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Journalism involves telling stories that cover different cultures across the world. Stories in journalism create an impact to the public when it delivers different skills to them, which assists in solving behavioral problems. Lorimer and other authors claim that Journalism exists in a narration form and their stories assist in reducing uncontrolled anger especially in children. They also allege that journalism stories revolve on the daily occurrences in the society and lack the news value when the media repeat the narration often. In my opinion, journalists play a significant role in the society when they deliver factual stories. The reporters ensure that they eliminate all the forms of fictions from the story to satisfy the public interest. Journalists use the available space and time to cover their stories to ensure that they do not loose their news value for the first time when people read, listen or watch the information they deliver. Through journalists, the public access news and this factor are significant in the settings or societies because it reveals the current affairs to people.

Journalism is vital in a way that, it plays a role of protecting the minorities in the society and peopleā€™s freedom as a whole. According to my view, news is not just narrations, but they are significant to the community in a way that, the citizens contribute to the opinions that determine the information delivered by journalists. For instance, journalists interview people to get facts and thus, it cannot be story telling because it does not involve fictions, which are most evident in the normal stories. The press is beneficial when it comes to democratic matters; they do not just deliver stories but act as a watchdog. They keep an eye on the politicians and all the events that takes place in the public and enables people to participate in democracy. Therefore, stories in journalism are facts that revolve around what takes place around us. They involve people to express their opinions, which contribute to real news other than what other groups perceive as a normal way of storytelling.

Lorimer and his colleagues claim that news is a form of story telling since it involves entertainment, which talks about the past and the new trends. They perceive the news reports as myths, which affect lives on a daily basis, and this result to an argument, why the authors consider the news as stories. In relation to this story, news become stale when exposed to the public and if they repeat severally, they turn out to be like the normal narrated stories.

Entertainment is a form of delivering news and through it; people get updates on different emerging issues that contain a wide variety of stories. This contributes to the idea that news exist in a way of telling and sharing stories. In another perspectiv, journalists reject the idea that their profession makes them appear like mere storytellers. They consider themselves relevant to the society because they pass information that is relevant especially to the modern democracy; it gives them light to discover what is new. This led to concern whether the fact that the journalists think they are smart applies also to the quality of news they produce. Those in the media profession dismiss the issue regarding it to be a form of bias against the media. They fail to agree with the authors who claim that news occur in narration form that is repetitive and irrelevant.

In respond to Lorimer and his friendā€™s point of view, Journalists argue that, news may be fluctuating, but this situation does not occur in many contexts. To them, news may appear in the form of narrations because of the resources available and the daily happenings this determines the nature of news delivered to the public. Although the authors view news as a way of storytelling, it has an impact in bringing change in a social setting. They test this by analyzing what the journalists believe in relation to what interests the public. According to Lorimer and other authors, they consider news delivered by the media to be normal stories unless when its content is relevant and strong other than normal way of passing information.

On the other hand, journalists are extremely beneficial to the society because it is through them that the society access to relevant information from a trusted source. Media create opinions that mould the social behaviors and morals of the society apart from what the authors perceive them in taking part in delivering repeated stories. The perception of journalism a form of story telling reveals how the society is all about according to the happenings. Through the stories, the public learns that news is about the realities that take place around us. It affects the society in a way that, people adopt violent behaviors or tolerate in aspects they face, or become permissive. The stories that people watch on Television repeatedly have effects on the young people. The youth tend to emulate the serious stuff they watch and apply them in life.Although people view information from the media as ordinary stories, Journalism is still relevant as it links the public to acquiring current details from the field of politics. They reveal significant information to people on the ground level about their leaders. This makes people to think critically on politicall matters that affect them in their on county and around the world.The traditional studies suggest that stories from the media can be either facts or fictions, and this depends with the authenticity of the source. In relation to cultures, Scholars use two approaches in accessing the media stories to enhance understanding. The first approach reveals that, media has influence on their peopleā€™s opinions, which changes their culture. The second approach puts journalists in a position that enables the public to control their social status and what they own. These cultural critics examine journalists based on how their profession affects their personal life than what they believe in line with their profession. In spite of the view that Lorimer and other authors have in relation with the media stories and their reoccurrence, the fact remains that journalists are always responsible with the stories they write and their sources.Contrary to the information delivered by the authors on their views on media stories, journalism especially print do not just give stories to the public. They are businesses and to maintain their operations; they work with the aim of making profits. The scholars claim their news exists in the form of repeated stories, but they create an impact in peopleā€™s lives every day.The impact of the war further resulted to hardships in the economy; the war in DRC covered the Congolese and their neighbors, which lead to conflicts among the tribes because they wanted to access the mineral resources. According to Wells, mining in Congo lead to health repercussions in which women and children became affected more in the process because of the fiber that penetrated to their lungs. The writer reveals the mass rape of 300 women in the mines near Luvungi village caused by the exploiters armed to grab the resources. She describes the scene as an agony that increased the rate of sexual violence in the region. Mining in Congo benefit to the news as it brought light and exposed the risk the Congo citizens faced because of mining, which destroyed their economy.

In conclusion, the journalists need appreciation and respect from the society members for keeping them updated on the current matters in the society, ranging from the political issues to education and home affairs. The citizens should view the information they deliver as newsworthy and not narration forms. The story of mining in Congo reveals the pathetic conditions the country went through that inflated their economy. The reporter Wells and the photographer Oleniuk does a great job of exposing the harsh situations that people faced that exposed the children and women to risks such as rape. This resulted to creating awareness for the other states to know about their conditions and assist them.

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