousands of choices that can be made with the factions that govern the Mojave Wasteland. From a wounded peasant to the king of the wasteland, the courier has a number of alternative endings which make for an exciting and unique experience.

The gamely aspect to Fallout NV is very similar to the predecessor, Fallout 3. However this Is not a setback. As It is near perfect In both games. One of the main unique areas of the Fallout gamely is the VATS, which is a feature that allows the user to freeze time and target different parts of said victim's body. An example of this is where the courier could shoot fly wings leaving it helplessly on the floor, making it an easier target.

Another very popular feature Is the weapon division in the Fallout NV game.<

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align="justify">This is where the player can choose to base heir character around a certain fighting style such as "guns", "explosives" or even futuristic "Energy weapons". With over 1000 different weapons available the game Is very customizable and personal when designing the perfect character that suits the player. On the other hand however this Is also a setback, as the player's character cannot be changed once decided. Therefore it is vital to choose the correct decisions all the time without any regrets. Furthermore, Fallout NV audio is very well comprised, impressing even the harshest critics.

The music is put together by Ion Cur, a multi-award winning musical composer who had previously worked on other games in the Fallout series. In Fallout there is an in-game radio feature that allows you to switch between different stations and listen to a wide range of music, which was either composed by the Bethesda Music Group or popular country, Jazz and classical songs from the sass's and uses. This aspect gives an old-western feel while playing the game, despite the game being very futuristic in the story. This contributes to the overall atmosphere immersing you into the game further.

Moreover with a fully revamped engine, Fallout NV can produce beautiful high quality scenes making the visual graphics area significantly better than any other game currently.

The atmosphere of the Mojave Wasteland Is very crisp, clear and almost realistic. Though not only the open-world aspect to Fallout is amazing. Some of the most detailed and well-thought out designs are the unique weapons that are available through special quests and hidden containers. These specially selected weapons can only be found once and

have Intricate weapon camouflages (Skins).

This OFF or the casual crowd however these adept skins are never seen, which is the only downfall.

In conclusion, Fallout NV is an all-round excellent game, as it offers the highest of quality in the key aspects of games (Visual graphics, Audio music and Gamely). Though the game is exceptional, it is not perfect. An example of improvement necessary is the lack of multi-player features that Fallout NV gives players. With peer gaming companies releasing co-pop gaming titles, Fallout NV is one of the few that have not adapted to this new trend of playing alongside friends, reducers claiming the game was made for a solo experience.

In addition to this the title had the most bugs and glitches of any major triple-A title. Of course the reason is the nature of an open-world game which is nearly impossible to fully test, but nevertheless this ruined many gaming experiences for some.

Therefore Fallout NV deserves a solid 9/10 for its consistent exciting and fun features and ground- breaking bounds which it constantly pushes. The game had potential to be higher; however certain setbacks and flaws caused the game to subtract in terms of fun- factor.

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