New Belgium Brewing Company Essay Example
New Belgium Brewing Company Essay Example

New Belgium Brewing Company Essay Example

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  • Published: November 26, 2021
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What environmental issue does the new Belgium brewing company work to address? The New Belgium Brewing Company seeks to address several environmental issues. Among these issues are air pollution and soil pollution. The company addresses the issue of energy-saving and cost-efficient options in its brewing operations to diminish a negative impact on the environment. NBB deals with the issue of solid waste dumping. As a major brewing company, it normally generates a lot of waste products such as spent grains which can cause air pollution damage the environment (Farrell, 2014 435). Air pollution is also an environmental issue that the company seeks to address.

To reduce soil pollution and dumping of harmful waste products, the brewery engages in recycling activities. By making use of wind turbines to cut down carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere, NBB employs the recycle, reduce, and reuse strategy. The co


mpany uses energy-efficient brewing equipment and discourages dumping waste products to the environment. Instead, local farmers from the area are invited by NBB to use this waste as pig feed or further reprocessed into fish food (Asher, et al., 2003 165). The brewery has taken initiative to ensure that the local people do not suffer from pollution related illnesses.

The brewery has adopted the sustainable purchasing guidelines in its supply chain that aims to employ environmentally friendly suppliers who gauge and play down the environmental trail of their operations and commodities through proper transportation and packaging. This is because such an action promotes its public image, especially in its environmental conservation efforts. Under such guidelines, suppliers handle toxic substances properly, use water efficiently, and discourage carbon dioxide emissions.

Certainly, I agree that the company’s

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focus on social responsibility offers a crucial competitive advantage. As mentioned earlier, NBB is helping locals to reduce environmental pollution while at the same time providing livestock farmers with feed for their pigs, cattle, goats and poultry. What’s more the company has engages itself in philanthropic activities such as donating funds for every barrel of beer they sell to non-profit organizations and communities. In addition to this, the company runs a grant giving program, water stewardship and agricultural promotion program for the local community. With these programs, the company boasts of a positive social responsibility status.

I believe that NBB is a socially responsible company but does not do this out of good will. Even though the New Belgium Company has made significant steps in forming a positive image to the society, it is not quite fully socially responsible. To start with, one of its idea of social responsibility has concealed intent which is profit making. The program that is aimed at donating a dollar for every barrel it sells to local people is a product promotion strategy. Besides, it sells quality products but potentially harmful alcoholic beverages to the society. As a result, I believe it is not fully justified in its social work. NBB may be socially responsible, but like most companies of this nature, I believe this is simply a conniving strategy to maintain a good image and promote its productivity.


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