News Corporation Strategy

News Corporation (News Corp) was formerly local newspaper, The News, established in 1923 in Adelaide, Australia by Rupert Murdoch’s father. With the helm of Rupert Murdoch, the 1980s News Corp has accelerated its development, not only focusing on traditional product areas of newspapers and magazines but also transforming into a vertically integrated global media group, with a place in all parts of that industry from newspaper to television, from magazines to film.

Firstly, News Corp entered to the UK market by acquiring the News of the World, then the Sun and The Times. These magazines have a big impact in the UK and the other market. With profit and experience gained in the UK, News Corp entered to the US market by acquiring the Express publishing company of San Antonio, then the New York Post, the Star. By acquiring the film Twentieth Century Fox in 1984, News Corp accessed to studios for making films and television programmes, to a film library of more than 2,000 titles and to distribution platform for that content.

The expansion to the US had significant increment in revenue and profit. And so on, News Corp placed a strategic move into satellite broadcasting with Sky television that has held most market share in the US and the UK. Dominance market by innovating and technology, rapid expansion to international market by Mergers and Acquisitions (MA) has brought News Corp successful with total assets approximately US$61 billion and total annual revenues approximately US$34 billion as of March 31, 2012.

News Corp is a diversified global media company with operations in six industry segments: cable network programming; filmed entertainment; television; direct broadcast satellite television; publishing; and other. The activities of News Corporation are conducted principally in the US, Continental Europe, the UK, Australia, Asia and Latin America. In 2012, Mr Murdoch decided split News Corp in two. “The new 21st Century Fox (analysts call it “good co”) will house News Corp’s more profitable entertainment assets, such as its television networks and stake in BSkyB, a British satellite broadcaster.

The new News Corp (unkindly referred to as “crap co”) will consist of around 130 newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal and the Times of London, an education business and other odds and sods” Why was there demerger? Does the demerger bring the new News Corp still successful as they did in the past several decades? In this report, the writer will analyze and evaluate News Corp’s current strategy focusing on SWOT, eadership and corporate social responsibility (CRS) With SWOT, the writer will examine pre-demerger performance in term of decontrol, deregulation of the economic policies and an unprecedented challenge and fierce competition. Then the writer will evaluate the corporate restructuring strategy of demerger. With leadership and CSR, the writer will evaluate resources and capabilities for the future of the new News Corp Due to time constrain and wording count, the writer has not focused on the other aspect of News Corp strategy such as the growth strategy, divestment business strategy.