My Dream Job is Psychologist Essay Example
My Dream Job is Psychologist Essay Example

My Dream Job is Psychologist Essay Example

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  • Published: December 24, 2021
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It is said that every person has a dream and a goal which throughout hisher life works towards achieving it. This dream of achieving something is guided by a certain motivation or love for the way the career operates. Throughout my life I have developed a special feeling and passion towards taking part in law. The psychologist field concerns itself with the sturdy of human behavior and the functioning of the mind. A psychologist can either be self-employed or work publicly on the side of the government (Swygert, 803) those working privately can work for either small or big firms. After a psychologist acquires the necessary requirements to practice psychology freely, he has to specialize his career on different fields which include human mind reading, behavior and guidance. psychologists are characterized as people who go through a


lot of research, go through cases and try to solicitate testimonies which really need deep consideration in coming up with a decision (Banks & Christopher 61)a psychologist is paid by clients to use their knowledge acquired through the knowledge of sturdy of behavior to try and solve their problems that either concern behavior or decision making. Anyone who is intending to do psychology should be ready to spend more time than he can ever imagine of because much of the time is spend in the office. Psychologists are trusted to be one of the most powerful and great thinkers among all other professions. The United States society has been producing many psychologists which has left others jobless but the government of United States has put in place measures to create more job opportunities for the psychologists.

I have develope

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interest in the field of psychology since my young ages because of several occasions that happened in my life and also the kind of environment that I have grown in. I have been brought up in Brazil, a country where many evils are practiced and social injustices are experienced every day. It happened that at a time when I was ten years old, my parents were not that much stable for me to claim that we lived a comfortable life. My father was by then one of the mentionable drunkards in the community was my father. My father had that behavior of acting it tough on my mum who would beat almost every night. I don’t know what happened one night when my dad decided to take my mum`s life. I could not get the reason why my father could loose his temper and kill my mother in the lonely night. The surprising thing about this incidence is that my father was not sentenced for any crime because he threatened to take my life too if I said anything about it. I later got the news that the judge had been corrupted to pass the ruling against him. I have lived in the sums of Rio de Jenero since then and here I have learned quite a number of things concerning human mind, justice and the reason why we should always stick by the truth. In the slums I saw how families got destroyed by the mistreatment of children or wife by the father. These incidences that have happened in my life made me develop interest in this career of psychology. I have that feeling

and wish that if today I sat in that psychology office I would make changes on how the poor are handled and end the issue of poor decision making and mistreatment of individuals in the community.
I have watched different psychologists in this field as they win cases, loose cases or even do extra steps in making sure that they help individuals to always make the right decisions. I have been watching and following up on the events of Paul Ekman. This psychologist is well known for his role in serving both local and international patients. His work and effort has been reported to do great in shaping the Brazilian environment in decision making. He is well known for his success in helping people make decisions and avoid violence which is mainly based on the family level. One thing I liked about him is the way he handles those individuals from the low class or the poor. He has severally volunteered to visit people in the slums and involving poor people who are affected by taking drugs and making poor decisions.
Psychology is a career that involves the sturdy of human mind and emotions when making decisions (Roszkewycz 573) psychologists are individuals equipped with the knowledge of solving a problem with reference to the decision to be made. The psychologists are expected to work with hospitals and other social institutions which deal with the affairs of human decision making and the sturdy of emotions.
Achieving my goal of becoming a psychologist will definitely change my way of life in that first, I will have acquired a job which will pay me well enabling me to earn a living.

Am sure that my relationship towards many people would change because according to the ambition I have on the issue of law, I will not be giving way for any issue of people making wrong decisions on the matters they approach especially due to drug influence.

My life in the slums has already become part of me. On joining this career, one thing that am not willing to do is leaving the slums. I believe that the slum is the best place to learn the principles of human life and the kind of thoughts and emotions that lead to injustice. Since that I have lived in the slums for many years. My success in the field of psychology would give me the courage to fight the social evils that affect the slums.

According to a current research, psychologists are the in the top ten highest paid civil servants in the United States. In 2014, they earned a total of 98,970 dollars and the lowest paid earned a total of 34,400 dollars. The starting salary of a psychologist is ninety thousand and twenty dollars. (Choi & Mitu 5)

Being a psychologist will definitely affect my life in that people`s view to me won’t be the same again, I don’t expect to live the old lifestyle that I live after becoming a psychologist. Any learned person in the society like a psychologist is considered the pride of the community, as a slum guy I do all sorts of things that an helpless boy in the street does. Becoming a psychologist would definitely restrict me from doing such things.

The career of a psychologist is one of the hardest to acquire and

complete. It can lead to the waste of resources if an individual does not take the career seriously. It is advised that anyone who wishes to further studies on psychology should acquire the highest grades possible. It is said that an individual has to acquire a doctorate to become a psychologist. Immediately after the students get their degrees, this does not mean that they get automatic qualifications for their jobs but they are set for a different examination which is a little bit state-specific. This brings comprise of principles and decision making. After passing all these, it comes to a time where the student has to be put in the real situation of reading the human mind. Under the supervision of senior qualified psychologists the students are given the chance to judge the condition of a patient and the kind of decision he can make.

Personally, being a psychologist will be a dream come true, the first thing that will hit my mind is making sure that the incidence that hit my family when I was young doesn’t hit any other family again at my knowledge. I will be focused to bring all law breakers into custody, unveil the big fish in the ruling systems who are involved in corruption to pass unfair rulings and oppress the poor. One of my missions would by organizing meetings with different families for counseling. As a psychologist I would get the chance to give the poor first priority in solving their problems. I would manipulate the life of Paul Ekman in his race on helping the poor have a better tomorrow.
Involving me, the career of psychology will be the

most satisfying moment of my life in that it has been my endless dream to seek for justice, fight for the weak and revealing the truth out of the most complicated issues of decision making. For years I have observed our community and the political system that has been put in place to govern the state. The community has of late faced a major problem of family struggles and poor decision making in cases that can be settled in peace and justice.

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