MS Project and Access Reflection Paper Essay Example
MS Project and Access Reflection Paper Essay Example

MS Project and Access Reflection Paper Essay Example

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Both are great in terms of providing efficient and collective work that helps users to lessen their workload, forever, in this report, the pros and cons, realizations and flaws shown by these applications are tackled and reviewed by the author whom had a first- hand experience in using them. This way, the author hopes to give a glimpse unto students and first time users of the product of what these software applications are all about.

The report aims to provide a summary of what the author has learned and experienced so far In MS Access and MS Project. It provides reflections on how students might go through in using these two soft;are applications and give them a brief introduction of what these applications are all about.

Software Applications Concept and Project Management A project is temporary in tha


t it has a defined beginning and end in time, and therefore defined scope and resources. (Pm. Org, 2014) Thus, project management is to work out a process effectively and efficiently, it is where all data and information is worked out in a certain phase followed by the planner o have a successful and portable outcome. It helps businesses compete and improve their products into a better working amenity that would help them outrun their competitors and earn business.

Learning During the course of learning all about two different software applications, the author has stumbled upon Microsoft access and project. The author learned all about queries, lookup wizard and input masks which allowed her to use calculations and create relationships.

This helped her learn about putting up specifications to narrow down searches and help users to locate data

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easier. Microsoft project on the other hand helped the author to learn about Giant charts and using them into creating effective schedules and distribute the workload unto different sectors in the workplace.

She also learned to calculate costing, manage resources and create tasks that would be beneficial to the target of a certain company. Difficulties The author also faced several challenges, for access, the process of forming relationships on each of the tables is hard and requires various aspects or items on each table. She had difficulties in forming relations between these teems because, redundancy can easily occur especially on specific items that the data requires and describes it. Other challenges faced by the author are related to MS project, errors on calendars and night shifts and scheduling of tasks is a must to be aware of.

These problems can arise especially in maintaining the workload on employees and other resources, one resource might be affected and has a bigger work on his shoulders and the other might be rarely used. Realizations The author realized that for MS Access, avoiding redundancy and inputting several information into different data has a big role into finding pacifications and narrowing the searches so that the main specs shows up. She also realized that MS Project can easily grasp the idea of making Giant charts and distributing the resources equally to avoid mishaps and over allocations.

All in all, she realized that the two software applications can help users into making Giant charts and data easier to access and use.

Improvements The author recommends that guides on queries and some aspects on interface designs should be focused upon on. The

difficulties in forming relationships and getting rid of redundancies are some of the effects of lack f guides into making queries and lack of information on how to do them; the author recommends that information about how to make queries and how to use them.

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